The trip to Thailand and Myanmar was the first time that I walked out of the country. I was alone, with an uneasy heart, and encouraged myself to embark on the journey. No traveling companion, the original intention! This trip originally originated from an appointment message released by Yododo Shanghai travelers. The general itinerary depends on her. She gave her careful advice on the round-trip air ticket and is still grateful. As early as nine months before my trip, I took the opportunity to go to Shanghai to watch the World Expo and made a special appointment… I didn’t think about it, but I finally became a stranger! Perhaps it is because I don’t often surf the Internet that she has been neglected, perhaps it is because the number of people who meet exceeds her online needs to choose, or her itinerary has changed in what? There are too many possibilities… there is no way to guess, in short, there is no induction, no tacit understanding of meeting colleagues, and I don’t want to force or drag down others because I have no overseas travel experience, different flight times, poor English and many unfavorable factors, so I am separated inexplicably! Next, I had to clench my teeth and crustily skin of head to face all the travel matters alone: regain English, apply for a visa, draw up a specific itinerary… I went to Thailand and Myanmar alone, especially in a relatively closed country like Myanmar with inconvenient transportation and communication, to complete my free trip.

The pleasure of traveling alone is that as long as you take your steps, there will always be some unexpected surprises waiting for you ahead! As the journey unfolded, I got to know many traveling companions all the way, ranging from days to hours, giving me warmth, happiness, help and encouragement, brightening my journey like pearls and enriching my journey experience!

Unexpected encounter in the same city: Guangzhou Airport

On January 27, under the careful arrangement and care of friends, the four-day relaxed and casual tour of Guangzhou ended. The introduction of this beautiful prelude started the prelude of “Good Luck Accompanying Thailand and Myanmar”. !

As soon as I arrived at Guangzhou Airport, I met Duma in the same city unexpectedly. The world is so wonderful: the two people who did not know each other in the east and west of the city, but met in a different place, did not feel unfamiliar at all. They were like old friends who had not seen each other for many years. They had the same heart, similar temperament and extremely smooth communication… Duma’s American boyfriend Jim had come to Thailand first, settled everything and received us directly from Bangkok’s Suwannabe Airport to Ayuthaya! Because of this bond, I omitted the twists and turns, saved time and energy, gained friendship, and gained a happy and rich Ayuthaya trip!

Ayuthaya was the designated place on my trip. I couldn’t help it in the morning. Before Duma and Jim got up and had a full breakfast in Sansook Place, I went to walk alone in the ancient city. The former royal city has long since lost its glory, but its lasting appeal still exists: an ancient temple with ruins everywhere is magnificent and huge in scale, telling the style of the past and the vicissitudes of life it has gone through. The ancient pagodas of Thai, Burmese and Khmer styles are exquisite in skill, graceful in shape and stand proudly. A mottled and incomplete ancient Buddha is still calm and serene, with insight into all things in the world and acceptance of people’s worship and worship… The prosperous ancient city is quiet and deep.

After returning on foot in the evening, Duma and Jim have prepared a sumptuous dinner and invited friends from the ancient cities of Thailand, Britain and Argentina to stage an international dinner party full of family-like warm atmosphere in the small and elegant Sansook Place. After the meal, Gina, from England, who set up shop in Ayuthaya, drove her van and took us for a ride, went to night markets and went to bars to listen to songs. I happened to meet Thai NO1 male singer in the bar. Duma and I played the role of fans once. Duma couldn’t find a thick sign pen, otherwise we had to ask him to sign his skirt! Ha…… Let’s take a picture as a souvenir! The pop songs sung in the bar are gentle and dynamic. Under the catalysis of glasses of beer, a line of people couldn’t help beating the beat to the music and twisted their posture and danced manly beside the narrow wine table… while they were still not satisfied with the wine, they simply quit the bar and entered Di! Oh, my god! ! The huge horn and the strong rhythm, although I covered my ears desperately, still felt that my “heart” was going to be shaken out… until 3 o’clock in the morning, before they dispersed. If Jone hadn’t suffered a leg injury, he would have sung “Sleepless Tonight” that night! Ha ha……

Location of Foreign Compatriots: Bangkok’s Zhatuzako Weekend Market

On the morning of January 29, after renting a car for a tour around the periphery of the ancient city, I bid farewell to Duma, Jim, Diego and owner Att and took a bus back to Bangkok.

