I went to TDS on the last day of Disney’s 25th anniversary in Tokyo. I hesitated between LAND and SEA for a long time before going, and finally went to SEA. After all, there is only one in the world, and I haven’t played roller coasters and jumping machines for a long time. It’s very DOKIDOKI.

Starting from the hotel at 7: 30, the Yamaguchi line took to Tokyo and then changed to the Jingye line. It was almost 8: 30 when Wubin Station came down.

When I saw the Mickey Mouse train, I started HIGH.

Mickey Mouse’s belted pants pull ring, although sitting, was deliberately pulled when he was about to arrive at the station.

Shindo: Don’t pull so hard. Pull it down carefully.

Yu Qi: Collect 5 Mickey Mouse pull rings and change a photo signed by the driver.

Sit all the way from Wubin to TDS, and you will see TDL in the middle.

Because it took too much time to go to Musashi Xiaojinjing the night before to get 57 and KK tickets, As a result, you did not go to DISNEY SHOP to buy admission tickets in advance, But at that time, I thought that the 31st would be an annual special business day anyway. There should not be many people. As a result, I found myself wrong when I arrived at the door. Although the number of people queuing up was not comparable to TDL, there were still many (the 31st was 8: 00-18: 00, and then there was a New Year’s Eve from 20: 00 on the 31st to 22: 00 on the 1st. The popularity of this New Year’s Eve ticket was about the same as that of J’s New Year’s Eve), so it took another period of time to buy PASSPORT into the park.

By the way, when we arrived, we found many people lying on the floor, probably waiting for the entrance at night. It was really crazy-

Mediterranean Harbour

As soon as you enter, you will be the Mediterranean harbor, the sign of TDS entrance.

In fact, TDS has little to do with DISNEY except the store. Only afterwards did it find out that the cartoon characters here need a close-up, and then they can’t get anything.

There are a lot of shops in the Mediterranean harbor. Following the guidance of your predecessors, I bought a card holder first. Because several major events need to be arranged for a long time to enter TDS, it is necessary to exchange PASSPORT for FAST PASS in advance. Both PASSPORT and FP are thin sheets of paper that are easy to lose, so it is still necessary to buy a card holder. You can also put a traffic card when you bring it back to Shanghai, which can be said to be the most practical one around Disney. However, we are still a little too impatient. There are very few styles of card sets at the door. Only Mickey Mouse, his girlfriend and Mickey Mouse’s gloves. If we are patient, we will find other patterns such as Donald Duck Dumbo.

In addition to the card sleeve, I also bought a Minnie’s ear each. This was the most failed thing this time. I didn’t expect Minnie’s ear to fall off so easily, especially when the TDS sea breeze was extremely strong, so in the end it was completely used for photo. I put it on when taking photos and stuffed it directly into my bag without taking photos.

Yu Qi: Is my head too small so it always falls off?

Shindo: I can tell you clearly that when the head is big, it will fall off.

Yu Qi: = =

Later, I looked at the Japanese wearing ears a little and found that many of them came with their hair curled, so that they could fix their ears and not fall back when the wind blows. Or just buy Minnie’s hat, which is warm and won’t fall off, alas…

In fact, this is a project in the Mediterranean harbor, fortress exploration. However, we were already attracted by the volcano at that time, and we all wanted to go on the roller coaster as soon as possible, so we didn’t care about it, and we haven’t been able to play successfully since then. It’s a little pity.

Mysterious Island

This is the second plate mysterious island. This active volcano can be said to be one of TDS’s landmark buildings. It is said that it will cooperate with the volcanic eruption when performing. Unfortunately, this is a special business day, and what has no performance. We can only see a little red light from the crater from time to time, and then roller coasters sped out.

The expedition to the center of the earth is actually a roller coaster. I don’t know if it is because this is the first project I played. I was too impressed. After several projects were finished, I still think this is the most exciting.

Because I was excited to rush in, I didn’t expect to get FP and went straight into the lava cave to queue up. It was a waste of time to think about it afterwards. In fact, I should take this FP first and then play other projects. Disney’s queue was really dead. Each of them was a winding path leading to a secluded spot. At first, it felt as if it was okay. It didn’t take long for them to turn. As a result, when they got in the queue, they found that some of them were well lined up. Although there is something to see nearby, I began to become extremely nervous because I had a long queue when I first came in. I was worried that I would spend all day in the queue. Fortunately, I played all the last few major events.

