On June 4, we got up early in the morning and made an appointment to wait for the bus downstairs at 8: 00. At this time, there are few people in the streets, which is too early in Thailand. Not long after we went downstairs, it suddenly began to rain. The rain said it would fall without any sign. However, fortunately, it was only scattered and stopped in less than 1 minute, and those who came and went quickly. The scene in the drizzle. .

If it rains heavily, today’s plan will fall through. I don’t want it! Because our schedule is full, if we don’t follow the plan one day, we will suffer later. Fortunately, God is still a gift to me, giving me a sunny cloudy day! In the process of snorkeling, there was not a drop of rain and there was no fierce sun. God really helped me! (If it rains, the sea will be stormy and inconvenient to sail. If it is also sunny, the skin will burn when snorkeling.) We are fine. We are not close to each other. It is not easy to have fun all day.

Look at the streets in front of the hotel after the rain!

The shape of the hotel always makes me want to shoot, but also want to shoot! There is no door here at night, because there is no door, ha ha! Look at Thailand is full of conscious people!

Looking at the time is still early, my husband went to 7-11 to buy me the fast seafood rice I liked last night.

Shrimps in all Thai food are so fresh and large, can they be seen in China? It is estimated that you have earned all the small shrimps! In China, fast food is almost always packed in processed powder bags.

This seafood rice is 48B a bowl, which is not cheap. Spicy and spicy, there is no lack of the taste of vanilla spices, when eating is special meal, but hiccups are uncomfortable. If I had known earlier that it would be stormy to take a boat in rainy days, I would not have eaten this meal, which led me to hate this kind of meal and dare not try it again! Advice: Seasick friends must not eat before leaving, or you will suffer!

It seems that my husband got up too early and still didn’t wake up. He didn’t have any appetite!

Silly me, eat too full!

I saw a bus stop in front of the hotel, but I haven’t seen a what bus here. It’s strange!

It’s more than 8: 00, waiting to worry. I thought to myself, do we have no idea of time, or did we miss the car? Take out the snorkeling ticket and call the above contact number with the Thai number. A woman answered it. She said there was no hurry and she would definitely arrive at 8:40 at the latest. Dizzy, then the car came.

(It should be explained here that there is no need to buy a Thai card to go to Thailand. We have only made two phone calls so far, which is useless. My husband who has just arrived in Thailand still wants to charge the phone bill. Fortunately, I didn’t charge it. This is unnecessary. There is also a global phone that has been filled with 500 yuan for standby before I came. It is expected that China’s contact number will call this number. We cannot tell them Thailand’s number one by one. Therefore, I don’t think there will be too many people harassing you when you are on vacation. It will be enough for you to charge enough for the Chinese number, and it won’t be much unless your business is really busy. We have no sense of saving money at all. We dial numbers directly. If we open foreign services in mobile, it will be cheaper to dial numbers in front. Anyway, I am useless in Thailand, nor can I use it in China. Let me give you a reference. Ha ha ~)

Dudu’s car is coming, let’s get in the car! There were already four guests before us. At first I thought they were Japanese, but later I knew they were Thai friends. Next, I will go to the next stop to pick up the guests. The driver arrived at a hotel, which is also a very interesting hotel and has a more pastoral style. He sat at the front desk for n long times, but he never saw anyone. Later, he did not care and went directly to pick up the guests at the next stop. (So, next time you want to play, you must remember that you would rather arrive early than be late. It is not natural that the pick-up bus must wait until you. Not only did you miss your activities today, but it will also affect other people’s itinerary!)

This stop has been going on for a long time. It is on the mountain. The mountain road is very steep! Our polite pick-up car still drove up and only left after receiving guests at the gate of the hotel. This couple is a Korean couple.

The independent huts here are not expensive. After looking at them, the appearance of 350B-400B may be somewhat biased. Personally, I think the environment is not as good as the photos, there are too many grass and wood, and there will be more small things.

Look at the weather. It’s not bad!

Open, open, open, open, open that time is long enough! It seems that we are driven from the outermost part of the island to the innermost part. There are fewer and fewer things and the environment is becoming more and more desolate. Until we came to the dock, we saw restaurants and vendors. Dudu’s car put us down and each of us was given a badge so that we could recognize the boat. All right, follow the Korean couple in the same car.

