Kissing a cobra, do you dare to watch? (Tour to Thailand)

Travel to Thailand can be said to be a “hot” tour! In addition to the hot temperature of the climate, various tourism projects are also “hot”

One of Thailand’s most popular tourism events, watching a kissing show with a cobra.

The reason why Thailand’s tourism is developed is that Thais have fully packaged their tourism products. Will bring

You visit the Snake Venom Research Center and show you a snake training show. Snake artists are betting their lives because

Those snakes are poisonous snakes, especially cobras. If bitten by them, they will lose their lives within three minutes. But they

With courage and experience, the snake trainer with high skills can kiss the cobra and watch the guest sweat.

The hair is straight! (Of course, let you finish reading-I hope you can pay for snake medicine)

The king cobra is captured and killed by human beings, and is used by human beings as delicious food on the dining table, handicraft (snakeskin) and medicine.

(snake gall and venom). All those who were discovered by human beings in the wild were killed and few were spared.