Thailand is the place where Chinese people are most willing to travel. Apart from its low travel cost and less restrictions on entry visas, Thailand also has its famous porn industry.

When many Chinese who have been to Thailand talk about the experience of Thailand’s tourism, they all exaggerate Thailand’s transvestites, pornographic performances and tour guide services, which greatly reduces the impression of many people who have been and have not been to Thailand. The reason for this impression is closely related to the quality and itinerary of tour guides and the demands of tourists themselves. Of course, there are also some discriminatory psychology. In a word, I think it is caused by the lack of understanding of Thailand by the Chinese.

Due to my working relationship, I went to Thailand on many business trips alone and had a very good impression of Thailand. Thais are friendly, gentle and polite. They also have delicious and cheap Thai food. Apart from the famous durian and grapefruit, there are also many rare tropical fruits in China. In addition, Ms. Jia, director of the representative office of Thailand’s Ministry of Trade in Australia, is still a good friend of mine.

Before the Asian financial crisis broke out at the end of last century, Thailand was one of the four little dragons with rapid economic development in Asia. In recent years, Thailand’s development today would have been difficult to speculate if it had not been for the political turmoil and frequent regime changes in Thailand due to the old age of the Thai king and his inability to intervene in state affairs.

Just before the Asian financial crisis, Thailand’s new rural construction has been completed. Farmers’ families have fully popularized cars and housing. The level of rural infrastructure and the living standards of farmers are precisely what the Chinese government is vigorously promoting and the vast number of farmers’ friends are longing for. It may take another ten years to reach. This is still a relatively optimistic estimate.

When I first went to Bangkok, I was very disgusted with the elevated roads running through the city, but now many big cities such as Shanghai and Wuhan have not followed suit and built elevated roads. Many five-star hotels in China now existed in Thailand 20 years ago, and the service quality of the same hotels is qualitatively different. The buffet at Bangkok Shangri-La Hotel is at least ten times cheaper than that in Beijing, and the dining environment and variety are no less than those in Beijing.

Bangkok is recognized as an international city in the world, but which city in China can be called an international city in the true sense. The world’s famous political and economic organizations have dispatched offices in Thailand, including the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union, the African Union, ASEAN, etc. Does China have any? Even if there is at best one office.

Thailand, the world’s most economically developed country, is also in the forefront. There are countless international conferences held in Thailand every year, which is a very important component of Thailand’s economic income. Shanghai, China, can only match in this respect.

The whole Thai people believe in Buddhism. If you go to any Thai home, whether in the courtyard or in the room, there are many things related to Buddhism. Because of this, Thais are more gentle in character. Most buses in Thailand do not have air conditioning, but who has seen Thais quarrelling over seats on buses? The heat in Thailand is also very uncomfortable. In contrast, in China, so-called several stove cities, quarrels on buses are common, and everyone in the country blames the hot weather.

In terms of tourism industry, Thailand is also one of the countries with the most developed tourism industry in the world. Compared with Thailand, China’s tourism industry has a huge gap. The main reason why people have great opinions on Thailand tour is that they are at home. It would be unfair to offend Thailand for all.

Completely different from the Chinese response to Thailand’s tourism, Thailand is the most willing place for Western tourists to go on vacation. There are some objective factors in this. For example, during the Vietnam War, Thailand was a rest place for U.S. Soldiers. Therefore, Americans especially like Thailand. More importantly, Thailand’s service industry is very international.

On a business trip to Bangkok, the scheduled afternoon meeting with Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology was temporarily changed to next Monday, which suddenly gave me an extra weekend in Thailand. The embassy comrades suggested that I take advantage of this weekend to visit other places. After contacting the travel agency, I decided to go to Chiang Mai. On the one hand, I have been to Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand. On the other hand, Chiang Mai has the largest number of tourists in Thailand every year, especially for long-term vacations. In addition, Teresa Teng died in Chiang Mai. I want to see if Chiang Mai is unique in what.

It only took one hour from signing the payment in the hotel lobby to boarding the bus to the airport. Including * * air tickets and hotel check-out, are all done by travel agencies. The considerate and convenient service makes me feel unreal.

