Before the itinerary was confirmed, I enjoyed many free travel strategies in Thailand and was deeply attracted by the exotic scenery. I was eager to be personally present and feel the strong and crazy atmosphere of its Buddhist culture. But I have been struggling with whether to go with the group or to travel freely. I am eager to travel freely, but my poor English level is really beyond my reach. Besides, the holidays are limited. On the eve of the National Day, I happened to see the 360-Thai-one quality tour in Beijing Meitu on the Internet. Jinan flew directly to Bangkok at no own expense. It was only 2880 (the original price was more than 4,000), which made me firmly decide to follow the group. Let’s move, book the route, provide passports, prepare before departure, everything is OK, wait for the arrival of October 10 ~ ~

Many people think that there is nothing to worry about with the group, that is, “get on the bus to sleep, get off the bus to take photos”, but in fact it is not. Because outbound travel is no better than domestic travel, there are many customs and living habits abroad that are different from those in our country. Cut the crap and I will introduce the preparations before departure to you:

1. Visa. Thailand belongs to a landing visa country. If you are not prepared to apply for a visa in advance, then prepare two recent two-inch color photos, one for Thailand’s entry visa and the other for later use to prevent the replacement of lost passports. Of course, the passport must be processed 10-15 working days in advance at the Exit and Entry Administration Office of your local public security bureau ~ ~ But you cannot exchange Thai baht in the Bank of China without a visa in advance.

2. Currency. As for the exchange rate of currency, when I went, it was 1 RMB to 4.86 Bath, but the exchange rate given by the tour guide was 1: 4.4. Although it was lower than that of BOC, you can refund it to him at this exchange rate if you can’t spend it, and BOC can’t exchange it back. Therefore, it is not recommended that you exchange a lot in advance. 2,000-3,000 RMB is enough. Domestic credit cards can be used in Thailand, but when you swipe your card, you require the payment desk to take the UnionPay route, which does not charge any handling fee, and the exchange rate is also very high, which is very cost-effective. The shopping spots taken by the travel agency are all UnionPay by default, and there is basically no need to explain.

3. Power supply. The power jack of the Thai hotel is two holes, with a voltage of 220V and 50Hz. The tour guide will tell you not to change the plug. However, I want to tell you that you must bring the two-to-three switch plug and multi-purpose plug-in row, because we have many three-item plugs, such as camera charger, notebook power supply, DV charger, etc. If you do not plug-in row, it will be very inconvenient.

4. Essential drugs. In short, drugs for preventing and treating colds, such as Yinhuang Granules and Honeysuckle Dispersible Tablets; Digestive drugs, Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets, Huoxiang Zhengqi water; Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as cephalosporins; Antidiarrheal drugs, such as Zhilining or Pipemidic acid; There are also some Band-Aids or alcohol disinfection towels and so on. Just watch and prepare for them.

5. Articles for daily use. Many hotels in Thailand do not provide disposable daily necessities for environmental protection reasons, but hotels that follow the group do not provide toothpaste and toothbrushes, other things such as soap, bath lotion and shampoo, but slippers are not disposable. All you need to do is bring a towel and toothpaste and toothbrush. The second is the hair dryer, which is better to have higher power. I will say later on.

6. Luggage. Why do you want to point out the luggage in particular? I’d like to talk to you here, because the Thai tour team has a very tight schedule and a fast pace, requiring frequent hotel changes. If you have many small bags, it is very easy to leave one or several bags when you check out, so don’t be superstitious about handbags. The bigger the suitcase, the better, even if it is empty when you go. Believe me, unless you don’t buy anything (this is basically impossible), then throw everything into the suitcase and pull it up and leave. It is safe and light. It is easy to pack and check it in when you fly. The less luggage there is, the less likely it is to make mistakes.

7. Communication. Thailand also uses G-net mobile phones. If it is not a government official or a leader of an enterprise or institution, don’t open international roaming. The 6.9-minute phone bill and the 2,000-yuan roaming deposit are not a small sum of money for anyone. Find an old mobile phone to install your card and throw it at home. Then come back and see who has harassed you in the past six days. Take your handy mobile phone and change into a local mobile phone card in Thailand. The phone book is all there. Entertainment and work are both at the same time. There are three telecom operators in Thailand: true move, happycall and 12call. I recommend using truemove’s card. The price is very cheap. Call back to China, dial 00600 +86 + domestic mobile phone number, 1B per minute, equivalent to RMB 0.2 yuan. Moreover, if you are lucky, you can also get a free card from the airport, and then the convenience store can recharge it. Don’t rush too much ~ ~ Otherwise, you can’t finish the call when you return home. It’s really too cheap. Remember it’s 00600 line! !

All right, that’s all for the preparations before departure. Everything is ready. Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, let’s go! On the film!

