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The homework has basically been done well and the order can be placed.

Shanghai Bangkok air ticket: It is quite convenient for Shanghai to leave for Bangkok. Considering the price, we can pay attention to direct flights from China Eastern Airlines, connecting flights from Asia Airlines and China Eastern Airlines to Kunming, and connecting flights from Guangzhou to China Southern Airlines, depending on the flexibility of travel.

Bangkok Sumei Transportation: The strategy is very detailed. This time we chose Lomprayah (http://lomprayah.com) for combined transportation and took Bangkok Airways flight from Sumei Airport to Bangkok Airport. I feel that the price and time are reasonable.

Bangkok to Tao Island: Lomprayah (http://lomprayah.com) has a schedule of shipping trips on its website. The schedule on the Internet is as follows. The trip is made at night. The return trip feels a bit time-consuming. Moreover, the trip is often full of interest and hopes to arrive quickly on the return trip, so I took a plane instead.

    BKKKoh Tao 21:00 08:45 950-(It seems that there is a 6: 00 departure on the trip, which is not seen online) BKKPhangan 21:00 10:45 1,250-BKKKoh Samui 21:00 11:20 1,350-Return Koh Tao 06:00 14:45 1,050-(Return has another trip that is more than 12: 00 departure, which feels all by boat) Return Phangan 06:00 16:101 1,300-Return Koh Samui 06:00 16:40 1,400-

From Bangkok to Taodao, I chose the flight leaving at 9: 00 p.m. (9:00 pm.-8:45 am+1). The ticket was booked on the Internet at 950 Thai baht per person. It was said on the Internet that there was a discount for the Agent, but the time and patience to go out were precious, so I was relieved. Take intermodal transportation at 7: 30 p.m. To report to Bangkok’s office, take the printed online order to confirm the change of tickets, get on the bus at 9: 00 a.m., get off at Chunpeng dock at 4: 00 a.m., wait at the dock until 6: 00 p.m. to board the ship, and arrive at Tao Island at 8: 45 after more than two hours at sea. Such a trip seems to have been experienced in my student days. It is more delicate to suggest flying.

Sumi to Bangkok: Bangkok Airways is very convenient to book online. The airport is very cute like a small garden in a resort. It takes an hour to reach Bangkok International Airport from Sumi Airport.

Hotels: Thai hotels suggest that BOOKING (www.booking.com) and SAWADEE (www.sawadee.com) should be combined. BOOKING is an international website. Reservations basically do not require payment and cancellation of orders is free. SAWADEE is a local website in Thailand. The information is clear at a glance and the price is cheaper. However, attention should be paid to the payment terms. The cheaper the conditions, the harsher.

Insurance: American and Asian Insurance, Travel to All Nations

Visa: Taiqu Visa (http://www.taiquvisa.com/)

Foreign currency: Bank of China makes an appointment one day in advance, and the exchange rate for RMB to buy Thai baht is about 1: 4.7.

Take the printed order with you and finally get ready to set off.

Bangkok (2D1N)

Nouvo city hotel (440RMB), strongly recommended (http://www.sawadee.cn/hotel/620551/Nouvo-City-Hotel), newly renovated in 2011, has a swimming pool on the roof, and the SPA on the top floor was also renovated and opened in June 2011. The hotel is located in an excellent location, 8 minutes walk from KHAO SAN Rd. And less than 20 minutes walk to the Grand Palace. The key point is that the hotel is located on a small bypass road, not only with Seven-even for convenient shopping, but also with many small restaurants owned by local people.

It was dark when we arrived, It began to drizzle again, I borrowed an umbrella from the front desk and tiptoed to a small restaurant across the road. There was no exquisite decoration. The 60-year-old man took what looked like two daughters and a daughter-in-law. There was a chimney above the eaves at the door. The selection of ingredients and cooking were completed at the door. The taste and cost performance of the dishes added color to our memories of Bangkok.