See, pretending to be dead elephant: I will ignore you! I will ignore you! Ha, ha, ha

Is this the so-called “sea-watching hut” seaside family? Looking shabby, it seems that few people live there!

These are the snorkeling boats! Do you see the white one? Oh no, that’s not ours, the blue one is! !

Of course, the big one is not ours either, but ours is the short and exquisite one beside us. Because when we bought tickets, we all bought more expensive ones. The ticketing boy said: white 500B no; Green 600B yes. He said that white boats are cheap and not good. Blue boats are more expensive, okay. What’s the good news? We can’t see it, just heard that there are more projects on board. However, how did we find out later that other people’s boats still had small boats, but ours did not. Moreover, our boat is small and unstable. When we go, we are very swaying. I don’t know why. I also wonder if it was because there were too few people on this trip that we were given such a boat. In fact, I went to the BBQ on our ship. Personally, I think the 500B ticket for the candidate who is not greedy is OK. Anyway, the islands I play on are all the same. Maybe the food will be worse. We don’t know, but BBQ certainly doesn’t have it. However, this BBQ also has nothing to say, but later I became hungry and ate very delicious!

Look at my foolishness. I am pretending to be calm. In fact, I am very excited. Ha, ha, ha! Today’s weather is very good, not hot or cold, and the sea breeze is comfortable!

What is the husband doing back there?

It is very easy to recognize the boat, as long as you hang up the dog tag. The young man standing by the boat will recognize and stop you. Speaking, boarding the ship is also a very thrilling step! You see, first of all, I have to cross this small wooden bridge to get to the big ship. Because my cerebellum is not developed by nature, my balance ability on the path is not very good. I still need the little boy on the shore to help me go!

Then there is the big boat passing the small boat! This looks simple, I think it is also very scary. Human beings have always been able to overcome all kinds of difficulties, but they are always powerless when confronted with water. Me too! Looking at the gap between the ship and the ship so big, and the ship swaying, the gap is the sea water, not time scalp a little pins and needles. Let my husband go first and then take me over!

Yeah! Finally passed the border and came to our lovely blue boat!

Look, this boy is cool! When I see people wearing sunglasses or helmets in Thailand, I always feel like armor warriors. Ah, there is no help! Speaking of him, I can only use the ancient and strange Thai guy to describe him!

Not long after boarding the ship, a girl ran up carelessly and said she would take a picture of me. The action was very exaggerated. I said not to take a picture. Later, when she saw my husband coming over, she said she wanted to shoot together. I also said no. She explained to me in nonstandard English, and this was finally “returned” to you. I still say NO. She thought I didn’t understand, but in fact I knew: there is no free lunch in the world, I don’t want to shoot, let’s give the chance to everyone! (Later, everyone also knew that when they came back, they set up a stall at the dock and set up the photos for us to claim. Most people would definitely want them. To say “return” is actually to sell it. Two people are 100B, and the shooting is still very ugly. Making this money is boring, and the photo frame is also very ugly. It has no commemorative significance. If you really want to commemorate it, it is better to take your own photos! Ha ha)

I’m not sure if the man below is the captain, but I always feel that he is like the captain in the cab upstairs! Everybody help me see if it’s the same person. At that time, I didn’t pay special attention either. Is it what’s miscellaneous soup? One pot, will this taste good? It won’t be the food for us later!

All right, let’s not talk too much, let’s sail. Let’s go upstairs first!

Come on, boast in the wind!

See the other boats are very beautiful!

There are not many people on board, just a dozen. It seems that the ship is not very lively!

These are Thais who came by bus together in the morning.

The crew on the ship are very young except the captain! Is this the man who was just cooking? I think so. Cool don’t laugh!

The waves, the sky at this time-cool! No rain, ha ha!

Fix your hair first, and it’s time to show your talents later!

Upstairs, from the beginning of the excitement and excitement alive and kicking, to the end like a dead fish motionless. Let’s go downstairs! The shaking upstairs was so severe that I couldn’t stand it.