The charter flights we took this time, Boeing 737 and Thailand Eastern Airlines, look quite new ~ ~

Outside the plane, there was a beautiful sea of clouds ~ ~ an encounter over 30,000 feet, whispering: hi, hello ~ ~ in a good mood, everything is beautiful ~ ~

Low Altitude Flight Before Bangkok Landing ~ ~

After four and a half hours of long-distance flight, I finally arrived at Bangkok’s old airport Langman International Airport. At present, all flights from China to Thailand have landed at Bangkok’s new airport, Suwannabe International Airport. Because it was a charter flight, it landed at the old airport, but I like the name of the old airport, Langman-Romance, which fits the meaning of our trip ~ ~:)

The lobby of Langman Airport ~ ~ got off the plane, which is a word. Needless to say, everyone can guess, besides being hot, it is still hot ~ ·

Thai police cars and Toyota cars on the streets of Bangkok. Hey! There is little Japan everywhere ~ ~ anger! !

As I said before, Because the schedule for these days is very full, Keeping a running account will be chaotic and everyone will be dizzy. Moreover, each travel agency will arrange its itinerary in different order. However, these are the scenic spots, which are the same. Therefore, I will summarize them from the six aspects of “clothing, food, housing, transportation, music and purchase” ~ ~ If there is anything wrong, please forgive me ~ ~

1. Clothing

Because it was October when I left, it was already cooler here in Shandong, so I wore more clothes to the airport. Thailand is relatively close to the equator, and the temperature is relatively high all year round. Except for the lowest temperature of 20 degrees in the cool season (November-February), the outdoor temperature is basically above 30 degrees. Therefore, everyone should prepare more summer clothes, the thinner the cooler the better. If you love sweating friends, you will feel very uncomfortable if you wear less clothes. Remember the hair dryer I asked everyone to bring in front of me, Because it happens to be in the hotel room, However, the power is very small. If the clothes are soaked to the skin, it will smell very bad and delay wearing them, especially underwear. During the trip, hotels will be changed frequently and you will not be given time to dry the clothes. This requires you to take a hairdryer and blow dry them. The hot air will be high-grade and very quickly. Anyway, you don’t need to pay for electricity. Why not? Also, be sure to bring a thicker coat, Throw it on the tour bus, Because Thailand, whether it is shopping malls or tour buses, The air conditioner is completely cool. The temperature on the car and the temperature in the hotel room are basically 18 degrees. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is more than 10 degrees. Some of them are estimated to be unable to adapt to it. The coat will come in handy at this time. It can be covered and worn. Naturally, it goes without saying that BATTAYA must wear it well in advance when crossing the island, otherwise the wet body will be certain. Ladies, take bikinis that you dare not wear in China to show them to your heart’s content ~ ~ Friendly reminder: The sun on PATTAYA Island is very strong. It is recommended to buy a sunscreen shirt before departure. Taobao only has more than 20 pieces, but the effect is very good ~ ~ on two island films ~ ~

2. Food

Thai cuisine, especially snacks, is really attractive. Personally, I think authentic Thai cuisine is quite good. This time I went there with a lot of ingredients and was also aimed at delicious food. However, I would like to pour cold water on you here. If you travel with a group, you should not imagine tasting delicious food. First, there is no time. Second, there is still no time. The group meal is really hard to swallow, as if all the restaurants have agreed. Apart from green peppers, cabbage, onions, cabbage and rice, there are no other vegetables and staple foods, and they are all sweet and spicy as the main tastes. The dishes are very light and difficult to eat. It is recommended to bring some bags of pickles with heavy tastes. During the whole trip, the seafood dinner on Sands Island and the buffet on King Power on the last day were quite satisfactory, but in the end everyone had no appetite. The most important point is that Thailand is a Buddhist country. They don’t kill animals, so there is no meat in the meal. Apart from eating some chicken, the taste is also very… ah! I don’t want to recall it. I feel sick at the end of the day. Look at the above picture ~ ~ ~ This is a buffet on the 43rd floor of Rainbow Building ~ ~ It looks good, but it actually tastes ordinary ~

But the panoramic view of Bangkok from the top floor of Rainbow Building still gives me a little relief ~ ~

The following is Jinsha Island’s noon seafood dinner ~ ~ Crabs are very fresh ~ ~ Mainly looking at meals, don’t look at people, ha ha ~ ~

This is the last day of King Power Cafeteria, the beautiful and delicious Chocolate Tower and all kinds of drinks ~ ~ Chocolate and salmon sashimi are unlimited.