On Sundays, the ChatuChak Weekend Market is near the long-distance passenger station. On the way, Meet Chinese-Alvin and I began to talk, Alvin went to college in Bangkok, My parents came to Thailand to settle in Chiang Mai in their early years. At the moment, he is going to ChatuChak to meet a friend of his. The two talked about the current situation in Thailand and China all the way… Seeing that it was inconvenient for me to visit ChatuChak with a heavy traveling bag, Alvin looked around to help me find the parcel office. However, there were no hotels, inns and large department stores nearby. Finally, a small express company was found in ChatuChak A area. In fact, there had never been any foreign goods stored here. At that time, there were three Chinese students who worked odd jobs here every weekend. When they saw that they were Chinese compatriots who came to their homes, they were very happy to provide help.

The ChatuChak Weekend Market, the largest free trade market in Southeast Asia, is very large. There are 10,000 shops in 27 regions, Commodities from all over Thailand: flowers and trees, pets, ready-to-wear clothing, fabrics, jewelry, handicrafts, antiques and everything, even if it takes up a day, it is difficult to travel all over every corner… Alvin reminds me from time to time to remember some landmarks in case I get lost. I still feel uneasy when I leave and leave my phone number for a rainy day before leaving.

Rows of shops full of creative and highly national articles have bewitched my desire to buy, although it is clear that I have already set up a full set of beautiful eyes for my small nest after careful search. Although determined to: gradually extinguish the floating and sinking of things in the sea, looking for things and chasing things and loving things; Although I have repeatedly reminded myself that this is only the beginning of the trip and cannot add “burden” to the future! Also really faced with several “exquisite materials, unique shapes, fine workmanship, affordable” things to stop with pain! However, in the end, he was unable to withstand the heart of “falling in love at first sight” and could not ignore the friendly and friendly attitude of the Chinese merchant compatriots to meet and “shoot” the game. ! Perhaps only when one is in a foreign country and changes one’s angle can one truly understand the meaning of the word “motherland” to a person and deeply feel the kind of kinship in which blood dissolves in water among compatriots.

After returning to the express company to pick up the bag, the students returned Yanjing and Huang Manling warmly received them. Seeing that the day was drawing to a close and they had finished their work at hand, they sat down to chat with them. They are Thai majors in a university in Guangxi, Two years of domestic study, Two years of study in Thailand, Come to ChatuChak every weekend to work and study, practice language… When talking about my night’s residence, He began to work again, Inspired by the concern of Thailand’s boss and wife of shop-owner, she called Kaosan Kaoshan Road, a backpacker gathering area, to find an empty guest room. However, she decided to let me follow them to stay near the university and leave my heavy clothes and items that I didn’t need at that time for more than ten days free of charge until I returned to Bangkok from Myanmar and retrieved them before boarding the plane to return home.

In the dusk, Gui Yanjing and Huang Manling came to CHANDRAKASEM RAJABHAT UNIVERSITY (an institution affiliated to the Royal College of Thailand) where they studied, walked through the campus and surrounding residential areas to watch the students practice street dance. Feel the life of Thailand’s streets; Please ask the two students to taste the recommended special diet. The next morning, it is another experience to return to the main road along the long and quiet streets and lanes and take a free bus to the Grand Palace.

Place of Contingency: Mandalay Inva Ancient City

On the morning of February 1, looking at Grace, a British girl who came with Yangon, who was asleep, I couldn’t bear to wake her up and quietly left the room. It seems too luxurious to charter a bus to visit alone! Fortunately, MaharMuni Paya Mahamuni Pagoda, Sagaing Shijie Ancient City, Inwa Inwa Ancient City and Amarapura Amarabra Ancient City can all be reached by bus, so please ask the inn clerk to write several place names and bus locations on a piece of paper in Burmese characters and then set off! !

