Speaking of this trip, it is purely impulsive. Just read a few travel posts about Thailand and got a passport and booked a plane ticket. I happen to have a vacation in July,

Just relax, open your eyes and exercise your self-care ability.

On July 14, the passport was completed, and China Eastern Airlines booked a ticket from Shanghai to Bangkok on the 21st one day apart, returning 2000 + (tax included).

There are several problems that have been bothering me on this trip:

1. Is ONE DAY WORLD’s English reliable on the road alone?

2. Whether Thailand’s political situation is stable and whether it is safe.

3. I made various unsafe assumptions in a foreign land when I left the country for the first time.

After reading the strategy articles in the next few days, I felt that there should be no problem. Resolutely completed the visa and hit the road.