After getting off the plane from Chiang Mai, a tall and handsome Chinese boy was waiting for me at the exit with a pick-up card. I instinctively greeted him in Chinese. He smiled apologetically and said that he could not speak Chinese. He asked me to call him JOHN, which was translated into John in China. He was my driver and guide that afternoon.

Travel agencies in Thailand have designed various travel packages to facilitate the different needs of tourists. For example, a few tours a day, a few tours a day, a few tours a day, a few tours a day… Tourists of scenic spots during several tours can freely choose from the menu provided by travel agencies, which is flexible and convenient. Tour guides are also changed at any time.

Taking the tourist spots I chose as an example, I chose Chiang Mai for a one-and-a-half day tour, including Miao Village (see poppy cultivation), Shuanglong Temple and Flower Garden. I flew at 1: 00 noon, and it seemed to be more than 2: 00 when I arrived in Chiang Mai. The first stop from the airport was to go to Miao Village. Because Shuanglong Temple is the most famous tourist destination in Chiang Mai and has a long stay, the tour guide suggested me to go the next morning.

On the way, JOHN said that we would pick up the other two tourists first and then go to Miao Village together.

The car that takes us on the tour needs special explanation. This car is a bit like a three-wheeled motorcycle in China. The back body is on a bench on each side of the car. It can accommodate up to 6 people, usually 4 people. The speed of this kind of car cannot exceed 50 kilometers, considering safety factors. At first, I didn’t understand why Thailand used this low-grade motorcycle as a tourist bus, but later I found it was too good. Convenient and flexible, many remote scenic spots have to rely on such cars.

After receiving the two female tourists, we went to Miao Village together. After visiting Miao Village and getting on the bus again, I found that the tourist who went to the next scenic spot with me this time was another Taiwanese. Like me, he arrived in Chiang Mai only because the meeting was rescheduled. Fortunately for me, he could stay one more day and visit Chiang Rai in the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is a government-controlled area. Travel agencies with special licenses can organize tourists to go there and have to go through some complicated procedures. It takes nearly 8 hours to drive from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai in the Golden Triangle, because I only have two days, so I can’t go.

I asked JOHN why the two tourists didn’t get on the bus just now. He said that the two tourists thought it was very interesting and wanted to wait for the next bus before leaving. Later, I learned a little that travel agencies in Thailand have tour buses of different sizes, shuttling between various scenic spots. You can catch the travel agencies’ buses at any time. It is very convenient, a bit like HOP HIP in western countries. I even think it is more convenient than that because it is small and more flexible.

I also admire the integrity of Thai travel agencies. The Taiwanese mentioned earlier, because he was the only one who applied to the Golden Triangle, the travel agency still drove him. According to Thai law, two people must go, one driving and the other being a tour guide. If this were in China, it would definitely be cancelled.

The short one-and-a-half day tour to Chiang Mai gave me a preliminary understanding of Thailand’s tourism industry. When talking about Thailand’s tourism industry with Mr. Fu Xuezhang, then China’s ambassador to Thailand, Ambassador Fu agreed with me very much. At that time, we were also preparing to organize domestic tourism management agencies to study and train in Thailand.

Many of our Chinese who have traveled to Thailand always think that Thailand seems to have only transvestites or porn industry, which is very one-sided. Perhaps the domestic organizing units have only arranged these tourist routes.

Another thing that needs everyone’s attention is that local tour guides who travel abroad are especially willing to talk nonsense, telling vulgar so-called local jokes, and doing all they can to make people laugh. These local tour guides, frankly speaking, are mostly gangsters and of extremely low quality, which also greatly reduces the quality of many outbound tours.

When people complain about the large number of travel traps, they should consider such a prerequisite. You may be taking part in outbound tours by domestic travel agencies, while overseas reception agencies are also contacted by domestic travel agencies. It turned out to be zero tour fees. How much is it now? As long as what’s affairs are done by compatriots, first of all, we should have a good mentality. Second, we should not expect too much. Third, we are still staying on the tour, not to mention the tour. Isn’t everyone very concerned about how many countries and scenic spots we have visited?

It is suggested that when you travel to Thailand, you’d better find a local travel agency, and those who speak English or Thai are the best. The Chinese language is good. Most of them go to China. There is absolutely no guarantee of this quality. This is not prejudice but a fact.