Three, live

It should be said that the hotels staying with the group are generally satisfied. Seeing some people free to travel and say that the TV and air conditioning in the hotel are charged, there is no such problem with the group. However, even if you can watch the TV casually, you don’t have the time and energy to watch it, and the key is that you don’t understand it. Ha ha. Earlier, I said that hotels would be changed frequently, and some of them might not understand it, because Bangkok is called “slow traffic jam” by the local people, which means that traffic jams are very severe, which will virtually delay a lot of time on the road. If you only stay in one hotel and the scenic spots are very scattered, you will waste a lot of events on the road. Therefore, it is reasonable for the travel agency to make such an arrangement. You can live nearby wherever you go and give everyone more time to rest. It is more troublesome to change hotels. If you have a large suitcase, it is much more convenient, don’t you think? As for hotel facilities, let’s not say much, above.

We live in The Royal City Hotel in Bangkok. It looks very magnificent outside, saying it is equivalent to five stars in China, but in fact it is very bad inside. It turns out to be a plywood-separated wall. It’s really cheating. Honeymoon couples, don’t quarrel next door at night ~ ~

Tip: If you happen to live in this hotel, there are hot water on the fifth and seventh floors ~ you can win rooms on these two floors ~ ~

This is swan beach resort (swan beach resort), the seaside hotel we stayed at PATTAYA for the first night. It was very late and many foreigners were playing with water on the beach because it was too convenient to even wrap bath towels. We also went to the beach to play ~ ~ the facilities in the room were very general. I felt like a guest house in China, mainly because of its good geographical location ~ ~

The plants in the hotel yard feel very beautiful, I like it very much, but the water lily has not opened, and there are some regrets ~ ~

Boast, don’t clap bricks ~ ~

PATTAYA Beach under the dim light of night is more sensible than during the day ~ ~

The snack stalls outside the hotel are still doing very well. Seafood barbecue, mango cake, winter yin gong soup and so on, 20B ~ 100B, are all very cheap. I bought several kinds to go back to the hotel to eat ~ the taste is really good ~ ~ it is already 1: 30 a.m. At this time ~ ~

The following is the hotel we stayed in PATTAYA for the second night, the Eastern Grand Palace. Although it is not a sea view room, the environment is much better ~ ~ The most important thing is that the buffet breakfast in this hotel is the best meal of all the breakfasts in the trip ~ ~

The hotel scenery taken from the room window ~ ~ ~

The fish in the hotel pond are very beautiful ~ ~ not afraid of people ~ ~

Animals in Buddhist countries live in harmony with people, and pigeons on windowsill do not fly when taking photos of him ~ ~

There is a sports bar called White Horse on the first floor of the hotel. Foreigners are singing very late at night. 1B is a song, which is so cheap ~ ~

Four, line

The means of transportation between the two countries is the plane, which has been introduced earlier and will not be mentioned here. Focus on the traffic in Thailand. Because it is a group tour, the traffic is very dominant. Thailand’s tour bus is very big and clean, because the driver takes the car as his home. After we get off at night, the driver has to clean the car inside and outside, and then sleep in the aisle of the car with his family, which makes people feel a little sour. Therefore, if you go to Thailand with a delegation, you must not dirty your car. We must cherish the work of the driver and master. Tip: There are two kinds of fruits that cannot be taken on the bus in Thailand, one is durian and the other is coconut. Durian needless to say, everyone knows, but why can’t coconuts be brought? Because coconut juice is very sweet, and this smell is the favorite of ants, if the driver sleeps in the car at night, a large group of ants will come up, alas, I dare not think ~ ~ first look at Thailand’s tour bus!

Bangkok’s Taxi, light rail, subway, public transportation, trains and other means of transportation are relatively developed, with doodle cars everywhere, so it is very convenient to travel freely. Because I am a team tour, I will not introduce too much here. What I need to know can be understood in the free travel strategy. I saw that the private cars running on the streets in Bangkok are basically Japanese cars. I heard the tour guide say that Japanese cars are cheap and comfortable. Ha ha, it seems to be similar to the situation in our country ~ ~

There are many drag racing parties in Thailand, of course motorcycles are also essential ~ ~

Buses on the streets of Bangkok have their own characteristics ~ ~

Doodle cars are all over the street ~ ~ in fact, they are what we often call motorcycle ~ ~

The so-called trip means walking and shopping. It is inevitable to communicate with the local people. After introducing the means of transportation, everyone will come with me to speed up a few common Thai words, which are absolutely useful to you. The pronunciation of the Chinese character mark is not very accurate, so I will use Pinyin:

Hello/good morning/good evening/say hello to everything in short: sa wa di ka (ka men read four times and women read one)

After taking the ticket and taking the photo, you can enter the Grand Palace with the ticket from the tour guide. At the ticket counter, You can get a free introduction manual to the Grand Palace. There is a plan of the Grand Palace on it. I don ‘t think it’ s very useful, However, it is still very good to keep it as a souvenir ~ ~ For team tour guests, There is a commentator in the Grand Palace who can speak Chinese. You’d better follow him closely. Otherwise, what doesn’t know anything about such a building except taking a lot of photos. We can’t help but understand its history. Of course, a good PP is also indispensable. Look at our commentator and devout group members.

