In my opinion, the difference between travelers and tourists lies not only in backpacks and luggage case, inns and hotels, but also in the leisurely pace in front of the scenery and the depth of integration into the scenery.

On the bank of Xiulan Lake in Sulatani Prefecture, my pace slowed down in the face of the bright scenery.

After three o’clock in the afternoon, light rain kept falling. Rainy days, guest days. Since God’s will is so, then conform to God’s will, stay overnight and enjoy the dusk and morning light on Lake Shirley.

Rain will delay one’s journey, but there is no need to worry or worry about it. There is an open restaurant in the service area of the scenic spot. Only a few female stall owners make some food. A large piece of roasted chicken leg is golden and crisp, and the fragrance is tangy. It is called delicious, 50 baht. I asked for one and enjoyed it slowly in the face of the rain.

The scenery of Xiulan Lake in the rain is especially touching.

The whole world is covered in rain and fog. Raindrops beat the road surface and washed away the branches and leaves. Cicadas stopped chirping and let the rain wash their wings. The bird, stopped flying, combed its wings and waited for the weather to clear up. On the lake, there was no sign of cruise ships, and the outline of the distant mountains blurred. “480 temples in the Southern Dynasty, how many towers in the misty rain” suddenly realized that I was in a wonderful ink painting, the name of which was also very simple, it was called “Xiulan Lake Rain Scene”

After the rain, Xiulan Lake is even more enchanting and moving. The mountains behind it are shrouded in blue and white mist. The mist is like a white gauze skirt, tied halfway up the mountain. The gauze skirt is slowly fluctuating and drifting. If the fairy dances curled up, it is matched with mountain flowers and green shade, and I feel at ease like crazy and drunk!

At dusk, the mist slowly drifted down, or “flowed” down, and slowly dispersed on the lake. The whole Shirley Lake is hazy, mysterious and quiet.

When you envy travelers for their free and carefree scenery, have you ever thought about a big trouble I am facing at this time: where do you live at night?

Thailand claims to be a big tourist country, but its investment in accommodation is obviously less than that of China! In our place, there are a lot of hotels and inns in any scenic spot, but Thailand is scarce. So I wonder: Are we Chinese too shrewd and too eager for money, or are Thais too stupid and lazy to make money?

Another reason for this trouble is that it is sparsely populated, Almost the primitive environment in Shan Ye, the dock over there was asked, there was no hotel for accommodation, and there was no service area here. The rain kept falling. A few staff members left work and looked around. A feeling of “withered vines, old trees, faint crows, sunset, heartbroken people at the end of the world” passed through their hearts instantly.

At this time, we need a little strength, optimism and magnanimity.

It is not difficult for me to do this: I once rode in heavy rain in Shandong and set up tents on Hainan beaches, Tough! A traveller has to be tough in mind!

Besides, God has pitied and cherished me enough. There are half-open restaurants and several simple large dining tables that can be used as beds. What’s more, I found a mat on a food cabinet, which is enough! The sky should be used as a kang by the ground, and the wind, food and sleep on the streets are the true qualities of travelers.

Another problem is mosquito prevention: I thought I would be harassed and bitten by mosquitoes at night and couldn’t sleep, so I smeared balm on my body so hard that my arms and legs were a little burning, but in fact, there were not many mosquitoes in the wild here! And the feeling of mosquito bites is very small! But here occasionally one or two small ants bite people almost to cry once they get into trouser legs!

Insects chirp, birds chirp, and occasionally one or two crows chirp in the night sky, which is even quieter. Lying on my “dining table bed”, I took a note on my iPad and fell asleep. The tiredness during the day and the excitement of watching the scenery made me sleep soundly this night. . . . . .

The next morning, the bird woke me up as a wanderer. The sun was shining. Through the forest, the air was very fresh. I packed my bags and went to my next travel destination. I remember that I left Shirley Lake, my Shirley Lake, step by step and three times.

Goodbye, Shirley Lake. One day, I will come back to you!