After some crazy vomiting, the two of us vomited all the seafood and rice we had in the morning, which made us much more comfortable. I began to hate the vanilla smell, which has been aftertaste in my mouth, uncomfortable. The boat has reached the first island. It is far away. It will take about two hours. Because it rained in the morning, the sea was really not calm after the rain. It was so severe that few people could control it. Seeing that the foreigners were still talking, laughing and drinking coffee at first, they soon asked the crew to take plastic bags and vomit for them. I vomit while I am in the toilet, which is the so-called vomiting and diarrhea. The cold and hot drinks on board are free, but who has the mind to drink them? What doesn’t want to eat them! Arrived, the heart is finally jolted down. The crew sent each person a breathing mask, which had to be recorded. Then everyone put on life jackets and breathing masks!

The people who saw the other boats were already floating in the water. Of course, there are also many people on their boats who cannot swim and stay on board. There are many people on those boats. However, almost all our boats swam, leaving only one Thai girl who vomited in a sparse way and the two of us alone. We really can’t swim, what should we do? Although I can’t swim, I still need to do enough and be professional in the preparation work. Look at what we look like when we are armed! Husband ~

Then how to get into the water? We looked at the free figures in the water, and the panic in our hearts! If you want to go down, you can’t swim. What can you do? I saw our crew, a group of people gathered in the nearby water, and I couldn’t tell who was who. Look at their water quality, some what don’t wear it. When they saw us, they told us to go down. Our crew floated a life jacket on the water and told us to hold it and swim. However, we really can’t help it at all. I’m afraid I can’t help it. I don’t want to drink seawater. Looking at the cunning of the crew, I still don’t feel at ease. However, just before I was ready to finish, I only heard a “splash”. I turned my head and my husband disappeared. Later, I found out that he had already gone into the water. I didn’t know how to swim and jumped directly. He really made me laugh and cry. Looking at her husband tossing and turning in the water, the crew did not pull him either. They only asked him to pull his life jacket. Her husband drank a lot of water and his balance was not good. He was a little unstable. This scene makes me even more reluctant to go into the water!

All of a sudden, I saw a face among them waving to me from a distance and saying, Come down, I’ll pull you, don’t worry, this is nothing. You come down with me, I can pull you! (At that time, I didn’t care or think about who he was. I thought he was also our crew!) I want to go down, but I dare not. I have been shaking my head and saying NO. I am struggling in my heart and have been in contradiction for a long time. He added, Believe me, I will make you safe. It’s really great here. Come on, really! Then I was moved and wanted to go to the sea to see what the sea floor looked like. Is it beautiful? For a long time. . Finally, my courage overcame my fear. Come on, sea, I’m coming! I believe this man, he doesn’t look bad, and he is just, really good, from the heart! Facts have also proved that he is a careful and thoughtful man. He showed me the magical side of the sea and swam for the first time. It was he who made me feel at ease and steadfast lying on the sea surface, sticking to the sea surface and seeing all the beautiful scenery I had never seen before. Perhaps, without him, I would not have seen all this. With him, there is no worry or fear, only excitement, excitement and gratitude! (At that time, I thought, I don’t know if he is married or not. If not, I really want to introduce him to a beautiful MM who has settled in Thailand. He is definitely a good man!) However, to tell the truth, Thailand still has many good people and is always so warm-hearted, unlike the Chinese, who are indifferent to each other. This is really incomparable. I also want to thank God, there are always people who appear from time to time to help me finish every impossible task!

True story of words and regulations! Well, then he swam over, and then I went into the water safely and kept my balance. At first I was a little scared, but the idea was soon dispelled. I was in the sea, so excited that I took my camera wrapped in a waterproof bag and took a crazy shot. What can’t see it clearly, just shoot it. Dear, if you want to see more photos, go to my photo album! If you accidentally see half or only a shadow, don’t ask me, maybe I don’t know it’s what, ha ha!

Here are a few key shows. I accidentally took a picture of his leg, and the sweat dripped down!

At first I seemed to have been dragged away!

A blurred shot!

Photographed, handsome face, girls see will bang bang heart! I think it’s really a little bit now, but I was too excited to think about it at that time!