The Jade Buddha Temple is located in the northeast of the Grand Palace. The most revered Jade Buddha of the Thai people is enshrined on a golden high seat in the Grand Hall. Jade Buddha changes royal clothes according to the time of Thailand’s three seasons a year, and the ceremony of changing clothes is presided over by the king himself. There are strict requirements for tourists’ clothing in the Jade Buddha Temple. The coat should not show the shoulders, The trousers must be long trousers and must not be perforated, Don’t consider jeans such as pants and beggars’ clothes. Girls’ skirts must reach their ankles, It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear it, There are rented clothes at the gate of the Grand Palace. Or you can buy a skirt and put it around it. It is actually a piece of cloth. Thais call it Sha Long, 160B, which can be used as a skirt, a scarf, or a tablecloth at home. It is quite beautiful ~ ~ The tour guide said 40B of the old parliament building. Later, he looked at it and found it was a solid color cloth. It was very ugly and not as good as 160B on this side of the Grand Palace. After being fully armed, everyone below will go to the Jade Buddha Temple with my camera and have a look. There are many pictures.

Elegant, resplendent and magnificent ~ ~ ~ You must take off your shoes in the Jade Buddha Temple. Thais believe that the head of a person’s body is the noblest part and the foot is the lowest part. In Thailand, you must not touch the head of a child casually, even if you like him very much, you must not hold the sole of your foot to the Buddha in the temple. If a girl sees a monk, Consciously keep your distance, And no photos are allowed in the main hall, Out of respect for Buddha, In addition to my long-standing mystique of Thailand, I just worshipped the Buddha devoutly and donated merit money. I didn’t dare to shoot blindly ~ ~ But I want to remind you that the Buddha in Thailand is really very clever. I just say these things. I hope that I will never say anything disrespectful to the Buddha or do anything disrespectful to the Buddha in the future ~ ~ Good faith reminder, believe it or not ~ ~

Is it the sadness of fate or the pain of reincarnation? ?

Are you listening to the call from afar, or are you converting to the long-cherished wish of the world ~ ~

Driver Master: Lu Pi

Handsome boy: lao ma ma

Beautiful Sister: Shui Jing Jing

Ask the price/how much is it: Tao lai

Thank you: kou kun ka

Yes/yes: cai

No: mai cai

To: ao

No: mai ao

Don’t be afraid: mai dong gua

Bathroom: hong nan

Husband: sha bi

Wife: pa le ya

Heavier: na na nai

Lighter: Bao baonai

Hurry up: liu liu nai

Slow down: cha cha nai

好了,以上这些你学会了跟团走就基本OK了,最后四句有些可能不太明白,等你做泰式古法按摩的时候就知道了,但是千万不要记混呦~~除了上面这些,泰国人对人的尊称不像我们中国,先生、女士的这么复杂,他们把尊称统称为”pi” ,举个例子:如果你姓刘,不管先生女士,他会称你为”P刘”,听起来有些别扭,但是习惯了觉得还蛮有意思的,唯独姓”谷”的有些郁闷了~~

First, I’d like to introduce to you the tour guide of our team, P Lin! A Chinese born in Thailand, who speaks fluent Chaozhou Mandarin, is well informed and has traveled to two-thirds of the countries in the world. He kept explaining to us all the way. He is very humorous. I have met countless tour guides and I am quite satisfied with his service. Take a look at the photos ~

5. Music

Finally, we are getting down to business. All the scenic spots will be introduced in this section. Let’s list the scenic spots first:

Bangkok Attractions: Grand Palace-Old Parliament Building-North Crocodile Lake-Chao Phraya River-Transvestite Show-Golden Buddha Temple

On the way to Pattaya and the local scenic spots in Pattaya: Fengyue Pedestrian Street-Oriental Princess-Xiaoyao Island-Jinsha Island-Dongba Paradise-IX Emperor

Hanggong-Wax Museum-Tropical Fruit Garden-93 Division Museum-Adult Show

1. Grand Palace-Jade Buddha Temple

The Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple are the scenic spots that every Thai tour team must visit. They can not only reflect Thailand’s Buddhist culture, but also show the rights and wealth of the Thai royal family to the people of all countries in the world. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy country. The royal family and the royal family play a very important role in the hearts of the Thai people. Among them, the fifth emperor (especially Sun Yat-sen) and the ninth emperor (today’s emperor) play an important role. Therefore, the significance of the Grand Palace is also very important. You don’t need to buy your own tickets for team tours. If you travel freely, the tickets are 400B/person. At the entrance of the Grand Palace, all 42 members took a photo, which was also the only photo in the whole Thai trip.

