Phi Phi Island is located in the southeast of Phuket, 40 kilometers apart. The speedboat takes one and a half hours to sail. When you arrive at Phuket Island, you should swim Phi Phi Island. Apart from the scenery of the island, it is a world-famous diving resort. This time I went to Phi Phi Island from Phuket for three days. One of the major tasks was to take the junior diving license.

As soon as I arrived at Phi Phi Island, I went to the small street to find a center with professional Chinese coaches that had good online contact. The small street was mostly a hotel, followed by various PADI diving centers. I found this one with Chinese coaches. A blackboard at the door said in Chinese: “Go diving, please come at 8 o’clock in the evening”! There are quite a few people who learn diving!

There are at least a dozen PADI-certified water training centers on PP Island. PADI is the Professional Association of Diver Instructor. Founded in 1966 by Ralf Ericssion and John Cronin. Based on the principle of teaching, they designed a complete set of teaching system, which quickly made diving activities flourish greatly. It is a profit-making commercial organization and is managed by CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatiques) International Underwater Sports Federation.

The younger generation was very busy. During the three days in Phi Phi Island, they spent two and a half days and three nights in a row in diving courses, including the E-Learning online training system, learning the diving theory knowledge officially formulated by PADI from the online. On the first day, they saw that the diving center was full of young men and women who were concentrating on the computer and thought they were playing games. In addition to learning online, there is also a 360-page “Open Water Divers Manual”, which is divided into three units.

360-page Handbook for Divers in Open Waters

It is divided into three units. The online tutorial is subtitled in Chinese, and the diving manual is a traditional Chinese version, which is relatively convenient. After passing the theoretical examination well and practicing in the calm waters, PADI finally completed the PADI Open Water Junior Scuba Water Man Course, which includes 5 indoor courses, 5 swimming pool internship courses and 4 ocean internship courses. After passing the examination, the certificate will have to be reviewed by PADI headquarters and will not be available until two months later.

Diving, really sinking is not easy, began to ask the coach to help dive.

In the sea, the coach is completely one-on-one teaching and guidance. Never be careless. Life is at stake! Our Chinese diving coach is a lady with a beautiful name: Yunshan, Malaysian, and the blonde male coach is Joe, Australian. They are all serious, responsible and patient.

Two coaches, Yunshan and Joe

Learning equipment is also very tense and tiring. On the third day of the morning, I went out to sea to dive deeply. I took special care to eat less breakfast. However, the sea was very stormy and seasick, which made the bathroom of the diving boat collapse and muddle.

Jump down from the ship and enter another space.

Diving into the sea water of more than ten meters, the scenery in front of us is different and colorful. The quiet space world at the bottom of the sea is breathless. It’s amazing!

Big turtles are seen at a depth of 15 meters.

The monster hiding in the coral reef, known as parrot fish/parrot fish (PARROT FISH), is one of the brightly colored fishes with bright blue, green, red and black body colors. The mouth of the parrot fish merges with its body and is shaped like the mouth of a parrot.

Lionfish, Lions are distributed in coral reef waters of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. They are carnivorous and can be fed with animal bait and artificial feed. They are suitable for aquariums with water temperature of 26 degrees, sea water specific gravity of 1.022 and water volume of more than 300 litres. Their maximum body length can reach 31 centimeters and their heads are wide and flat. The kiss is wide and blunt. Eyes small, upper lateral. At the end of the mouth, the maxilla slightly protrudes. The branchial foramen is medium large. The body is scaleless, and the skin is soft, smooth or has granular small spines. The dorsal fin is elongated, continuous or with a notch, and the fin spine is thin and weak, similar to the fin strip. Prolongation of anal fin; The caudal fin is flat or round, often connected with the dorsal fin and anal fin. The pectoral fin base is broad and extends forward to the throat. The ventral fin is in the chest position and heals into a sucker.

Clownfish, Clown in Red Coral

The tuition fee for the whole junior diver is 13,800 Thai baht, about 2,900 RMB. The experience scuba diving course for only the first unit is 3,800 Thai baht, about 850RMB, and there is also a certificate. Only the second and third units are required for the next grade. Compared with the current tuition fees for driving tests in China, it is still possible.

It is worth mentioning that OPEN WATER DIVER (junior diver in open waters, OW’s water depth limit is 18 meters) can be used as credits in American universities, so young people from all over the world gather in this diving resort, which also makes it prosperous.