When we went to Thailand via Macao with a Thai visa and returned to mainland China, we were carefully checked by Macao Customs twice, on the grounds that our passport had a Schengen visa to Europe! However, they “have reason” to suspect that the Schengen visas of citizens holding Chinese passports are fake and are suspected of smuggling into Europe via Macao. They need to ask in detail the source of their Schengen visas. When the Macao Customs Immigration Department found the Schengen visa on our passport, the atmosphere immediately became tense. The baggy counter staff first asked us: Have you used the visa? No? Immediately call the boss urgently, after the boss came, the incident received more and more attention; After that, the Customs Department handed us over to the investigation team. Holding our passport, the intercom shouted, “North, North, have you received it?” Two, two… Let’s pull over and wait with big bags and small bags. I politely asked: Let’s stand like this and count as what? So the officer replied, “You can go in and sit and wait.” Without further ado, I walked into the room pretending to be reserved and sat directly in the corner of the sofa. Dustin also put his bag on someone’s desk. Hey, the officials inside are still watching the Emerald Terrace! We sat for a while, and two people came in, hanging work cards, without uniforms, one with glasses and the other without glasses. After handing over to the two, the customs officers are finished. Then, the little young man without glasses sat down on the swivel chair opposite us, rolled up one leg, leafed through our passports, and asked with pride how did we get our Schengen visa? How did you get a Czech visa? Where did you come from this time? Why is there a Schengen visa? Do what’s work? …… Wait a minute to solve the problem. I was angry at the sight of the man’s attitude. Although the usual style of these bureaucrats is estimated to be the same, I was very disgusted. I raised my voice and said loudly, You checked once when you entered our dock. Why should you ask the same question again? ! The man was very tugging, his voice was higher than mine, and he said maliciously that we had checked at the dock and there was no record of you! I have no weakness either. The lack of records is your internal problem and has nothing to do with us. Besides, I don’t understand, we hold a Thai visa to visit Thailand via Macau, and have what relations with Schengen visa? ! The man is estimated to be from the anti-black group, MD. After listening to my words, he was short of striking the table. Dustin, fearing that I would suffer losses, stopped me and refused to let me speak. He handled and answered the questions. I can only hold my breath and look at my emerald platform. The young man with glasses was very polite, Be patient and explain to us that the dock entry is customs. There may be a misunderstanding… the entry stamp is affixed on the back of the entry paper, and it is also a regulation in Macao to withdraw it when leaving the country… it is only necessary to affix one stamp on the passport when entering or leaving the country… they are members of the investigation team… the Macao government needs special inquiries about personnel holding Schengen visas… this is also a regulation and so on. Ha ha, the somebody else just moved the word “illegal immigration” out to frighten us. Of course, there is no flaw in our answer. Asked about our profession, of course, one is auditor and the other is consultant. It is futile for them to find fault again. Finally, the glasses let us find out the boarding pass from Bangkok to Macao and photocopy it. Dustin and I each filled in a data form, listing some information such as name, date of birth, parents’ name, domestic address, etc., which was regarded as a prepared case. The glasses said to the person without glasses, OK. So, the bitch became quite polite and said to us, now we help the two to go through the entry formalities, delay the two time. The two wanted to lift their feet and leave. I said, wait a minute, I have a question-I asked for the glasses, why did you say we didn’t have an entry record just now? What the hell is going on here? The man who was rampant just now is now a little short. He hesitated with a low eyebrow and pleasing to the eye and said that there was an entry record, saying that there was no record of the dock investigation team. Macao is a country, and then he immediately changed his mind. It should be said that the region is a transit point for smugglers to smuggle into Europe, so… I secretly scolded COW in my heart and was not relieved. Dustin added that in fact, we just came out to play. This time it happened to be AirAsia, so we crossed the border from Macao. If we had known this was so troublesome, we would not have left Macao and it would be convenient to leave Hong Kong. The man looked quite understanding, sipping a wry smile and feeling deeply in his heart. In fact… Hong Kong is the same… We were the last two people on the flight to leave the empty airport. Small broken place, nervous, really want to smuggle, I still sign many Czech so troublesome? We conclude that if we do not enter or leave Macao Customs with multiple valid visas from many countries at one time, we will definitely be detained. I should have written down the man’s name and complained to him when I had time!