The guard at the gate of the grand palace ~ ~

Very vacant guards ~ ~

The round urn built by the Fourth Emperor is called Ledana Shari Pagoda. There is also a small pagoda dedicated to Buddha’s relic in the pagoda ~ ~

Angkor Wat Model ~

The Jade Buddha Temple has been inspired by Buddha’s lotus flowers. Are you also avoiding the streets beyond redemption and looking for a way home?

After leaving the Jade Buddha Temple, I followed the tour guide into the Grand Palace ~ ~ Below is the largest imperial hall in the Grand Palace, called Jieji Hall, which was built in 1876 during the reign of Emperor V. The festival base contains the meaning of divine plate and emperor, and is also the name of Bangkok’s imperial dynasty. Attention should be paid to the design style of the main hall, which belongs to the architectural art of the Victorian era of the Queen of England. He is a complex integrating Thai architecture and European architecture. Thai traditional architecture is the top and European Roman column is the bottom, which indicates that the Thai king will press European countries below. His ruling ambition is evident ~ ~

The image of the fifth emperor on the main body of the festival base hall ~ ~ that flourishing time, under your gaze, I passed alone, another year, grass grew and warblers flew ~ ~

The Imperial Guards of the Ninth Emperor in the Grand Palace are free to take photos, but you must respect others ~ ~

Mo Dao who dominates the world, the courtyard is deeply locked in the spring and autumn ~ ~

The military museum in the grand palace does not allow photos to be taken. I took them blindly ~ ~ ha ha ~ quite clear ~ ~

The Grand Palace is really the world of the royal family. Even beverages are produced by royal enterprises ~ ~ but the price is really very cheap ~ ~

The above picture is the symbol of the royal enterprise ~ ~

Thailand is really the world of snakes. A snake was found in the courtyard of the Grand Palace. Some tourists wanted to catch it and were severely reprimanded by the soldiers. Later, they heard that it was a poisonous snake ~ ~

About 75 minutes later, the visit to the Grand Palace was over. Goodbye, Grand Palace ~ Goodbye ~ ~ Jade Buddha Temple ~ ~

2. Beilan Crocodile Lake Park

I would like to say here that we did not have this scenic spot on our trip originally. It was the site of World War II-the River Kwai Bridge. However, P Lin told us that it would take us more than 3 hours to get to the River Kwai Bridge. He was afraid of delaying everyone’s free time and the journey was more tiring, so he asked us for our advice and changed to the North Crocodile Lake. In fact, my requirements for scenic spots are not harsh, but this change of scenic spots has become the most unsatisfactory link in my trip. Later, I went back to the hotel and found that there were no what facilities around the hotel, so it was not very interesting to go back early. It was better to go to the River Kwai Bridge. After all, once in Thailand, it was a pity that I didn’t see the iconic scenic spots ~ ~ I advise the people behind me not to change the scenic spots casually ~ ~ borrow a photo on the Internet to fill my inner regret ~ ~

However, since we have changed, let’s settle down when we come. We have a good mentality and have a good scenery everywhere we go ~ ~ We walk on a journey, make friends with feelings and play with mood ~ ~ Crocodile Lake Park can let us see the breeding process from an crocodile egg to an adult crocodile, and we can also eat real crocodile meat and experience the pleasure of feeding crocodiles ~ ~

Yang Haiquan, the owner of Crocodile Lake Park, is an economically minded doctor ~ ~

Treasure of Town Garden, Golden Crocodile ~ ~

Looking around, besides crocodiles, there are still crocodiles ~ ~

You can watch crocodile training shows free of charge in the park, Seemingly thrilling, In fact, there is no danger ~ ~ Don’t say I am vicious, Crocodiles open their mouths to give off heat in their bodies. An adult crocodile can stay motionless for 5 hours with its mouths open. It is often mistaken for sculpture ~ ~ Crocodile trainers mainly ask for tips. The audience are all Chinese who give tips and heckles. Foreign tourists do not give tips ~ ~ It is really our Chinese characteristics ~ ~

All works of art made of crocodile skulls ~ ~ very characteristic ~ ~

After the visit, we tasted the real crocodile meat in the restaurant of the park ~ ~ Speaking of taste, some fishy smell, very thin ~ harder than chicken, similar to the feeling of goose meat ~ ~ After the meal, we took a group photo in front of the gate of the park. Goodbye, ugly crocodiles ~ ~ ha ha! ! Our small team ~ ~ Let’s show it first ~ We all met after joining the group ~ It’s very predestined ~ ~ I will introduce it later ~ ~