Strong and powerful arms, also don’t know when what took it!

Look, I started tossing and turning. It seems that I have adapted to it. I started to show off in an ostentatious manner when I knew Ha ha ~ kindly, he took the initiative to take photos for me. Ah, he can’t even show off in an ostentatious manner! However, even if he took my camera, when he returned it to me, he was very considerate to wrap the hanging rope around my hand one by one! I am a person who is easily moved! Please don’t touch me with details, ha, ha, ha!

It is estimated that this is our ship’s strange crew! Always playing tricks on me. Later, it seemed that I didn’t remember it was what’s time either. I took something similar to JJ and swung red in front of me, which frightened me. The kind-hearted good man did not disturb me and quickly helped me avoid it. I was moved again. When I got back to the ship, I told my husband that it should also be a seabed creature. My husband said it might be sand. That guy, I hate him!

Beautiful sea floor! There are many people in the sea, and their water quality is very good.

The good-hearted man pulled me to the place with the most fish, showed me a beautiful corner of the sea floor, and let me take photos. He took pains to show me that this is what and that is what. I saw many beautiful fish very close to me and swam in front of my eyes. I wanted to touch them, but I did not dare to move too much for fear of disturbing them. As a result, they are all slow and leisurely, swimming over and over, regardless of our existence. When I snorkeled, I occasionally swung my feet and touched them, but I was not afraid. They knew I wouldn’t hurt them, hey hey!

After a long time, he told me, can you put your hands down? You should be able to swim now. Come on, give it a try! But I dare not. Without my consent, he would not let me go at once, but told me slowly. (If those sailors are hard to say, they may abandon me directly. Ha ha, it’s not that bad either. It’s just that I don’t rest assured that I love to be strange, but I also believe that I’m definitely not as careful as he is.) After waiting for a while, he saw that I was swimming steadily and said, “Please put it down and try it. I believe you can swim. Yes, you can swim, right?” This is very good of you! Try it! He gave me courage, and I really wanted to try. Sure enough, if I let go of his hand, I can be very stable myself. Occasionally I swing my feet, but I just can’t grasp the direction. His hand is only not far from me. I don’t have to worry at all. I can watch the sea on my stomach, occasionally pedal the sea a few times, and then swim a little way! I am very happy and excited! Is there really such a careful man? It’s like a dream. .

Me, bottom of the sea, my legs, beautiful! That’s fine!

Strong arms! Can be trusted!

Well, whose duck feet are these? ! This guy dived to the bottom of the sea.

I really don’t know what he is going to do. Only later did he know that he was blowing bubbles, which he had seen on TV before. The blowing circles slowly rose up and looked like steel rings at the bottom of the sea. Is there?

This is it! There was no time to take a panoramic view, it was very nice! When I first came up, I almost wanted to run away at a fast speed. However, I can’t run either! I thought it was an obstacle like steel bar! At that time, I was stunned. It was impossible to think about it carefully. How could such a heavy thing float? Fortunately, the man with a good heart calmed me and said it was okay!

One more! Because I was too excited, I didn’t understand the crazy shooting on the first island! After that, I came to the third most beautiful island and the camera ran out of electricity. What a pity! It is really beautiful there. The sea water is much clearer than this island, and the creatures on the seabed are very strange. What a pity!

Here, we are going to end the perfect journey of this island. The good-hearted man pulled me back to our boat. At this time, I didn’t even know he was not from our ship! Until I went up, he didn’t come up.

Here, he said goodbye to me and said that his boat was behind. I was surprised. It turned out that we were not in the same boat. He said he would go to the second island later, and I’ll see you on that island then. I said yes.

On board, we drenched our bodies with fresh water. It’s time for dinner. We can have lunch! Because I vomited that time in the morning, I had no appetite and did not dare to eat. I was afraid to vomit later! The crew is helping me with the meal. I said no! Here, I lost a lot. .

Look at our food! I really have no appetite. I know it tastes like vanilla. I dare not eat it.

You see, one by one, they are so edible! Robbed.

