Dream Koh Samet Island

Coming from impetuous Bangkok, Koh Samet Island, a small island located between Bangkok and Pattaya, easily brought me infinitely close to the long-lost dream feeling. Green sea water, blue sky, white clouds and silver sand beach, a pure picture of dynamic and static combination, freeze the comfort and leisure of the holiday.

Barefoot walking on the beach, soft and meticulous, the waves sly brushed across the foot surface, at the same time gently stirred the softness in my heart. In front of me, it seems that there is a picture like music and poetry, and I am in the picture! I think the sunshine on Koh Samet Island is moist: the frolicking children rushed into the clear sea water and rose all the way in the shallows. The waves flickered in the sun and seemed to respond to the children’s happiness. Couples who are going to surf or swim stroll along the seaside with such consistent strides that the sunshine renders their love with shadows on the white sand beach.

I feel that the moon on Koh Samet Island is like a lady in a boudoir, hanging quietly on the blue sky that is hard to hide at night, white and beautiful. More than 10 different open-air bars were lined up, and wine tasters sat in the sand. Candlelight on the small table in front of them flashed under the glass cover, setting off the happy faces of different skin colors watching the torch performance. The difference in language did not hinder the simultaneous praise, applause, toast and scream to the performers. Everyone indulged their emotions. The harmony between the outside and the inside can make people so happy!

When I stepped back to the beach forest villa through the waves, Think of the bathroom outside the room, which is surrounded by high walls and in the open air. Thinking that the cunning moonlight will see all the people bathing naked, However, everyone can enjoy both primitive and private bathing space, thinking of sleeping soundly with the soft waves at night, thinking of waking how from his dream in the morning of such a residence, thinking of whether enjoying this feeling alone is a luxury, thinking of… thinking, suddenly feeling close to this exotic island.

Early in the morning, I woke up in the sound of water flowing like a waterfall without interruption, which I did not expect. The shadows of the trees outside the window are whirling, and lying on the bed with open eyes and reverie have almost become my hobby over the years. But at that time, the action did not leave too much time for reverie: get up, wash, put on a cover suitable for walking by the sea at will, and have already walked out of the room. The speed almost reflects militarization. Looking for the sound of water I heard, I stood in the lush forest and carefully identified the source of the sound. The result of the identification surprised me for a long time. It was caused by a large number of Zen sounds or bird songs. Inadvertently, I started a day’s life on the island amid the sound of bird songs like waterfalls.

It’s a wonderful feeling. All the scenery is more charming in the infinite spread of wonderful feeling. It is the feeling that helps me freeze the romance alone, and it is the camera that helps me freeze all the beautiful pictures. Get up too early, There was no one by the sea, Still barefoot, Walking from the beach to the sea, I felt different textures and temperatures. Quietly, quietly, quietly, only the sky, white clouds, sand beach, sea water, moored boats, distant rocks, swaying palms and shallows in the waves of Shanghai. I felt that I had been completely melted by everything around me and turned into a wisp of wind, a marine fish, or a leaf or a spray?

The sun is rising and the sea is gradually bustling. Looking at the once silent picture on the reclining chair, active factors are intermittently added, such as irregular notes jumping on the white sand beach, playing the most harmonious and beautiful song in the world, and I am the most loyal listener of this song.

I really want to leave this charming island barefoot, and I really want to store my eternal memory here at the moment of waving my arms! I really want to… however, I did not barefoot or wave my arms, because I am willing to replace all forms with affectionate greetings, “Sawatdee kaa Koh Samet Island”!