Thailand has an imperial system, with cars on the left, drivers on the right and getting on and off on the left.

The driver grasped the gap between traffic jams to read the newspaper.

The conductor stood by the door, holding the ticket box.

Inside the ticket box. However, knowing that I didn’t shoot it clearly, I was embarrassed to “Again” (again)

Thailand’s bus tickets are really economical, compared with Shenzhen’s bus tickets.

Bangkok’s trains are also part of the city’s public transportation, so the waiting room is very simple, just a waiting booth.

The train pulled into the station. Trip every half hour is convenient and economical.

People crowded on and off the bus.

The fire scene left the station.

Perfect Combination of Urban Transportation, Interchange and Rail Transportation

I wonder if this sign is a terminal sign

On the elevator, it was the check-in counter.