3. Old Parliament Building

This scenic spot is also not included in our itinerary. The itinerary is arranged with the 5th Teak Palace. However, the tour guide said that the items in the 5th Teak Palace were incomplete and old, and the visiting nature was not as good as that of the old parliament building. Facts have proved that this is indeed the case. The tour guide also has his purpose. The 5th Teak Palace has to purchase tickets separately, while the old parliament building can be visited free of charge with tickets from the Grand Palace. Ha ha, even tour guides and tourists get what they need. The old parliament building was built in 1907 and ordered by Rama V. In 1915, it was completed as a place for holding national ceremonies and welcoming state guests during Rama VI’s time. In 1932, after the outbreak of Thailand’s constitutional revolution, the palace became the Thai parliament building. After the completion of the new parliament building, it was unused and was only opened to the public as a scenic spot in 2009. Viewed from the outside, the old parliament building has a dome modeled on the western parliament building, and the whole building foundation is the cross-shaped Gothic church. The lobby is also like a Gothic church, with solemn benches and decorative paintings on the roof. The only difference from Gothic churches is that the decorative paintings are not biblical stories, but Indian-style Buddhist stories believed by Thais, and the front wall is painted with King Rama V himself, who is popular with all people. From the perspective of architectural tradition, it is neither fish nor fowl, and the pattern of the parliament building at that time also happened to reflect Thailand’s political policy at that time: to be friendly to western countries, to follow the advanced western civilization, but to preserve the root of Thai culture. Photography is not allowed in the old parliament building. Cameras, DV and mobile phones are all locked in safes, so there are not many films in this scenic spot. The clothing requirements for visitors are stricter than those for the Grand Palace, which has already been introduced before and will not be discussed here. The 40B skirt mentioned by the tour guide was bought here ~ ~

The back of the building ~ ~

Restore the primary colors ~ ~

A crow accidentally photographed at the telephoto end ~ ~ it was discovered today that if the crow was not black, it would not be ugly ~ ~

4. Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River, also known as the Zhaopiye River in Thailand, originates from the mountains in northern Thailand. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is located at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. The Chao Phraya River is the largest river in Thailand and runs through the whole territory of Thailand from north to south. When you travel to the Chao Phraya River by boat, you can enjoy the scenery along both sides of the river and also understand the life of people on the water. The living conditions of the boatmen were relatively poor, and several families bought a boat in partnership to make a living. As soon as tourists board the boat, the boatman will hang a wreath around each person’s neck. The wreath is made up of roses and jasmine. It is very fragrant. You can see that in the front group photo, everyone has not picked the wreath ~ ~ in sympathy for the boatman. Each person will give the boatman a tip of 20B to help them live. The following one is the dock by boat ~ ~

Scenery on both sides of Chao Phraya River ~ ~ ~

The Zheng Wang Temple overlooking from the ship ~ ~ Zheng Wang Temple, also known as Liming Temple, is a temple commemorating Zheng Zhao, the 41st generation king and national hero of Thailand. Zheng Wang Temple faces Bangkok across the Chao Phraya River and is huge in scale, second only to the Grand Palace and Jade Buddha Temple. There are five identical pagodas in the temple, one large and four small. The Great Tower is a 79-meter-high Brahman minaret, the Ba Rang Tower, which was built in 1809 and is known as the “Eiffel Tower in Thailand”. It is said that the main tower was inlaid with Thailand’s largest sapphire at that time, which was shining brightly and very wonderful ~ ~ Later Thailand opened up its tourism and took it down ~ ~

5. Transvestite Song and Dance Show

After seeing a lot of natural landscapes, it is time to enjoy Thailand’s unique culture-transvestite performance. This transvestite performance, in the words of the tour guide, is entry-level, primary school level, so that everyone can have a general understanding of transvestite first. However, as far as I am concerned, I have not seen what except that I am not particularly beautiful (there are also some who I think are good-looking and there are photos behind).

Fountain outside the performance ~ ~

The restaurant in the performance hall ~ ~ This is where we ate our first dinner ~ ~

Sculptures in the lobby ~ ~ ~

Thailand really deserves to be a big Buddhist country, even urinals in toilets are so distinctive ~ ~ But when it comes to toilets, let me add one more word, lao ma ma, please note that the cleaning ladies in Thailand’s toilets will come in to clean whether there is anyone or not, so if you are convenient, don’t be scared ~ ~

After dinner, I began to watch the performance ~ ~ the photos of the last group of transvestite sisters ~ ~

My husband and I like the sister below best ~ ~ She is very beautiful ~ ~ What do you think ~ ~

There is also Dae Chang Jin ~ ~ Ha ha ~ ~ Personally, I think this performance is specially prepared for Chinese tourists. Half of the background music and singing are Chinese songs, all of which are lip-synching, but it is quite kind to hear domestic songs in foreign countries ~ ~

After watching the performance, you can get a glass of water, which is very common in Thailand. Later, after watching the three-in-one performance, you can still have all kinds of drinks to drink. After the performance, the transvestite sisters will come out to take photos with tourists, but it takes 100B and you can’t touch your chest yet ~ ~ But I clearly saw 40B at the ticket window. I don’t know why it was what ~ ~

I don’t know why what is. I dare not get too close to the transvestite. I feel scared.

