Introduction: Many people have talked about the topic of popularization, In order to make readers have new gains, in this article, I focus on comparing the different feelings gained in various places of popularization, hoping that those tourists who are accustomed to catching up with each other and driving slowly can experience the real leisure vacation mode, and also provide a comprehensive feeling after traveling for tourists who plan to travel by themselves. Go to different beaches, find different feelings and feel popular. You have to go to the beaches. However, different beaches, due to the different crowds, have also formed their own different styles. The middle section of Patong Beach has what is said to be the most beautiful beach in Patong. Therefore, our first stop to feel the beach was set there. As Patong is located in the popular downtown area, the beaches there are naturally especially lively. In addition to the tourists who go to the beach to enjoy sunbathing, there are also many people who swim and play water sports. Lying under the sun umbrella, people walking up and down kept passing in front of our eyes. The beach in Patong is slightly stormy, so lying on the beach and the sea breeze blowing, I can’t feel the scorching sun overhead at all, but I still have a warm and comfortable feeling. However, in order to prevent being exposed to the sun and molting, I still covered my shawl on my body. However, those European women did not care. Instead, they even took off their bikinis and walked around in the hot sun. The sand there should be beige. Although the fine and soft sand beach is very clean, there are some small stones mixed among them, and people are always uncomfortable walking on it. Especially near the road, the whole piece of big pebbles hurt the soles of the feet. Therefore, Patong Beach can be said to be a frequent place for tourists who do not want to go far, so there are more middle-aged and elderly tourists. Young people usually don’t want to go to Patong’s beach to “injustice” themselves after they have been to the beach of Phi Phi Island. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to walk from the seaside hut on Phi Phi Island to the beach. Because the roundabout is full of sand beaches, tourists are scattered in all corners and will not make people feel crowded at all. As a matter of fact, after we have chosen a beach to settle down, it usually takes most of the day before a second group of people come to join us, giving people a feeling that a large beach is unique to me. The beach there is the whitest and purest, and there is no mixture of small stones. However, there are differences in shallow water depth among the beaches everywhere. If the shallow water beach is chosen unfortunately, the water is only waist-high when walking several tens of meters away from the sea water. Therefore, for tourists who want to swim from time to time, it is best to go to the deep water beach to settle down. Phi Phi Island is the world of young people. Sometimes one can also see a young family of three having fun naked on an unmanned beach, making the viewers feel like they are in heaven. After staying in the seaside hut in Shalang Bay, you don’t need to go out to find another beach to rest, because hotels that provide seaside huts in that area often have a very beautiful beach. There are a number of the most advanced seaside hotels in Shalang Bay. It takes more than 10 minutes to walk from the gate of our hotel to the lobby, but the lobby is built on the endless seaside. Like the sea of Phi Phi Island, the sea there is quiet and quiet, which makes people reluctant to break. Therefore, guests who stay in the hotel often only play in the swimming pool of the hotel. When they arrive at the seaside, they only lie on the beach on the shore to enjoy themselves. If they find two strong coconut trees, they can also pull a hammock to repose alone, which is very freehand. When eating, we also like to move all the food to the beach and place it on the beach. Occasionally, the big dog that attracts any guest will tease it to run on the beach for a while. Most of the guests here are young people, and most of them are couples. Perhaps it is because the most beautiful sunset scenery is popular in Shalang Bay, so they all come here to find the most romantic feeling. Go to restaurants and taste classic food Thai food is a famous food in the world, so when it is popularized, we cannot miss this great opportunity to taste delicious food. In fact, over the years, due to the continuous stream of European guests among the popular tourists, many local French restaurants and Italian restaurants have also made their tastes very authentic. Only for those who occasionally travel to Thailand, I think they should take this opportunity to taste more local Thai food. The middle coast of Patong Beach is like a restaurant street. Basically, there is a wooden fishing boat model at the gate of each restaurant, in which all kinds of raw seafood are frozen for guests to choose at will. The posture is somewhat similar to the seafood stalls in Shenjiamen, except that the storefront where the guests eat is more beautiful, clean and spacious. Just like the general method of ordering seafood, after the guest selects the food to enjoy, he will explain to the chef how to cook the food. The most common way to eat Thai food is to stir-fry the food with curry or chili. Perhaps because it is located in a popular entertainment center, Patong’s restaurants are not stingy in providing entertainment to