A tourist goes out with his bag on his back and goes out for a walk, or takes a train, a plane or a self-driving. This kind of behavior is called what? Play, travel, plan or travel?

Is there any difference between the three? If you think about it carefully, there are some differences.

Tired of work, I made an appointment with several colleagues and friends to discuss which place nearby was fun and which scenic spot I had not been to. Then I drove on the bus and went there for a stroll. Everyone chatted happily while walking. When they arrived at noon, they had a picnic, or found a local restaurant to eat and enjoy the right and happiness to eat. After that, I took another photo. This is called-play.

Newspaper a tour group, take the whole family and enjoy the experience of “getting on the bus to sleep and getting off the bus to urinate”. The famous tourist attractions have arrived. Wow! There are many tourists who rub their shoulders and heel. Follow the tour guide into the scenic spot, look in all directions, listen to the tour guide Yunshan fog cover to speak, I will see wherever the tour guide lets me see, the tour guide said what I will listen to what, the tour guide lets me go but dare not stop, then put a V or pose in the scenery finger to let relatives take photos, go to the tourist product stall to buy souvenir souvenirs, sit on the cable car and go straight to the peak. Anyway, I don’t lack money. This is called traveling.

There is also a kind of travel called travel: travel, first of all, pay attention to the body is not moving, the heart is far away. The choice of travel destination is even based on a dream, a novel, a story in my youth, with a little fantasy color, isn’t it? Before you go, you should read other people’s travel notes and refer to other people’s photos. In this case, I often can’t get a companion, so I gritted my teeth, picked up my luggage and walked out of the house. I came to the local youth hostel to meet new friends. Everyone went to an original ecological scenic spot together. In a foreign land, travelers often have more interest in local customs and human feelings than in the scenery. They talk to landlords, stroll through farmers’ markets or bazaars in the streets, chat with local villagers, stop, stare, stare blankly at attractive places in the scenic spot, or simply stop, stay and stroll around casually and unhurriedly. This kind of travel requires a pair of iron feet, a stomach that can withstand hunger, and a heart that can withstand loneliness. The harvest is not only travel-stained, but also the true qi of heaven and earth and the unity of heaven and man. Recently, I read the travel notes of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which were “begging all the way” by many friends, and vividly explained the way of “traveling”.

Freedom did the same, based on this experience, wrote the following sour text:

1 “Walk” on the Road

The fishing village, the fishing boat, the fisherman

One of the Free Travels in Western Sichuan: The Body Is Not Moving, The Heart Is Far Away,

4 Ancient Town Stay at Night Listening to Rain

5 Free Tour to Shaanxi and Shanxi II: The Love of Rice Fat Wounds Wuding River

6 Free Travelling in Western Sichuan: The Tangle in Front of Tagong Temple

7 Ride Tour Series 3: Top of Wild Mountain

8 Tour to Bayu Series 7: Meet Peach Blossom Spring Again by Apeng River

9 Free Travelling in Western Sichuan: Imagination of International Youth Hostel

The Story of Yedu

I believe many Duoduo birds have similar travel experiences with Freestyle.

At this point, it suddenly occurred to me that I missed a way of traveling, which is called riding. This is a comfortable and favorite way of traveling. Its charm will be discussed in another article.

One point: The photos are not original and are matched for online search. Thanks to the original author.