I just took pictures of the scenery, and the young man also motioned heartily for me to take pictures of him! Well, for the sake that you are a little handsome, let you leave some in my memory. It seems that you are also Thai and feel like a middle school student!

This foreign MM also vomited after drinking coffee, but she can still eat two plates here. Maybe she is really hungry! Foreigners’ physique is better than that of Chinese!

The crew began to untie the rope, we are going to the second island!

Husband also has no appetite, this thing is the same flavor-that is the flavor of Thailand!

Come on! I’ll show you my whole body!

Does it match? Black and white, boys and girls! Ha, ha, ha

As the camera did not have much power, we went directly to the second island! Snorkeling can be done here, but there is no scenery at the bottom of the sea. The island is mainly used to go ashore and bask in the sun because it is a soft beach. My husband and I have no one to take, so we don’t plan to go down, so we’ll play on the boat. At this time, my husband said to me: It’s really a very uncomfortable thing to come here to play and not be able to swim! Not happy! So we made up our minds to learn swimming together when we went home! Hmm

After landing, look at how cool they are all swimming!

My heart tickles!

What a beautiful sea, like emerald!

There are some refreshing dishes on board, so you have to do it yourself. No one eats it. I ate it at the weekend market. It’s not my taste and I don’t want to eat it!

Can be added-interesting garlic!

Asked the crew, this is Sugar. I don’t know how to use it!

This is a Thai friend who came with the car and jumped directly from the upstairs. It’s awesome! Because of his heavy weight, he sank for almost half a day before floating. However, water is still very good! I envy them.

The whole body was wet. The others are also armed and ready to go down!

The accident appeared again. I saw a familiar figure greeting me not far away. It was him. A good-hearted man waved to me not far from the shore and asked me if I wanted to go over. I can’t help it. Yes, I heard people say that this island is an island playing on the shore in the strategy. Why not go? The heart itches, mainly because our ship’s equipment is not perfect, otherwise there are small boats, and people who cannot swim can take small boats to pass by. They are really irresponsible to think of this! Angry.

I wanted to go, so I waved to him and asked him to take me there. He swam over with a rope and didn’t even wear what on him. He was awesome! I asked my husband if he would go, and he said no! Otherwise, he can be delayed for a while! Go into the sea!

We swam for a while, and then we could step on the soft beach. At first I got a fright and thought I had touched coral. Not bad! He let me stand firm and walk slowly. As I said, my cerebellum is not very developed and all of them are always unstable. Also, this beach is not so good. Sometimes it hurts to step on rubble, which makes me afraid to walk! Look at these blondes in the sun, they are all golden! This scene is very beautiful!

See? There is a white boat ahead, why is white better than green’s facilities? I’m struggling!

Let’s have an all-person show! Handsome, just, yes, it’s you! He is very handsome. In Thailand, for the people I see, he is more than ordinary handsome! As we all know, Thais are relatively short, but he is not oh, exactly the opposite! Ha ha, then he asked me where I came from and my name was what. I’m from China, My name is Tao Xixi, or you can call me Daisy. Then I asked him his name was what? He said Vat, I thought it was what, and he spelled it separately for me! But the pronunciation is the same, hehe! Now that there is a name, you don’t have to say what happened to that good-hearted man.

He also took a picture of me! I don’t know. What’s good. After filming, he said “beautiful” in nonstandard Chinese, which surprised me, but people here all say this word, ha ha!

Let’s take two more photos! We don’t have many opportunities, and we may never meet them again! Ha ha

Turning his back to the sea, he took another picture of me! I’m happy!

After that, we will board the ship again and go to the third island! He sent me back, and there was a boat between his boat and ours! He swam back on his own. Here, he told me that the third island will be very beautiful and you will see many different things. I asked him if he would go, and he said he would. However, the third island was very busy all the way. My husband and I were led by our crew. I only saw his shadow in the process of swimming back to the ship. I motioned with him and did not meet him.

Get aboard! I was flushing water, and the strange crew motioned me to come over. It was so strange! He showed me this is what? (Hands are moving and I can’t take a clear picture all the time) It’s actually Xianbei, a living Xianbei! They probably just caught it!

