Pattaya is a paradise in Asia. After reading enough travel notes, GN and I embarked on a journey to Pattaya. At Bangkok’s Ekamai (East Station) station, there are many cars to Pattaya. There will be a flight in about 15 minutes. There is a long line at ticket office No.1, which shows Pattaya’s charm. Take BTS (Light Rail) near MBK or Siam Square in Bangkok for about 7 stops to Ekamai. After getting off the light rail, you can see Ekamai Station after leaving the station and getting off the overpass. There are about three stations in Bangkok, of which Ekamai Station mainly goes to eastern Thailand. You should also be able to take the bus to Pattaya at other stations, but there may not be so many. I met several Chinese at Ekamai Station, which was very interesting. There are so many people going to Pattaya that we can only buy a car in an hour. So I had a meal at a nearby shop. Then go to the waiting room and wait. The waiting room is really small, but there is TV and Thai, which is not very clear. When you are in the waiting room, you will find people of different countries, regions and skin colors. These people used to go to Pattaya more. Only then did I know that the tourism income this small town brings to Thailand every year is really worthy of its reputation. We got on the bus and set off. There was also an incident. Just after leaving Bangkok, there was something wrong with the bus.) So we switched to another one. When I remembered that I was at Guangzhou Airport, there was also a problem with the car. After that, we arrived at Pattaya smoothly. When looking at the strategy, I knew that the station was the place where family mart and Information were located. When we got off the bus and looked at the map, Pattaya’s tour guide came to give us advice. Later, we learned that there was no free lunch. He took us to the place of Information, and then someone enthusiastically introduced us. Only later did we know that she wanted us to join the group. We booked a room there and later learned that this choice was not very wise because it was not very close to the city center. She booked us a PP Masion room, an apartment. However, there is also a good place here, which is quieter and inspires you to explore Pattaya. We also booked tickets for Alcazar. There are two shows in Pattaya Transvestite Show, one is Tiffany and the other is Alcazar. The former has a greater reputation because it was the earliest transvestite show, but the latter is also very good. The former’s ordinary ticket is 500 baht and VIP is 600 baht. The latter is also 500 baht for ordinary tickets and 600 baht for VIP. In addition, we also booked tickets to KOH Larn. It was only later that I realized that this was a temporary group. However, I didn’t know it very well at that time, so it was also a small mistake. They finally gave us a City Tour. We thought it was because we ordered gifts for the project and were very happy. However, we only found out on the last day that all tourists who go to Information will get this free gift. Unfortunately, time cannot go back, so we cannot know this mystery in advance. From this, we can also see Pattaya’s service consciousness is really strong. A tourist city must attract tourists, and there must be no shortage of scenic spots, features and services. Otherwise, why do you have to go to Pattaya for the same beach? After that, we went to the hotel. After a little rest, we went to Alcazar. There is also BigC nearby. You can have a stroll. We took a detour when we reached Pattaya’s famous fountain, which divided Pattaya into three streets. We went in another direction, so we missed Tiffany’s show, but fortunately the other way can go around BigC and Alcazar. In BigC, we had a little stroll and had some food at ThaiThai restaurant downstairs. It tasted good. We have set a match at 8 o’clock (three matches a day). Seeing that the time is about the same, we will touch it. In fact, it was very close and arrived as soon as it came out. There are not many people waiting for the show at the door. The first five rows here are all VIP. We are not very sidelined in the first row. After a while, the show will begin. At the beginning, a male voice said the opening words in English. The voice was really nice. Then the curtain opened. The dancers who came out were no different from what we saw in the picture, which surprised people with their exquisite show. First of all, the main character on the stage should be the number one player in this show. It is called a brilliant one, with excellent dancing and coquetry. From which angle or take photos, they are all the same beautiful, which makes people admire the delicacy of their workmanship. The rehearsal of their program was very compact, which was really a visual feast. Later, there were three dancers singing, all of which were so beautiful that people could not return to their gods. Later, a funny person came out and pulled a first-row audience up. He probably gave a gift. There was probably a Korean troupe that day. They also specially displayed Korean banners and performed Korean dances. Let’s look at the heart very uncomfortable. Later, there was a program in which one person was half a man and half a woman. I think this also indicates their special status. I think they probably have several performance plans, and different groups have different programs. They also performed Indian dances and Vietnamese dances, which are very international in short. You can also see Pattaya’s attraction to tourists from all over the world. Later, the finale program also had its own characteristics. In the dark, a dancer fell from the sky and came to a group of sculptures. Later, the dancers receded. It turned out that the sculptures were all real people and came out to sing. The design is very exquisite. Everyone thinks that it is really a prop, but it is actually a real person. I guess this is probably a passage from a famous opera, but I can’t guess my artistic accomplishment. At that time, all the dancers came out to give a curtain call, and a performance similar to Broadway gave such a magnificent curtain call. We haven’t completely stepped out of the beauty and surprise, and the performance ended like this. A beautiful dream. After coming out, we met along the street and saw a very colorful place on the road. Only then did we know that this was the legendary Tiffany. It was discovered that in this casual way.