Bangkok’s water bus is very convenient. There is a list of routes on the free map of the airport. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the hotel to the No.13 station of the water bus. The ticket is 15 Thai baht. The whole journey is priced at a uniform price. Every 15 minutes, it is completely the enjoyment of cruise ships and the price of public transportation. Each station is numbered with numbers and there is no need to worry about getting off the wrong station.

It seems that due to inertia, the impulse to take a vacation on the island cannot be restrained at the end of summer every year. This year’s destination was Samui Island in Thailand. Bangkok sees the Grand Palace, Phuket visits the small PP, Chiang Mai sees the customs of northern Thailand, and Su Mei has what. Perhaps she takes a fancy to her quiet, which is not well known to the public.

If you like to travel freely, you can go to “You Duoduo (www.yododo.com)” and those who prefer islands also have “Island Duoduo (www.daododo.com)” for reference. The detailed explanation and selfless sharing of the travelers made the process of making the tour interesting and full of expectation.

Koh Tao (3D2N)

Simple Life Resort (370 RMB), booked a room of more than 50 square meters, sat on the balcony facing coconut trees and surfed the Internet with free WIFI, very relaxed and comfortable.

Suggested accommodation SAIREE beach area, All kinds of restaurants and bars all over the beach are not difficult to find at any time. Simple Life Resort is very popular on booking websites, The word of mouth is also good, When I got to see that the position was not near the sea, The facilities are similar to family hotels, But the service does not lose to star hotels, Simple life offers free shuttle service from the pier to the hotel, When staying, I can receive a warm and energetic welcome letter from the hotel manager. The hotel also has free WIFI coverage. Any request will be made by the front desk. Perhaps it is the kind of business philosophy that feels at home and the simple and friendly service team, which makes the room full every day during the off season. Most of the check-in will have to wait until noon.

It is said that Tao Island is the cheapest place on earth to learn and obtain a diving license, so it has gathered diving enthusiasts from all over the world. The diving schools and students everywhere force you to start to understand PADI, OW, Dry Dive, and accidentally “Out”.

I came to Tao Island to “swim around the island”, 650 baht per person, At 8: 30 from the hotel to the dock after boarding the ship counterclockwise along the periphery of the island to stay in 4 shallow ground, The underwater scenery is getting richer and richer, The underwater world at the last stop “Koh Nan Yuan” can be called gorgeous and colorful. Sitting on the herringbone beach with sunrise and sunset is lovers’ favorite in pursuit of romance. A large number of tourists on the island set out from Sumi Island to take part in the “shallow one-day tour”. Apart from the high price, the five-hour round trip between the two islands makes the one-day trip less pleasant.

Tao Island to Su Mei: Pick up Lomprayah, There is a ticket window at the dock. 8:45-11: 20 am, 600 baht per person, A 100-baht TAXI can reach any destination on the island. When buying tickets, she told Su Mei the name of the hotel, and when she got off the ship, she coordinated with * *. After reporting the name of the hotel, she quickly found my information from the dense list on her hand and told the number of cars on board. The driver did not ask the guests either. He left immediately after the bus was full and sent the guests to the hotel in turn. We were the last group, and the whole journey was correct.

Koh Samui (5D4N)

Kandaburi Resort and Spa (620 RMB), “CHAWENG Beach” is recommended for accommodation in Sumi. Kandaburi is in the northern section of CHAWENG Beach, which is relatively quiet, but it is within walking distance of the central area and very close to the airport.

Not far south from the hotel’s beach is the “Tango” hotel. It looks very inconspicuous, When I passed by on the first day, I chose the nearby hotel. I felt good. I even said I had a change after eating for two days before I went. The price was 30% higher and I had to charge 10% service fee. However, the dishes were very attractive. The rice was shaped into a “heart” shape. When I came back to Bangkok Airlines Magazine, I listed this hotel and the four most luxurious hotels on the island as the most recommended places.

There are all kinds of round-the-island tours on the island, and there is always one suitable for you.