After saying goodbye to the transvestite sister, Bangkok’s scenic spots will come to an end. The situation of shopping spots will be introduced in detail in the chapter of “shopping” ~ ~ Let’s recuperate, let’s open our minds and set off for–PATTAYA CITY, a dreamy paradise ~ ~

6. Fengyue Pedestrian Street

On the way to PATTAYA, the tour guide kept urging everyone to be open-minded. It is already evening to arrive at PATTAYA. After dinner, just go directly to Fengyue Pedestrian Street (* *) to enjoy the nightlife of the open Pattaya ~ ~

When the lights were on, the bustling * * in the pedestrian street told us that a worm was slowly waking up during the day.

Soon it will become a dragon ~ ~

The streets are full of all kinds of handicrafts and small toys, full of beautiful things in eyes, and the price is not expensive ~ ~

The funniest thing is that the four little old men in black and sunglasses in the above picture were well dressed, but they would open their clothes as soon as they heard the sound. The little JJ swung up and down, which is enough to show the degree of Thailand’s sexual openness culture ~ ~ This is not available in China ~ ~ Give me a close-up ~ ~

Apart from department stores, what makes me unbearable most is the fresh and attractive fat seafood, alas! Now think about it and swallow saliva ~ ~

The only time I saw a pig in Thailand was here, alas! ! Poor ~ ~

Of course, the most popular pedestrian streets are all kinds of bars and adult shows ~ ~ PATTAYA is the city with the largest number of land bars in the world, and its openness can be imagined ~ ~

The famous GO GO show is also on this street ~ ~ Thai sisters dressed in uniform and holding billboards to solicit business at the door, but this kind of place cannot be lost, because this is commonly known as fishing ground, depending on whether you are willing to be the slaughtered fish ~ ~

Performance Art at Pedestrian Street Head ~ ~

At the end of Fengyue Pedestrian Street, there is a hotel, where the original American sailors enjoyed themselves heartily, but now it has been gradually replaced by Russians ~ ~

The PATTAYA city logo under the dim light of night, against the background of the sea surface, reveals charm that makes countless handsome men and women full of reverie and longing ~ ~ even if they are drunk, they are also a kind of memory, because you can never forget what ~ here, in PATTAYA, in this city that never sleeps, you can’t be too crazy in how ~ ~

7. Oriental Princess

Through Fengyue Pedestrian Street, It’s a three-minute walk to the seaside pier, Let’s go to the Orient Princess to enjoy the charm of the real Thai transvestite, get in close contact with the transvestite, and have a good time ~ ~ Secretly tell you: the transvestite bag on board is only 20B Yo ~ ~ Because the Orient Princess is very large and cannot reach the shore, we need the following ferry boat to take us up, a distance of three minutes ~


From a distance, the Oriental Princess is like a warm and unrestrained Spice Girl, welcoming guests from all over the world ~ ~ ~

The Oriental Princess has prepared drinks, hot pot (pure decoration, no fire) and all kinds of snacks for the vast number of guests, all of which are free of charge ~ ~ But except drinks and drinks, snacks and fruits are basically untouched, because everyone is busy interacting with the transvestite ~ ~ the last group of transvestite sister movies ~ ~

Prosperity cannot drown the desolation of the heart ~ ~ Time is like water ~ ~

Who pretends not to be sad with a smile?

Your sunset, my face, who can achieve the long-cherished wish that will remain unchanged for a thousand years ~ ~ ~

Seeing here, there may still be many people who do not know whether the transvestite is a man or a woman, whether the transvestite can marry and have children, and how the transvestite came into being. Borrowing this chapter, I will sweep away illiteracy for those who still do not understand it ~ ~

Transvestite refers to the obvious female secondary sexual characteristics developed by male injection of estrogen from childhood. The world’s transvestites are mainly concentrated in Thailand, while Thailand’s transvestites are mainly concentrated in Bangkok and Pattaya, especially Pattaya. In Thailand, transvestites generally come from poor families with difficult livelihoods. It can be said that almost no rich children are willing to be transvestites. Although transvestites are not really accepted by the mainstream society in Thailand, they are fortunately not subject to great discrimination. There are transvestite students in schools and transvestite salespeople in shopping malls. Most transvestites choose this path to earn money, while others are born with gender dislocation. Thai law stipulates that transvestites are still men, but transvestites are positioned as women in daily social life. It is not easy for transvestites to gain a foothold in society. Only a handful of people can really become singing and dancing stars, become famous and make a lot of money. Most transvestites have to make money desperately for their livelihood and prepare for their old age (transvestites generally live in their 40s). As for these transvestite actors, the excellent ones earn 400,000 Thai baht per month, while the poor ones earn only about 1,000 yuan. On average, they perform more than three performances a day. The income from the performance belongs to the troupe owner, who basically uses “them” as a tool to get rich. Therefore, in order to survive, transvestites have to make money desperately. The small actors in the troupe earn very little, and it is very difficult to survive in a city like Bangkok with a monthly salary of 4,000 to 5,000 baht. As for getting married and having children, transvestites can have sex with men who fall in love with them, but it is impossible to have children because they are originally men and have no womb to give birth to babies. Knowing these life experiences of transvestites, don’t discriminate against them when you go to Thailand later. In fact, transvestites are not easy ~ ~