After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, we arrived at the elevator entrance, thinking that it would be our turn now. As a result, we would continue to queue up after going underground. However, we have already mixed up with the people who brought FP in in the ordinary passage here. We don’t have to endure the people who watched FP whoosh through the past but haven’t even moved half a step.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, it’s finally our turn. Shindo and I are very lucky (unfortunate?) The ground sat in the first row, and then the underground train began to move forward. This project is called Geocentric Exploration. The whole process of nature is completely dark. The train starts to drive slowly. The underground creatures nearby are also very peaceful. Crystal caves, tunnels of luminous creatures, forests of huge mushrooms and so on. Then when the volcano was about to erupt in the setting, the train began to accelerate downward, and lightning or a fire began to flicker beside it. I was quite calm at this time. I thought that although things were done well, was it a lie to children that the speed was so slow? As a result, a huge monster suddenly appeared on the right. I was sitting on the right seat. I didn’t think what at all. As a result, when the monster appeared, I realized how horrible the seat was. It looked like it was beside me, and immediately felt creepy. I love speed and height, But growing up under the psychological shadow of damn Altman, Particularly fearful of monsters, At that time, our company held a comic exhibition. When I went in through the staff aisle to get something, Just as a monster finished his makeup and was ready to appear, I stared at him face to face for a second and then made a very bitter scream. He rushed out with the aunt who swept the floor nearby. The monster was at least the height of ordinary people. This TDS is at least 3 meters long and is perfectly made. My head is turned around and I stare at you with my eyes and pose as if I were going to eat us for lunch. At this time, I saw shindo happily admiring the monster out of the corner of my eye and said oh oh good. I thought this boy was really abnormal and hello would suffer it later (this woman is as afraid of heights as flour sauce)

Just when I was so scared that I was about to close my eyes, the volcano finally erupted. We were rushed out of the crater by lava. At this time, the acceleration of the car was really not covered. The oncoming air was completely overwhelming, but the people in the car were still screaming wildly. I felt that this could relieve a little fear. Not long after rushing out, it was another steep slope. The car began to descend rapidly. Although the safety BAR was fastened, I still felt that the whole people were floating in the air and the whole heart was hung up. Although my eyes were open, I only saw a vast expanse of white steam. Then the train rushed underground again. The project was finally over.

When getting off the bus, Shindo and Shindo helped each other out. They both expressed extreme satisfaction with the project and then went to play the next project with great interest.

At the door, although I don’t remember the monster looks like what, but the expression is so evil. Indeed, TDS is a simple amusement park and OTZ has nothing to do with Mickey Mouse.

On the way, I passed 20,000 miles under the sea, but because the online wind review was very poor, PASS fell off and did not play, but basically no one queued up. I knew I should have played.

Port of discovery

After that, we walked all the way to the discovery port. At that time, we didn’t actually think about the order to play, so when we saw that the queue of funny boats on the water was not very large, we went to play first. This looks a bit like a bumper boat, but because all of them have fixed tracks, they will definitely not encounter other boats, MA. In Disney, which is crowded with people, there is no way out. If everyone is allowed to drive by themselves, some people will not be able to get off as soon as they go up, Mickey Mouse will also be very troubled. This recommendation is general, not particularly interesting, but there is nothing to sit on and there is no loss. There are several bends in the middle that are quite dizzy.

It was found that it was Storm Rider who could get FP in Hong Kong, so we changed FP for the first time.

Next to it is Disney Ocean Electrified Railway, because you don’t have to wait in line to go up and sit directly.

CAST (all the staff in Disney are called CAST) waved with smiles when leaving, and the CAST conductor waved with smiles when passing through other places, regardless of whether anyone looked or not. What I thought at that time was that it was because Japan’s service industry was too enthusiastic that such a group of tricky and eccentric abnormal customers came out, which caused me to be under great pressure every day and T-bench.