If you go to Zeigyo Zeqiao by bus, you have to ask the way. It is much more convenient to present this Burmese road! The friendship, enthusiasm, simplicity and kindness of Burmese have moved me all the way and made me deeply moved. ! If he is not clear about the problem, he will find another person to help you! One of MaharMuni’s aunts took me by the hand to get off the bus, cross the road and then pointed me in the direction. The elder sister of Amarapura ancient city even put down her rice bowl, accompanied me across the road, waited for ten minutes at the roadside, explained to the drivers and passengers, waved away… heartfelt gratitude and sigh! ! !

The schedule for this day is a beautiful mistake! After MaharMuni Paya, I went to Amarapura first. Amarapura is famous for “the beautiful sunset on Uben Bridge”. It’s still early to watch the sunset. I don’t want to give up Inwa. I can only miss the “Uben Sunset” on this day and start again the next day! Walk out of Amarapura and take a bus to Inwa. There are a lot of people returning home from the city. The inside and top of the car are full of people, and the rear of the car wall is also full of people… In Myanmar, I have traveled all kinds of transportation in Myanmar from south to north and from north to south: planes, trains, buses, large and small ships, carriages, ox carts, and three-wheeled side-to-side bicycles, but the most impressive and interesting thing is the pickup truck I took on this day! I personally experienced a “deadly” bus in Myanmar! Ha ha! !

Overcrowding, yes! No room? No! ! They enthusiastically vacated a space, Goods piled up on the cross plate at the rear of the hitchhiker, I am stepping on a basket full of goods with my feet. With both hands tightly pulling the railing of the car canopy, the body hung outside the car… no longer strong, gradually soft sunlight came directly, the long white towel wrapped around the head and neck was flying up and down with the wind… the people on the car needless to say, the residents along the way also pointed at me and laughed straight at me, but I was not shy or shy at all, ha ha, just like flying, only feeling very “bright and clear”!

It takes ten minutes to get to Inwa Gucheng Ferry at the intersection. The last bus to find out how to return to the city is at 7 o’clock in the evening. No one is in a hurry. He replenished the water in the roadside shops and walked along the boulevard. At this moment, a TUTU carrying oriental faces passed by and brought me five Korean friends. There were no other tourists arriving at the ferry. I did not ask why they arrived later than Inwa. I decided that they were “providence”! Accompanied by Korean friends, I took a carriage to watch the beautiful pastoral scenery in the sunset. I traveled to Bagaya Kyaung Teak Temple and Maha Aungmye Bonzan Maha Aungmei Temple scattered in the countryside deep in the ancient city, and felt the vicissitudes of time and the vicissitudes of the ancient city, which is still simple, natural, quiet and peaceful. Accompanied by Korean friends, they took their TUTU to return to the inn smoothly, so that they did not miss Mandalay’s puppet show at night. Accompanied by South Korean friends, I agreed to meet again at the Bagan Inwa Hotel on February 3. The three days of the Chinese Year-the trip to Bagan and Yinlai Lake was very happy and worry-free! Accompanied by Korean friends, they received unexpected gifts several months later. I have kept in touch with my Korean friends and missed each other so far……..

Looking back, I still feel a little wonderful. Apart from Cheong, who knows a little Chinese, we have not been able to communicate with each other. The third language, English, is also not good. With a few words, English words, expressions and gestures, we have all understood each other’s meaning. Ha ha! It seems that language, race, nationality, gender and age are not obstacles. As long as you have a smiling face, a sincere attitude, appropriate speech and behavior, an open mind, a relaxed and casual way of communication, your traveling companion will be by your side at any time!

Unestablished traveling companions and uncertain journeys give us the possibility of “meeting unique people and things” while “going to the same scenic spots, taking the same photos and tasting the same delicious food”. Let our journey be richer, let our mind be more open, let us appreciate everything life gives us after we have our own journey story! Know that “life is like a reverse journey, and I am also a pedestrian”! ! So as to face and fall in love with your existing life again with a more calm and calm attitude! This may be the era of world unification. There is no need to travel and see all over the world. It is necessary to travel far away.

Travel companion, journey, life… everything follows the fate, cherishes the fate, does not climb! !