I thought I would fall in love with you at first sight, but I didn’t.

At first sight, there was no continuous mottled city wall and quiet and lazy sunshine beside the moat I imagined, while motorcycles, two cars and cars roared past. This was a small town, but at that moment I could not think of the story of the small town.

Perhaps I was really embarrassed when I saw you: the body pain that was hard to hide, and Lawton who flew for half a day and a night. In front of you, the usual smile is missing.

Even so, on the first morning with you, I still washed and dressed quickly and changed into a dress that I felt could complement your temperament. I think there must be a wonderful place I haven’t noticed yet. I want to start immediately!

The first stop: Pupin Palace, the back garden of Thailand’s royal palace, is on Suthep Mountain on the outskirts of the city.

Chiang Mai University set out and took a two-car ride on the mountain. The driver drove like the wind (Thai drivers were very passionate in driving, but they were courteous to pedestrians). The mountain road turned and turned, making me dizzy, nauseous and nauseous, which was as soft as cotton wool…….

At last, the car stopped at the gate of the palace. It was suddenly cloudy, but it was still hard to hide the flowers in the garden.

Someone must have cast magic to make the flowers here never bloom to the desolation and solemn and stirring.

Even if one branch, it must be unique.

Are you and I in pairs, enjoying the sunshine together, afraid of wind and frost?

Time is a twin flower, happiness is with you.

The flowers in the garden are within easy reach, and the light and plain fragrance lingers on the fingertips, fragrant the whole difficult journey.

Tell me, how can I be like you?

Fallen flowers are intentional (plumeria is a very common flower in the tropics, which is very beautiful, simple, elegant and light, and is very suitable for being pinned on the sideburns)

There is always some careful joy, as low as dust, which blooms numerous and complicated flowers.

The flowers are surrounded by vines, and the leaves are on the mind.


This is Doudou’s favorite one. Thank you for PS novice Tong Tong’s little try. Continue to cheer!

Tong Tong said that he liked this one best, so he not only adjusted the color and beautified the skin, but also enlarged his eyes by one and applied lipstick. Doug said, “Why not whiten his teeth?”

He said that his chest and waist were also slightly treated, liquefied and contracted, do you understand?

I understand, the feeling is to go to Barbie’s direction P Wow, but it is not much different from the original movie (I can still recognize myself);

I don’t even know where this picture of him is.

Well, let’s use light and shadow to adjust the original version of the reverse film.

In short, Doudou gave full play to his ability to sit but not stand.

Flowers, do you want to sit and watch calmly?

It’s really boring. Just pull a sister to watch it together.

Life is as brilliant as summer flowers.


Remember the gentle and leisurely moment……

And the fragrance of that moment lingers, and joy enters the spleen.

Although friends said that the traces of artificial carving in Puping Palace were a little heavy and small in scale, the photos came out and turned out to be so beautiful in retrospect.

Because, there is no crowd here;

As a palace back garden, it lacks beauty and brilliance, but it is full of vitality, and the tickets are so close to the people (I don’t remember whether it is 50 or 30 Thai baht, less than 10RMB)

Spring in Beijing is always short as the wind. All kinds of flowers are crowded and open and then go away. There, flowers and people are so calm and calm…….

Urgent what, anyway, has a whole year to open up to the heart’s content.

Looking at the photos full of flowers, I suddenly felt that perhaps there were many flowers and trees hidden there, and in the few hours there, I felt really like ALICE.