Cry Pagoda

In fact, there are all kinds of trains, ships and cars in TDS that can take you to other scenic spots. Our destination this time is very lucky, which happens to be the Cry Pagoda on the American seashore.

The two most symbolic buildings in TDS should be volcanoes and ancient pagodas, and the screams are basically coming from here. The tower looks fine during the day, but after being illuminated with purple light at night, it looks weird in a peaceful atmosphere.

We have been queuing up here for about an hour, but during this period of time I have studied the map carefully and basically set the order of playing for several major events, which is quite substantial. Because FP can only win one card every 2 hours, So when we play this project well and then play some other small projects, we can almost win an FP. I looked at the map at that time. The nearest big project was Indian Jones Adventure, so I decided to take this FP, then go back to play Storm Riders, and then play other projects around me. Afterwards, I found out how wise I made this decision. Indian Jones’ adventure journey was packed with people. If I didn’t get FP, I would probably miss TDS’s top three major projects.

Because the fame of the panic pagoda is too loud, many people say it is TDS thrilling NO.1, so the atmosphere was a bit heavy when queuing up, and some Japanese who had already entered also withdrew.

Yu Qi: I’m a little nervous.

Shindo: I am also very nervous, but after all, Disney’s boss is Mickey Mouse (clenching fists)

After our turn, let’s enter a room at the beginning, and Miss CAST, who has a gloomy expression, will introduce the background of the story to everyone. Roughly speaking, in 19th century New York, a rich man who liked to collect antiques grabbed a cursed idol of a certain tribe, so he specially opened a display PARTY for this purpose and shrugged off the curse. After the PARTY was over, the rich took the idol to his room by elevator. At exactly 0: 00 a.m., the elevator was suddenly surrounded by green light. At the same time, he heard the screams of the rich. The uncontrolled elevator fell vertically to the ground floor. People who arrived afterwards only saw the idol in the elevator. The rich had disappeared. Since then, this ancient pagoda has been called the Cry Pagoda by the citizens of New York.

Some of this was said by CAST, and some was shown a video for us to see, including the rich laughing at the curse. Then the eyes of the idol suddenly glowed green. The rich said in a voice of fear that the curse was real and disappeared. The room where we are located is decorated as it was at that time. There is also a statue on the table. His eyes will shine green and he will stare at you around. At that time, after listening to the story, the whole room was silent, and I could see that everyone was quite nervous.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened quietly, and another grim-looking Miss CAST was already standing there waiting for us. We followed her to the elevator first, and then came to a place similar to a cinema. CAST instructed us to fasten our seat belts. This time shindo and I were sitting in the second row. There were people in front and beside us, so we felt fine. The elevator slowly rose. First, a large mirror appeared. The voice of the rich appeared, saying that you all waved at the mirror. This will be your last photo in the world. At this time, everyone was calm and waved at the mirror. Then the image in the mirror gradually turned into a ghost.

The memory from here is a little vague, It should be a sudden rise, Because the speed is very fast, I feel my whole heart is going to jump out, So everyone’s screaming, Then he paused a little on the roof, This scene is quite famous, It was the TDS outside when the window was opened. In fact, because it is daytime, there is nothing to be afraid of. But when I heard a group of people calling around me, I also gave a very cooperative cry. And from here on, the most exciting part comes, The elevator began to descend rapidly. It was really rapid. I felt that I was floating up again. After that, there should be another pause in a ruined room. Then I started to rise again, then descended rapidly, and then returned to the first floor. I heard the voice of the rich saying, Let you go this time and don’t come back!

When I went out, I saw a child crying loudly in the front row, but I felt fine. Although the jumping machine was very exciting, the story itself was far less frightening than the legendary one, and after all, there were many people, so everyone shouted together and passed away. This thing is really a test of courage if challenged by one person. I hope the J family can force one person to play <–Super Stepmother < p= “” >

After going out, you can see your photos at that time. If you buy 1,500 photos, it’s really a price all over the sky = = Shindo and I are in the red circle. Because we are very small, we can’t see the expression on our faces at that time. We should not be too frightened.


