I was delighted to receive the notice to go to Thailand. Thailand has always been at the top of my itinerary. I didn’t expect to realize my trip to Thailand so soon. I have seen the information of Thailand. The Grand Palace of Thailand, the blue sea of Thailand and the fruits of Thailand all make me yearn for it.

We came to Thailand in thick winter clothes, The oncoming heat wave, It caused us to strip and change clothes one after another. When we walked out of Mangu Airport, the first smiling face to greet us was our tour guide, Pan Peter. Pan Peter is Chinese. They have stayed in Thailand for three generations and married Thai women. In his words, this is fate. He considerately helped us prepare two boxes of exquisite cakes. Seeing those cakes made us appetite. On the way, I saw from time to time the portrait of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He was the ninth king of the Chakuri dynasty, From these portraits, we can feel the love of the Thai people for King Bhumibol. According to Peter’s introduction, King Bhumibol planted all kinds of crops and animals in his palace and carried out continuous experiments. When the products were successful, they were popularized to the people. King Bhumibol personally enjoyed the people. Therefore, in Thailand, the royal family is respected and it is taboo to talk about all kinds of news about the royal family.

Thailand means “land of freedom”. In its 800-year history, Thailand is proud that it is the only country in Southeast Asia that has not been colonized. It has its own language and unique culture. The local Chinese are deeply integrated into the life of Thais and will not change Thai culture because of the large number of Chinese.

What impressed me most when I first arrived in Thailand was the Thai smile. When I was sweeping around with the camera, All kinds of smiles are reflected in the camera. They won’t get angry with your camera, But to put down the work at hand, I smiled, and when I focused on taking photos, I kept stepping back until I hit someone. Only then did I find a gentleman sitting behind me. He and his wife looked at me with a smile without any hint. When I was full of apologies, I suddenly found that smile was the common language in the world. He understood my language and I also understood it. When I danced and bought pomegranate juice with the peddler, the peddler looked at me with a smile all the time. I wonder if he understood what I meant by saying he was handsome. Ha ha. When I take photos of various beautiful women on the street, passers-by on the side will always smile and watch me jump up and down with tolerance. . . . . .

Thailand’s folk culture and the temptation of the West have been continuously integrated here. Thailand is full of resplendent and magnificent temples and pagodas with high sharp corners. There are exquisite and beautiful Buddha statues, stone carvings and paintings everywhere. There are many temptations and the most sincere smiles. This is my first impression of Thailand. It is a fascinating country. In this country, smile is the best business card, which can open everyone’s heart.