Before I went to Thailand, I had already seen a lot of strategies. After all, it was a self-help trip and a two-person trip abroad alone. It was necessary to make sufficient preparations. However, I have to say that some strategies have not only failed to help us, but also misled us. I don’t know whether it is due to the changes of the times or the devaluation of the Thai baht. No matter how hard we cut and cut, those Thais still firmly said NO! (Of course, there is still a good heart) Oh, so our weak hearts were conquered by them. However, most of the strategies have benefited us greatly, relying on these materials and common sense, plus our own intelligence. We finally survived in rich Thailand and lived well! Ha ha, ample food and clothing, happy, I won’t come back! (Thailand’s prices are relatively low and it is more suitable for vacation tourism!)

Next, I will compile my daily life experience into a strategy and make a sequel to the strategy. Because there are many contents, I have to write many articles, which can be more detailed, hoping to be helpful to friends who will or will soon travel to Thailand. .

Note: Many people think that Thais can speak Chinese, Oh no, really few people can speak it, even if some can speak it, they can only say “beautiful” and “thank you” are gone! To put it a little bit, we only met a beautiful female college student studying Chinese in the prosperous area of downtown Bangkok, as well as the conductor of Ocean World (also from downtown). However, I also met very beautiful Thai beauties (also in the city) who did not even understand any English. Ah, but I still remind those friends who can’t speak English at all that they can learn some basic words hard. Even if they can’t speak them then, just make up a word and a half and add your rich body language. These are not difficult, because Thais are still smart. I also defeated them by learning a solid foundation in English, that is, superficial English words. Even some people say my English is very good! Sweat, but if you really can’t do it at all, then I’d better advise you not to go. It’s not easy! You can’t even convince yourself, how can you understand others? Therefore, I remember that before going abroad for self-help travel, I must read more strategies and learn some basic English words. I must plan the itinerary in advance and make full preparations. None of this can be ignored. Everything is ready to make it easier for you to travel. After all, it is foreign, unless you are a person with strong survival ability, otherwise, it is better not to be so confident! Of course, there is no need to bother with the group. Save money and labor, but I don’t like it. Like primary school students, I always queue up to listen to instructions and have no freedom. Self-help tours can go wherever they want, time and space are free, and they can make them more knowledgeable. Understand the city’s geographical environment and transportation operation (transportation varies from place to place in Thailand).


I booked a return air ticket at AirAsia at:

    May 31 CANBKK, FD3649, 23:55 01: 456 May 07 BKKCAN, FD3648, 19:10 23:10

(Note here that Thailand’s time is one hour slower than China’s! So the trip is almost 3 hours!)

The total air ticket price is 3058 yuan! However, we also bought a round-trip meal on the plane (no free meal is provided on international flights) + luggage ticket + basic insurance = 409.05 yuan! So the total is 3467.05 yuan! This should be the cheapest flight price in the near future!

I am on Taobao * * visa, plus a Thai phone card 570 yuan!

Because our international flight is booked in Guangzhou, we have to go to Guangzhou first. It is cheap to take a bus, but the time is uncertain. So I booked a domestic flight on Taobao. Seeing that the time to go was only the cheapest on May 30, which was much different from other flights in 100 yuan, I booked that day. Look at the time:

    May 30 Luqiao Guangzhou, Shenzhen Airlines ZH9648, 19:25 21:206 May 08 Guangzhou Luqiao, Eastern Airlines MU5224, 12:4514:40

Plus flight delay insurance, the total return price is 2196 yuan!

If you go in advance, you have to book a hotel in Guangzhou. The following hotels are all booked in Agoda at a reasonable price.

    Guangzhou booked the airport Liwan Hotel, mainly because it has free airport pick-up and free WiFi, hairdryer, reasonable price and general environment! One night of May 30, double queen bed room, including tax and service charge of 148 yuan, recommended index! Korbua House on Bangkok’s Kaoshan Road has free WiFi, refrigerator, two bottles of mineral water and safe deposit box. The environment is good, clean and close to the Grand Palace. One night on June 1, double queen bed room, including tax and service charge of 190.63 yuan, recommended index! Pattaya GardenApartments in Pattaya Patanak Mountain has free WiFi, refrigerator and two bottles of mineral water free of charge. The environment is good and the room is average. It is only 0.3 kilometers away from the city. On the night of June 2, the luxurious room was equipped with a pool view, with the eaves blocked. I didn’t see the pool view, including tax and service fee of 190.63 yuan. The recommended index! Buffalo Bill Hotel on Baisha Beach in Xiangdao has free WiFi, refrigerator, two bottles of mineral water, hairdryer and safe. The environment is very good and the transportation is convenient. In the most prosperous area of Xiangdao, there is a bar opposite. Shopping is very convenient. The room is clean and comfortable and very good! Two nights from June 3 to 4, double queen bed room, including tax and service fee 250.68 yuan * 2=501.36 yuan, highly recommended index! White Sand BeachResort at Elephant Island’s White Sand Beach, There is free WiFi, Refrigerator, two free bottles of mineral water, The sea view is very good, The transportation is not convenient, The soft beach ahead, The sand is very fine, There was a swing at the door, Stone benches, wooden chairs, Coconut trees, Walk a long way along the beach to see many beach bars where you can eat. There is no supermarket, You have to walk through the path to the town. The sea view is not bad, There will be a lot of sand on the bed for one night, and the basic room is full of ants. I think it is an independent hut located on the beach (I don’t know why the strategy says that the hotel’s house is in great demand. Maybe it is the off season when we go. There are few people, only a few foreigners live, and the location is very biased. It will be horrible to go back too late!) On the night of June 5, Beach Fornt Seaside Room, including tax and service charge 263, 21 yuan, the most expensive one booked, recommended index! A One Inn of Saim, Bangkok, There is free WiFi, Refrigerator, two free bottles of mineral water, Hair dryer, complimentary breakfast, The environment is not good, Convenient transportation, In the busiest part of Saim, Across from the alley is MBT, Then cross the overpass, diagonally opposite Saim Center, Some of the rooms are old, The toilet is small (it is said that it was an old house opened in 1988 and has not been redecorated. It is no wonder, but the hall looks good. The price may be due to the urban area. There is breakfast and wool on sheep. In short, it is not recommended. Although the transportation is very convenient, if you want to stay in the urban area, you can look at other hotels). One night of June 6, double queen bed room, including tax and service charge of 219.18 yuan, recommended index!

The total reservation price is 1513.01 yuan!

Daily necessities: 26.1 yuan

Other supplies: 2890.61 yuan

Clothing preparation: 935.95 yuan

    Total Total: 570 Yuan +2196 Yuan +1513.01 Yuan +26.1 Yuan +2890.61 Yuan +935.95 Yuan = 8131.67 Yuan Total Money: 10000 Yuan-(Remaining 610 USD +3250 Thai Baht) = 5470 Yuan

Minus the price of an iPad, the total cost is more than 10,000, which is still more cost-effective!