After playing the ancient pagoda well, I found that there was still much time, so I took the Disney Ocean Ferry route around TDS for another week. I was in the outermost seat, and the sea breeze almost didn’t freeze to death. However, the tension over time began to ease after a round trip. It was found that TDS was much smaller than expected, and it didn’t take much time to stroll around. I took a few photos casually, which means there are not many places for taking photos in TDS, or it is better to use it as an amusement park.

Storm Rider

When we got off the boat, we could get the second FP, so we hurried to get the FP of Indian Jones’s adventure and then turned back to play Storm Riders.

Storm Riders have a long waiting time, but they can accommodate a lot of people every time they enter the stadium. Let’s take the FP channel and wait for about 15 minutes. After entering, it was a planetarium-like place. Miss CAST explained to us that the job here was to duel with the storm, that is, to rush into the storm center by plane and knock it out with one shot. During the explanation, there was a loud explosion. I was also bitter about this kind of sound, but at last I didn’t squat down to the ground as worthless as the 6th son.

After the commentary, we entered a theatre and were also asked to fasten our seat belts and start watching simulated movies. With the roller coaster and jumping machine at the bottom before, this project is really very boring. Although the effect is not bad, if you stare at the big screen carefully, you will really feel that you rushed up and down with the plane, and finally there will be real water sprinkled down to strengthen the effect. However, it is still the same sentence. No matter how realistic the simulation is, it cannot be compared with the real one. Therefore, I personally feel disappointed after playing. If someone wants to play in the future, I recommend you to play it before several big projects, which will probably move more.

Lost River Delta

Play Storm Rider Well We went to the Lost River Delta to play Angry Two Gods, TDS’s first roller coaster with 360-degree track. FP can also be taken here, but obviously there are not many people playing, and we have to wait for about 20 minutes by taking the ordinary passage. On the whole, the roller coaster is very fast and the stimulation is quite exciting. At 360 degrees, I really feel white in front of me, but the bad thing is that the continuity is not strong. After the stimulation has passed, there will be a period of buffer. It is not like one stimulation after another that makes people feel scared. Before, I screamed a lot when watching people play. As a result, our group was surprisingly calm and made a fortune from beginning to end, which made me embarrassed to make any noise.

After playing this well, I didn’t realize that the traffic card in my bag had flown out with 360 degrees. I was still a little brother who chased it out all the way and gave it back to me. It was so close that it almost became the fourth traffic card that was lost = =

Mermaid Lagoon

This is the mermaid lagoon plate with the most Disney style. Although the little fat flying fish is also a roller coaster, it is really nothing with the previous angry double gods. It is exactly the same as the children’s paradise, but the speed is still quite fast, so it is not boring.

Arabian Coast

Because Shindo was hungry, we went to the nearby Arabian coast.

Just as I wanted to eat Indian curry, I went to this flying carpet curry.

A bowl of white rice, a large piece of Indian flying cake and a bowl of chicken curry seem to be more than 700. After eating, I felt that I was really suitable for Chinese curry and Japanese curry = = = In addition, the Indian fried noodles bought by Shindo were very yellow on both sides (hilarious)

After eating, we stopped by Sinbad’s Adventures nearby, that is, watching musicals on both sides of the Taiwan Strait by boat. Although we almost fell asleep several times because we were sleepy because we were full of food and drink, it was still necessary to play with this peaceful thing occasionally. Personally, I prefer the tiger next to Sinbad, which is extremely cute and has sparkling eyes.

This is Trenton Poseidon Castle, another typical children’s paradise. However, because it is indoors, you don’t have to worry about your ears being blown down by the wind, and you don’t often take photos with your eyes closed because the sun is too strong. It is a good place to take photos, but the light is slightly dim.

I played three events in the castle, puffer fish balloon competition, jumping jellyfish and rotating seaweed cup.

The overall feeling is very leisurely, although sometimes revolution plus rotation will also lead to dizziness.