their guests. No matter how many guests there are in the restaurant, almost every restaurant has a band singing incessantly, some lyrical, some rock and roll, so that we can freely choose our favorite style. The island is full of coconut trees, so even the restaurant is swaying with the tall figure everywhere. I am deeply impressed by a restaurant that sings lyric songs. At dinner time, the swimming pool in the restaurant will also open a beautiful fountain with proper dim lights, creating a romantic atmosphere that is very unforgettable. In addition, it is suggested that tourists should not forget to have an ice cream after dinner. Some famous ice cream shops such as Haagen-Dazs and Robinson often charge half the price in China. Apart from restaurants with special emotional appeal, don’t neglect those small restaurants that look crude or even dirty. By chance, I discovered their advantages again. These restaurants are very poorly arranged: plastic white tables and chairs are placed in rows, without music or charming lights, and look like canteens. The cooking method of food is relatively simple, usually only traditional fried food with curry or chili. However, the food made there has an unusually fresh taste. Curry juice and chili juice also seem to penetrate deeply into the food. The strong fresh spicy taste makes people applaud repeatedly. I think, is it because there is no variety of eating methods, chefs have practiced traditional methods over and over again, and over time, they have also developed unique skills? Of course, these small restaurants are still the cheapest choice. Generally, each person pays 20 yuan RMB for dinner and wastes a lot of food. If you want to see the sea view at any time while eating, then go to Phi Phi Island. Most of the seaside cabins there are built along the coast, so guests can enjoy the endless sea view only by eating in the hotel restaurant. The temperature on the island is lower than that in the popular mainland. When the sea breeze blows, people who eat on the shore often cannot help putting on long-sleeved clothes. Hotels here often arrange Internet cafes next to restaurants. People who come away from the city for vacation can go to the Internet cafe, which is also near the sea, after dinner, have a cup of coffee and receive messages from friends from afar. Wearing island tropical clothes or even swimsuits to surf the Internet at the seaside, this freehand feeling is worth experiencing. Finally, I have to mention the buffets all over the island. First of all, in the hotel, I found that the local buffet was rich in content. Even the breakfast room was full of dazzling hot and cold dishes, leaving people with no choice. Then go out to play. Some activities will include dinner buffet, such as Patong’s “Terror House”. A big ostentation and extravagance, the layout is also quite luxurious, although there are few guests, the waiters still faithfully stand in their respective posts, waiting for the guests to fry eggs, stir-fry, mix soup, make ice cream, etc. When I was in Shalang, I also went to a restaurant that was said to be very high-class in the area. The resplendent and magnificent facade is indeed different from others, and the meticulous classification and variety of dishes are even more eye-popping. I remember that there were at least 5 kinds of porridge on the table of Chinese food selection. In addition to all other German dishes, Italian dishes, Japanese dishes, American dishes, Thai local dishes and so on, the scene is very amazing. What is even more incredible is that such a buffet costs only 30 yuan. Go deep into the mountains and forests to experience the feeling of heartbeat. Of course, there are all kinds of exciting sports, such as parachutes on water, scuba diving, fishing at sea, cliff climbing, etc. However, if you want to experience the heartbeat ceremoniously while relaxing, I suggest you go bungee jumping. There is only one place where bungee jumping is popular, and that is the famous jungle bungee jumping near Patong. The place where the jump took place was a quiet lake dug up from a large coconut forest, with lifting equipment standing on one side of the bank. I found that there were not many tourists who came for fame, far less than the number of staff there, and even fewer people actually jumped every day. When I was in China, I always wanted to play bungee jumping, but the crowded feeling in the city made it difficult for me to make up my mind to do such a jump, especially when there was concrete ground underneath. The water gives me a much better feeling, plus the surrounding jungle, I hardly seem to be challenging myself, but playing an ordinary sport. At that time, I happened that a tourist had just jumped down. Below, I felt that the place where I jumped (50 meters) did not look high at all and the jump time was very short. Staff at one side said that the expenses included insurance premiums and a roll of photos taken for bungee jumpers. But at the same time, he repeatedly stated that once the money reached 50 meters, he went back on his word and did not jump, and the money would not be refunded. At that time, I thought, who is so stupid that he will not jump after paying? I have never had any fear, even when I signed the “at my own risk” life and death agreement, when my feet were tied and I could only jump and walk, or when I went up to 50 meters to take photos of the staff. However, when I followed the instructions of the staff, I stood up from the elevator seat and moved to the bungee jumping entrance, I