These days, I have been understanding Thailand and paying close attention to Thailand. For this reason, I did some consulting and reading.

First thing: Know the national anthem and flag of this country.

Thailand’s national flag is red, white and blue. They represent the nation, Buddhism and the royal family respectively.

I found Thailand’s national anthem on the Internet and listened to this solemn national anthem. The lyrics are as follows:

The people of Thailand are all linked by flesh and blood. The inch of land in Thailand is protected by the whole people. It has always been the same. They are of the same mind. They are lazy and peaceful. They are loved by the Chinese. If there is war, we will be fearless. Independence and sovereignty, to defend to the death, to fight for our country, to shed all blood, to do whatever it takes, to dedicate pride and victory to our motherland,

The second thing: I found several videos of former Thai female Prime Minister Yingluck, saw the videos of her inauguration, her visit to Beijing for talks with Premier Wen Jiabao, her English speech at the banquet welcoming US President Obama, and even saw the videos of her dancing lightly.

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Solemn, elegant and charming, there are so few such goddess figures, one is Teresa Teng and the other is Prime Minister Yingluck.

The third thing: start learning a little Thai.

Fourth, I borrowed a “Explorer Travel Series” from the library and read it. The authors are Tim Locke and Martin Cratback, two senior travelers. Publishing House: Zhonghua Book Company.

The fifth thing is to start logging on English websites related to Thailand’s tourism. First, check Wikipedia’s detailed introduction of Thailand. Then I logged into Thailand’s blog network to learn more about the water market. There is also the Jiami Island Resort Network:

The sixth thing is to understand the living conditions of sex sellers and transsexuals in Pattaya, Thailand.

Video link:

维基百科文字:Prostitution in Thailandand sex tourism also form ade factopart of the economy. Cultural milieu combined with poverty and the lure of money have caused prostitution and sex tourism in particular to flourish in Thailand. One estimate published in 2003 placed the trade at US$4.3 billion per year or about 3% of the Thai economy.[116]According to research byChulalongkorn Universityon the Thai illegal economy, prostitution in Thailand in the period between 1993 and 1995, made up around 2.7% of the GDP.[117]It is believed that at least 10% of tourist dollars are spent on the sex trade.[118]

Thailand’s spring sales industry also forms a part of the economic income. The cultural background mixed with the temptation of poverty and money led to the prosperity of this industry. A 2013 survey report estimated annual income at 4.3 billion US dollars, accounting for 3% of economic income. Chulalongkorn University released a survey report. From 1993 to 1995, the income from selling spring accounted for 2.7% of GDP. It is believed that about 10% of the expenses of foreign tourists are spent on seeking flowers and willows in Thailand.

Still a little don’t understand: Why is there so much selling spring in such a Buddha country? On the Pattaya Oriental Princess cruise ship, why are transsexuals so casually accepting the intimacy of some vulgar Chinese tourists? There are also online posts telling tourists to Thailand that thieves and swindlers are always found in public places in Bangkok, Thailand, especially on public transport.

There is also a famous Tiger Temple: At the time of writing this article, the Tiger Temple had just been exposed to kill tigers and buy tiger bones and skins. Let’s look at the comments on Weibo on the Internet:


Baby Lu Feifei: These people will freeze the tiger cubs. I think there is an explanation-they can no longer afford these tigers but they are not willing to tell the public the real situation. I believe they must have had a good original intention when saving the first tiger cub, but things went bad when they developed, because human greed and shameless can easily surpass everything!

Jimiyangguang2: It turns out that you made dirty money in the name of Buddha, which is disgusting. Are you not afraid of Buddha’s punishment?

Kookie, Fat Egg: The first time I went to Thailand, I met a swindler. I saw that we came from other places to have a meal and took advantage of it. I vowed never to go to Thailand again. I have no good impression on what, Thailand!

4 走在套路的世界:他们信佛只是想洗净自己的罪恶,我奶奶说佛只是心里的一种信念,引导你心境宽容美好。有些人天天吃斋念佛还不如干点好事儿

A shark-: I have seen more of this introduction on TV before. Monks really get along very well with tigers. I felt kind at that time. But in the end, why does it always begin with good and end with evil?

Li Er is very fat: when I was in Thailand, I talked to a restaurant owner who was Dutch. I was particularly impressed by a remark he made. This country can be extremely tolerant or completely opposite. Ah

7 Zhe Zhemei Drags Sleepy: Thailand really doesn’t know what’s going on. The whole people believe in Buddhism, but look at Pattaya, transvestites, etc.

8 lapland explains seclusion: Thailand is really a wonderful country. All the people believe in Buddhism, but… don’t say everyone knows!

9 PollySail: So it doesn’t matter whether you have faith or not. It’s human nature that drives good and evil!

The Devil King Bo Xun said to Buddha: At the end of the Dharma robbery, my son and grandson became monks, wearing your cassock, destroying your Dharma, and practicing the Dharma in the name of monks.

11 karrysomething:说好的善良国度呢

12 傻瓜lalal:伪善比真坏还要可怕


GUANMANO: I used to like this country very much and think goodness is very important. Now I really think of heaven and hell.

14 稀土部队b:去泰国旅游,导游嘉文说泰国人信佛,不会做坏事,做坏事的都是别的国家来的。我想爆粗,纯属放屁。

Buddha, does it play the role of how in the life and mind of the Thai people? An incidental question arises: Do you want to take a walk in Pattaya, a place called amorous feelings and romance but actually full of lights?

The seventh thing: Learn about Thailand’s airlines, landed on the official website of Thai Lion Airlines, and learned about the flights from Bangkok to various parts of Thailand.

The eighth thing: Browse the microblog of Bangkok University and the microblog of “Thailand Zero Distance” on Sina Weibo to learn about life in Thailand.

Understand, produce yearning; Not knowing, causing accidents or surprises.