In my first year in Japan, I had a chance to travel to Tokyo before I passed the language barrier. Fortunately, I could basically understand it. In addition, I was young and strong, and I almost ran all the scenic spots I knew at that time in a few days. It was almost 30 years ago, and many memories have been turned upside down and blurred. Perhaps I had a good time at that time, and then I lost interest in Tokyo. Apart from doing business, I did not wander around Tokyo.

At the age of 18 this spring, I suddenly remembered to visit Tokyo because my daughter worked there.

The book introduces: Tokyo was a water city when it was also called Edo. There were natural rivers such as Lany and Domochuan, as well as criss-crossing waterways. At that time, ships were important means of transportation and transportation.

Today, follow the line of “water” to see the scenery.

Asakusa Temple is just a few steps away from Lany. Now the scenery close to my wife is a famous scenic spot in Tokyo.

This clear sky tower is of high height and has just been built. There are many tourists. In fact, it is difficult to put the panorama into the lens when you get closer.

We caught up with the storm and the weather was fine, so we had another veritable “Clear Sky Tower”.

There are two viewing platforms on the tower, which buy tickets to visit respectively. The ticket price is very expensive. Even if I see the clouds at my feet, I feel that it is better to experience the clouds in the natural landscape. If I hadn’t accompanied the guests from home, I wouldn’t have gone up.

It is better to look at the shadow of Clear Sky Tower itself on the (free) 30th-31st floors of Clear Sky Tower Town nearby. You can also see the scenery along the coast of Lany.

Next to my wife, you can take a cruise ship to see Tokyo from the water and cross bridges. From time to time, you can see that there are smaller waterways on both sides flowing into Lany. You can really find the feeling of “Edo”.

Shenghu Bridge, which used to be designed as a bridge that can be opened from the middle due to the passage of large cargo ships, is one of the rare movable bridges in Japan.

Binli Palace Gift Park has a station and tourists from top to bottom. You can take a look at the scenery by the way.

The red and white building between the buildings is the Tokyo Tower, which often appeared in novels and TV before the Clear Sky Tower was born. The perspective of Tokyo Tower from Zengshang Temple is also good. Zengshang Temple also has a long history. There is a subway coming.

The cruise ship can go directly to the platform (of course, the cost is more expensive). We disembark at the sunrise trestle and go to Tsukiji Market for lunch. Japan has the largest wholesale volume of aquatic products in Tsukiji Market, so restaurants next to the market are also famous for seafood, not only foreign tourists, but also Japanese tourists.

The store’s “one food, three meals” paella was listed in Japan’s tour guide book, so there were many people queuing up, but the turnover was very fast and it didn’t take long.

When I was young, I seldom had “delicious food” when traveling, basically aiming at filling my stomach. Nowadays, food is a very important content in tourism. Well, the times are different. I want to post some reference content for my travel notes. I also worry that the advertisement is suspected of not writing the store information. How to write my travel notes is sometimes very tangled.

Rainbow Bridge on Tokyo Bay. On the other side of the bridge is the platform, which is a new scenic spot with sand beach and coast. It is a place with some romantic colors. The light and night in summer are very beautiful and suitable for couples to play.

We also looked for some romantic, 798m-long suspension bridge. When we heard that there were sidewalks, we walked back from the bridge. Crossing the bridge was originally the most basic behavior. It seems that it has become a rare experience of romance. Hey hey, we are coming from the rainbow. This is from the bridge to see Tokyo, Tokyo Tower is relatively close to see clearly, the clear sky tower is on the rightmost, the photo is blurred, the naked eye can see clearly.

Before long, the three members of the family came to my wife Fu Jin (saw the clear sky tower that was cloudy before sunny, and then walked to the water’s edge of Lany). The color under the sunset gave people a better feeling.