Thailand’s tour to see transvestites is the highlight of Thailand’s trip. “Transvestite” is famous in the world and is Thailand’s characteristic tourism.

One is that not seeing the transvestite performance is tantamount to not being in Thailand. Going to Thailand to see a transvestite show is a bit romantic and exciting.

The scale is appropriate.

Transvestite, male or female? They are an alternative beauty, a deformed beauty. These beautiful flowers

Butterflies are born to be women or to earn more money. After watching the transvestite performance, “she” Xu

Many people are indeed more women than women.

Thailand’s “transvestites” are the most concentrated and of the highest standard in Pattaya and Bati, the coastal cities of “Oriental Hawaii”

Yacheng is well built, with tropical features, coconut trees everywhere, light sea breeze and beautiful scenery.

For a “transvestite” performance, the ticket price is 400-500 Thai baht, equivalent to about 150-200 RMB. Big

Some of them were bought by the tour team.

Thai transvestites generally come from poor families and have few rich children. Thailand has a special training of transvestites.

School. From an early age, we began to cultivate women’s clothing, dress, women’s behavior and women’s hobbies. The important thing is to eat women.

Hormones. Inhibit the development of male organs and promote the excessive development of women. More than ten years of medication. Male physiology

Features atrophy, penis shortening, skin becoming fine and moist. In order to maintain a woman’s skin and posture, it is necessary to make her

All the functions of the system are disrupted, so injections, medicine and sex hormones are injected to produce feminine mentality and women’s special features.

Signs, breast bulge, skin tender,–. In this way, the body and mind are severely destroyed, and the life span of transvestites is average.

None of them are long, about 40 years old. Their youth is only about 25 years old.

This is not a transvestite, it is a flower messenger who receives the group!

The following is a video of the transvestite performance,

Charming Transvestite Show (Thai Style)-Beautiful Thai Transvestite! Thai transvestite that even women are jealous! !