He rammed the dirty basin filled with water, then washed and dug it up, leaving the last white grain. He handed it to me and said, This is delicious! Sweat, I’m sick. . How to be like primitive people! You don’t have to cook anything. A small crew member motioned to me that there was sauce and asked me to dip it in. I am sweating, so call my husband to have a look. How do they all like to do this in front of me, know I am timid, right?

More crew members, when I was unprepared, threw something in front of my heel and frightened me. Don’t you know I’m timid? Cut ~ it’s just an octopus! At that time, I thought it was our BBQ food. It was really rich! Only later did I know that it was probably their own dinner, because BBQ was very simple!

It was a little cold at this time, so I was wrapped in a bath towel! Husband said, can be called “water lotus”! Ha ha

My husband has collapsed and sat down, chubby!

Is this the third island? A pile of rocks can’t go ashore.

When we arrived, we had already seen people from other boats swimming in the water, some of whom were dragged away. The people on our ship were also finished soon. Mainly, they could swim and did not need anyone to take them. However, my husband and I were at a loss, so we just put on our life jackets first. At this time, suddenly there was a crew member of our ship who floated on the water and told us to go down. He said that we could not swim. Here he took us through a lap, and the “armor warrior” beside him was also explaining to us! The two of us look at each other. There is no other way. Look at their sincerity this time. Believe them once and go into the water!

Not bad! This time it was very stable and appropriate. We grabbed the crew’s life jackets. I hope my husband will not shake them indiscriminately, so that we can “combine the two swords”!

The bottom of the sea is very beautiful. I only took four pictures. Before I could take the most beautiful place, the camera ran out of electricity. It’s really a pity! I feel very sorry for this!

The crew dragged us around the island for a full swim, and it went smoothly! When we came back, we saw that many people could not swim! They were all dragged out, some dragged out for two, some dragged out for three, and what’s more, they dragged out for four! Let me very gratified, it turns out that we are not the worst. Perhaps this island is to advocate everyone to come down and have a look, so they all came down one by one! However, there was no place to stop, and we did not dare to stop. We grabbed the crew and swam a lap at one go. In the meantime, I will secretly loosen my hands and swim by myself, or I will use my pedals a few times to watch the crew drag us with great difficulty. Ha ha, I hope I can make him relaxed and help him with one foot!

As I was approaching the side of the boat, I vaguely saw Vat over there. He was greeting me. I motioned to him. Due to the bad breathing mask, the water was entering the boat. At that time, I didn’t dare to make too many moves. Later, I boarded the boat. After that, I have never seen him again. What a pity!

After tossing and turning for half a day, everyone was tired! Take a rest!

After snorkeling, the crew are all sitting in the stern.

Wobbly, we came to the last island, that is, the fourth island, there is no project here! The crewman told me that you can buy things here, like 7-11. I thought it was our BBQ place and asked him if it was BBQ. He said no BBQ, just buy something to eat. We must remember this island when we dock! There is no need to buy things. They are all from cheat people. It is estimated that they also colluded to coax us up. However, I don’t blame them either. It is understandable. After all, it is a tourist resort. Who will you kill if you don’t kill tourists? You deserve it! If you go, you can not buy it if you feel expensive and unacceptable. No one forced you to buy it, it was all voluntary! Of course, if you buy more, the captain will naturally earn more!

I bought an ice cream in the only canteen on the island, mainly to promote the more effective and rapid development of Thailand’s economy! Where is it like 7-11, the ice cream here is double the price, I don’t care with them, 40B! Then I saw a boy sitting at the door of the toilet on the side. He was lazy and seemed to have no business. The sign said 10B once. Oh, my God, two dollars, I think those who want to go to the toilet would rather hold back and go back to the toilet.

At first I didn’t know the inside story, but then it happened that I was sitting in the nearest position to the counter, and the position was relatively low. As a coincidence, I accidentally saw our captain coming (this canteen is the only small shop on the island). The captain chatted with the shopkeeper and then took an envelope from the other party. It was mysterious. It happened that I saw a 100B note under his envelope. In my opinion, it is not what either. There is not much money, but why is it that I saw it? Sneaky, a little dirty to think of, I began to doubt their character. Fortunately, I didn’t see Vat’s boat and himself here. I can also soothe my injured heart and won’t confuse him with them. I think there are still good people here!