gasped. I started chatting with the staff member. He told me that there had not been an accident in the ten years since the place was opened, but I also learned that only about 20 people actually jumped every day, because many people looked down at 50 meters and regretted it. He saw me hesitate and reminded me that they charged such a high fee and did not refund the money because they guaranteed safety. I was relieved to ask him if I only paid 1600 baht for this jump. I stayed up there until the staff member was impatient. In the end, he couldn’t help it. He told me to try again for the last time: move my feet to the take-off point, look at the distant mountains, open my hands, and take a slight step with one foot-I could feel him touch me lightly behind my back. Although it was against the regulations, I knew that without this touch, I might never have jumped that day. It is said that bungee jumping safety belts are tied to the waist in some places, but they are tied to the feet there, so they fall head down. My hands were empty, my feet were tied, and my head was down and falling from the sky. I experienced a feeling of helplessness that I had never felt before. When I fell to the bottom a little calmer, people were thrown into the sky again due to inertia and pulling force. I went back and forth several times in this way, making me feel like I was going to be torn to pieces all the time, just thinking of ending quickly! Whether the staff member touched me behind has become a mystery forever, and I always regret that the jump was not made entirely by myself, but I think I may never do this “sport” again, nor will I laugh at others when they dare not jump, and even persuade everyone who wants to go bungee jumping to think twice before acting. When I left, I got a certificate, which said: Proof of Courage. When going to the night market, the popularity of Thai products is not a shopping paradise, but because the overall price level is relatively low, many Thai products can be called cheap and fine as long as they are properly selected. Popularization Island’s famous night market is located in the center of Patong. At first glance, it looks like it has arrived at Xiangyang Road Gift and Clothing Market in Shanghai. However, after several rounds of shopping, it is found that the scale and facilities there far exceed those here. Clothing shops, snack shops, massage shops, restaurants, banks, bars, dance halls, travel agencies and supermarkets have everything, making people feel that the whole Patong Bay is a market. Tourists are naturally bustling, and the streets are often crowded with taxis and pedestrians at midnight. Because it is possible to swim in the water at any time on the island, the women there simply wore bathing suits after landing and tied only a piece of brightly colored cloth to their bodies. On the first day I arrived in Patong, I bought such a small cloth skirt. A few days later, I found that this kind of dress, which can be wrapped around my body as soon as I landed, was indeed very convenient, and the photos I took were extremely beautiful because of the bright colors. Of course, the most important thing to buy when going to the tropics is sunscreen. I suggest that those who have plans to go to popularize the play, regardless of whether you can easily buy sunscreen from your place of departure, don’t rush to buy it. Because of the popularity of arrival, the famous brand sunscreen products in duty-free shops at the airport are cheaper than those in China at first, and when they arrive at supermarkets in the island, they often have to give a discount. Besides, there are many varieties, with a wide variety of sunscreen index products, and some sunscreen creams are specially used to balance skin color into beautiful bronze color. In addition, ordinary swimsuits, swimming goggles, snorkeling tools and deep diving equipment are also suitable for purchase in Patong. If you want to buy the latest European swimsuits, you can go to Kata’s bikini store, but the price is quite expensive. Attractions like 007 Island often have stalls selling souvenirs. In addition to the silver jewelry and dried seafood sold in Patong, there are also casual shirts with 007 Island characters and patterns, coral, starfish, Okumi lizard specimens, etc. Before I went, I learned that the price of underwear in Thailand was also half that in China. When I looked at the large commercial buildings in Popularization Town, I found that it was true. There are also many choices of styles, and because there are many opportunities for girls to wear suspenders, there are many beautiful strapless bras in the underwear counter. However, the color choice there is mostly white, but there are few red bras that sell well in Shanghai. The local Thais all told us that the famous silver jewelry and tin ware are actually the most real in Bangkok. So when I went to Bangkok for a connecting flight, I also went to the night market there for a quick walk. But because many pornographic places are mixed with them, Bangkok’s night markets are more crowded and chaotic. Silver jewelry, tin ware, fashion clothing, pendants, bags, footwear, of course, there are many things, but don’t think you can go alone to kill a tough price with the vendor, fierce may scold you “get out of my shop”. However, some souvenirs are still very unforgettable. For example, a photo album with cloth and tin inlaid ware has various sizes. It is not only unique and beautiful in appearance, but also especially suitable for storing memories of Thailand.