He got up at five o’clock the next day. Before dawn, It was dark, The boss did not know where to go again, I had to leave the door open, The light was still on, So he left the hotel, Go to the beach and wait for the earliest bus to downtown Phuket. Originally the convertible started at six, I came a little late, After waiting a little longer, Just set out, At this point, the red sun has been constantly waving people along the way to get on the bus, Most of them were students in school and grandmothers selling seafood, so the car drove very slowly and took more than an hour to reach Phuket. Therefore, they hurried to Phuket’s old station. Upon enquiry, there was no car to go to Jiami, only the car to Heai, and the car to Jiami had to go to the new station. Therefore, they made a wrong decision temporarily (later, it seemed) to Heai, with a fare of 400B.. Heai is located in the southernmost part of Thailand. It is not far from Malaysia, where residents believe in Islam and are the largest city in Songkhla Prefecture. However, it is a bit unsafe there because there are often terrorist bombings in which Islamic extremist forces disturb the situation and cause mass casualties. “The local Islamic extremist forces have been making unremitting efforts for independence and statehood.” When I was getting a visa in Kunming, I heard Mr. Zhou Yun say that it was somewhat like Xinjiang and was generally safe in the past. Therefore, I think I changed to Heai temporarily at that time. It may be that it was somewhat mysterious, even a little worried and a little scary to me.

But when the ticket was bought, I went to the new station first, but the people in the station paid for it. The bus left Phuket at 8:40 and sped all the way on the wide highway. Thailand is sparsely populated with a population of 68 million, which is equivalent to the sum of Guangdong, Hunan, Hainan, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, or the sum of Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Half of the population lives in Bangkok and its surrounding areas, so the population density is small. The highway was well built (after passing through Vietnam, I felt that Thailand was nearly 2,000 kilometers away from Heai in the southernmost part to Chiang Mai, and the highway was built on a par with the high-speed around the city near Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam). I watched the bus speed several times. 110km per hour, After running for more than two hours, On both sides of the road are tall coconut trees or dense palm forests. Some places are close to the blue sea. All the way through many market towns, only to Jiami, I saw many verdant karst peaks on both sides of the road, beautiful… but Jiami was still in a fork in the road, our car continued to move forward, gradually saw the mosque standing beside the road, the new moon on the mosque gleaming in the sun, very eye-catching. Halfway through the meal, I saw many young girls with black gauze towels on their faces and finally arrived at the southernmost tip of Thailand. At 3 pm, the bus finally arrived at a crowded city with high-rise buildings and slums. This is Heai. After getting off the bus, I sat in the busy waiting hall of the station for a while, and the motorcycle driver came to a hotel recommended by LP.

Heai, which is adjacent to Malaysia, is prosperous in business. There are many Chinese and overseas Chinese gathered here, but the consumption is also quite high, which seems to be higher than Phuket. A bowl of eight treasures porridge with tremella and a bowl of noodles in soup cost 50B.

In the evening, the night market in Heai is very prosperous, but there are too few tourists. Most people regard it as a transit point to Malaysia and Singapore. The hotel they stay in takes a bus to Kuala Lumpur and a bus to Singapore at noon every day-from there, you can reach Singapore, a beautiful garden city, at about 8 pm.

On the night of Heai, there is the shadow of a big city:

However, it is very sultry at night. After all, the southernmost tip of Thailand is already tropical.

After a fidgety and sultry night, I decided to leave here the next day, ready to go to Luokun, and finally wander around Heai:

Unconsciously, through several blocks, came to a very interesting market:

The handsome pot beauties in the bustling market:

There is a lot of seafood here, after all, “the mountain is supported by the mountain, and the sea is supported by the sea”.

But the most interesting thing is this:

Soon he left the lovely Heai and went to his next destination, Luokun. Fortunately, there was no terrorist incident all the way, Luokun, a city with long and narrow blocks and bustling traffic-here is the largest Buddhist temple in southern Thailand. Luokun was once the southernmost tip of Angkor Empire, which was once in its heyday. Now it is still the boundary between Islam and Buddhism. Luokun goes north with Buddhism as the mainstay, Luokun goes south to Malay Indonesia with Islam as the mainstay. When I arrived at Luokun, it was already 1: 00 noon. I stroll around the streets casually to see the customs of the city and the museum. When I arrived at the most magnificent Buddhist temple in southern Thailand, it was already sunset.

The Lokun Museum under the shade of green-the cultural relics on display here were excavated here, including the cultural relics of Angkor Empire and previous times:

The most magnificent Buddhist temple in southern Thailand:

Luokun’s seafood may be cheaper than Patong’s. He ate a lot of seafood that day.

In this way, Luokun finished his one-day tour and planned to go to Jiami the next day.