After coming out of Trenton Poseidon Castle, it was almost 3: 30 and I set off for the last big project, Indian Jones Adventure. At that time, I just realized that the waiting time on the FP represented the popularity of the project. We could queue up at 12 o’clock when we went to get the FP of Storm Rider at more than 10 o’clock, but the FP of Indian Jones Adventure that we got at 12 o’clock actually had to be at 4 o’clock. Moreover, when we were in the past, we found that the number of people in the FP channel was completely different from that in the ordinary channel. There was no one in the ordinary channel. The FP was placed outside the stadium here. The two Japanese behind us (incidentally, the J family meal, the ubiquitous J family meal = =) also questioned whether taking the FP was meaningless.

However, after we were lined up from the jungle to the castle, we found that FP and the ordinary passageway were indeed treated differently. Although the people in the ordinary passageway could walk smoothly and unimpeded all the way to the inside, the frequency of being released was very slow. After we were lined up from the back, the people in the ordinary passageway were still stuck in a path and could not move. We waited for almost 40 minutes for this project, and all we saw along the way were skeletons and the like. However, because the castle was full of people and Indian Jones in VTR looked cheeky, we didn’t realize that this project was linked to high-speed thrills.

After our turn, we were asked to get on the train and set off in the gloomy darkness. This game is a bit like an adventure in the center of the earth. However, the setting at the time of departure is completely different. At first, the center of the earth only observed the strange underground creatures peacefully. After that, the monster was encountered because of the volcanic eruption. This is a jungle expedition, and all I encounter are disgusting things. The speed of the train is sometimes very fast. To be honest, it is good when it is fast. It is just to enjoy the speed. However, sometimes it will deliberately stop to let us observe the things nearby, such as bats and pythons. At this time, I am a little creepy.

What impressed me most was that in the end, The train stopped completely, Then there was a huge rock rolling towards us. At first, I thought it was the boulder effect hit by the light. I also thought the effect was good. It was the same as the real one. As a result, when the boulder was getting closer and closer, I found out that it was really OTZ. Because the surrounding area was completely dark, there seemed to be no way out. I also thought that we had to face the boulder and then the boulder was blocked by us. As a result, the train suddenly restarted and made a vertical dive. We passed under the boulder.

Because of this last setting, my favorable impression of Indian Jones’ adventure has greatly increased, enough to be included in the top three of TDS. The place where I went out continued to sell 1,500 pieces of raw writing. I was the one in the middle who was completely submerged by the white hat. In fact, this hat was about the same size as my head, but when I first bought it, it was not very cold, so I threw it at home. When I came home, I found it was enlarged and put on Mao Mao’s head. Since then, this hat has become one size bigger, and was almost blown away by the wind brought by the rapid driving, so I had to press OTZ down desperately.

After playing well, it was completely dark, and TDS under the dim light of night was very amorous.

I am very fond of this lamp, but it is too cold, and my hand is burnt when I shake.

The blue earth at the entrance is indeed more beautiful after being lit.

Originally, I wanted to buy a mirror, but I found that the workmanship was very poor and the paper on the mirror was turned over. The following are the surrounding pictures taken in various shops. TDS is full of such shops. There are many kinds of shops that look very rich. In fact, each one is similar, except that there are some special commodities beside each major project.

I regret not buying Mickey Mouse’s small ball head. This effect is very similar to the back of Doraemon, which is very popular outside now.

For the 25th anniversary key, if I remember correctly, I should be able to order my own key somewhere.

The legendary disney biscuit by shindo

Mickey Mouse doll in kimono.

Clown fish’s plush toy.

I only bought a card sleeve, an ear and a pair of chopsticks with restraint, but this chopstick is not slippery and has a very poor appearance with Guilin rice noodles.

This is almost the case. Let’s sum up TDS’s feelings a little. Personally, I think TDS’s major projects are the first in terms of excitement, the second in terms of geocentric adventure, the second in terms of panic pagoda, and the third in terms of Indian Jones adventure. Although the Angry Double Gods cannot compare with the first three, they still deserve to be ranked fourth. However, from a comprehensive point of view, the plot arrangement of the panic pagoda is indeed the strongest. There is a legendary atmosphere of terror. Only when I finally play with the jumping machine can I be so HIGH. Moreover, I occasionally think of the crazy falling pagoda elevator when I take the elevator now.

If I had the chance, I would probably play it for the second time. In addition to completing several events that I didn’t play this time, I would also like to relive the heartbeat game in the top four (clench my fist)