Look, the sea is clear, the shore is full of small fish swimming, black!

After sitting for a while, he boarded the boat. All right! ! Look, this is our BBQ, you white do not, we green do, ha ha!

What a simple BBQ, but looking clean, I like it! Corn, fresh, big; Pineapple, sweet, material; The roast chicken skewers also taste quite good! It seems that I am already hungry and faint at this time. I like it very much. I ate two bunches of barbecue, corn and pineapple! In fact, I didn’t eat a lot either. I still lost money. I didn’t eat lunch, but this is clean and easy to eat! Just don’t vomit on the way back.

On the way back, I was lying on the bench all the time. I was fine and didn’t vomit. Later, it rained without wind. Later, the big sun came out. It was warm and made us very comfortable. My husband enjoyed the sunshine to his heart’s content. At the end of the day, the strange crew withdrew their breathing masks from us, and he had to cross off the records one by one. When I received this sudden stretch out my hand and said 100B, I was scared. My eyes were staring at the eldest brother and his face was full of question marks. Then he made a funny expression. . Sweat, I said you give me 100B, I will give you the mask again, ha ha, in this way, we made a scene in laughter!

Before long, we will reach the shore! Leaving the dock, I saw the girl who said she would take a picture of me early in the morning and distributed the photos to the guests in front of the booth. I probed to see the situation in what, and when she saw me, she said, blame yourself. Oh, you said you didn’t shoot! In fact, it’s not strange, I dare not be interested in this, ha ha!

Here, I would like to thank the crew and Vat. It’s really nice to meet you-Vat! You let me remember deeply, I will not forget you, the first time I swim in my life, you taught me!

At 5: 50, Dudu took us back to the hotel. My husband was very tired and fell asleep. Me too, but I have to wash my clothes and then take a bath, because my whole body smells of sea water! This is me who washed my hair. I curled my hair and planned to go out at night. It won’t be available until tomorrow!

When my husband woke up naturally, we set off again to have dinner! All the way over, I saw the second flying cake stall. I had already looked for it. Although there were fewer people here, I saw that the young man’s movements were quite stable. Try his craft.

This time we want two flavors together, mango + banana, 50B.

This taste is very good, the weight is sufficient, also won’t be so sweet! We all agree that it is delicious!

All right! In the evening, I still went to the restaurant I visited yesterday. The prawns I have already chosen can be tasted. By the way, I forgot to say that another feature of this hotel is that there is still a transvestite brother hidden here. I can’t say much, only those who have been there know. There is no complete transformation, but it can be seen at a glance! (My husband said that my appearance is too unique and attracts people’s attention! In fact, I also feel a mental derangement, but I can’t help it, for the sake of a good image tomorrow! (Anyway, it can be seen in what, Thailand, and it’s not unusual!)

Prawns, the most luxurious meal! It’s very expensive, 600B! In Thailand, this is expensive! In fact, the taste is just like that!

This coconut ice cream is the same as what we ate at the Bangkok weekend market. Yes, we also ordered one today. It’s really not expensive. For the hotel, it’s only 30B, and the quantity is sufficient. However, the taste is still as good as that of the weekend market. Coconut meat tastes smoother!

I ordered my favorite pineapple fried rice, 150B. Because today suffered a lot of turbulence, want to eat lighter, save nausea!

I didn’t like it, but I ordered this hot pot full of vanilla and coriander, 180B! Oh, my God, if you don’t like it, you have to eat it. It’s still a big one!

The roasted prawns turned out to be roasted. We thought they could be cooked directly and eaten fresh. A little disappointed! Shrimp is super big, considering that you can’t eat such fresh shrimp in China, you are willing to try it. But a little disappointment!

So many dishes were finally swept away by us. This meal totaled 960B! Ha ha, luxury!


Come to our lovely hotel, have a good rest and nourish your spirit. I have to ride an elephant tomorrow!

Good night, Elephant Island! Good night, Vat! Good night, dear earth!

(To be continued…)