From Bangkok to Sulatani Prefecture, the distance is 648.48 kilometers. It takes 12 hours

The train fare is 390 baht, about RMB 76 yuan.

From Beijing to Zhengzhou, the 678-kilometer train K817 takes about 9 hours.

The train fare is 93 yuan

The Chinese train runs relatively smoothly, is closed and runs relatively fast.

The Thai train is a double-row seat with a partition in that middle to ensure that people do not connect directly with each other’s body

Touch. The seat can be tilted, which is more comfortable. The front seat has a folded flat on the back.

Board, can be tiled. Another point is that there are almost no station tickets on Thai trains.

The most important thing is that Thailand’s trains can be equipped with 369 and so on, but they carry passengers of all levels together. Unlike our bullet trains and high-speed trains here, they only pull the rich, not the lower classes. But also called itself “Harmony”.