After enjoying the carnival with the transvestite, take the ferry boat back to the dock ~ ~ here is a hint: the transvestite on the Oriental Princess can touch, but she cannot take off her clothes, let alone tear at the transvestite’s clothes during the carnival, otherwise she will be severely reprimanded by the guards on board! ! After the transvestite performance starts, you cannot take photos with any tools. Be careful that your equipment will be confiscated.

At the end of this section, let’s take another look at the small team ~ ~

8. IX Imperial Temple + Qizhen Foshan

The IX Imperial Temple is located in Pattaya. Thais call it the “Imperial Temple” and it is a future palace specially built for today’s kings. The temple of the 9th Emperor honors the relics of eminent monks of all ages and their wax figures. These two scenic spots and the “Seven Treasures Foshan” to be seen later are called Thailand’s Three Wonders. You can’t take photos when visiting the wax museum, you need to take off your shoes and enter.

The architectural style of the 9th Imperial Temple is different from that of other temples. It is simple and exquisite. It is not as resplendent and magnificent as other temples. Everything follows the king’s instructions and is based on the principle of simplicity and simplicity. It has been built into a Buddha Hall, an abbot’s building, a monk’s house, a complex building, a pool, a kitchen and other necessary houses. Each building is white, indicating purity and beauty.

The 9th Imperial Temple is well afforested and can be called a delicate royal garden ~ ~

The wax figures of eminent monks in the wax museum are not allowed to be photographed ~ ~ Blind take a few ~ ~ Hee hee ~ ~

Leaving the 9th Imperial Temple, I went to visit Qizhen Foshan ~ ~ Qizhen Foshan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the emperor’s accession to the throne. In particular, a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha was carved with laser and made of 4 tons of 24K gold sculpture ~ ~

According to legend, Qizhen Foshan is the place where an eminent monk found Long Mai for the ninth emperor today. He cut open a mountain in the shape of the mountain and cut down the surface of the mountain. A giant Buddha was carved with 4 tons of gold on the mountain. It is said that the meditation Buddha was drawn with high-tech laser, and the gold imported from Italy was inlaid with lines. The gold lines were dazzling. Sakyamuni’s relic was hidden in the heart of the Buddha. The Buddha statue with its seat is kind-hearted and can be seen from miles away ~ ~ in exclamation ~ ~

The Monk Boy under the Golden Buddha ~ ~

9. Dongba Paradise

Dongba Paradise is about 30 minutes’ drive from Pattaya City and covers a very large area. This is a private forest garden. Its founder is Mr. Wang Jinliang, a Thai Chinese and one of Thailand’s top ten richest men. The 7-11 convenience stores that can be seen everywhere on the streets and lanes were introduced into Thailand by him and can also be seen in some cities in China. There are three main tours in Dongba Paradise: watching folk performances, watching elephant performances and visiting tropical botanical gardens. Tickets for free travel are 250B.

Monkeys pick coconuts ~ ~ This performance takes 2 seconds. Coconuts are put on in advance. Monkeys pick one when they hear the owner’s instructions. If you miss it in the blink of an eye ~ ~

Under the tame of its master, the fierce tiger obediently lay on the ground and took photos with tourists ~ ~

Dongba Paradise can ride elephants around, 400 Thai baht for adults and 200 Thai baht for children.

We first walked into the theater, which can accommodate nearly 1,000 people, to watch Thai folk performances. Most of the performances of ethnic songs and dances are dances that show Thailand’s folk customs, as well as Thai boxing performances, performances that recreate the Thai-Myanmar war, and performances of ethnic customs. The performance lasts for about half an hour.

To be honest, I really don’t want to watch such a performance, and there are so many people in the venue, it’s hot, it’s all cooled by a few small fans, and the air is very dirty, so I came out after watching the two programs ~ ~

From the theater to the back is the elephant performance venue, because I came out early, so the elephant performance has not yet started. Many tourists are taking photos with elephants ~ ~ I dare not be rolled up by elephants, so I’ll show you two foreign girls ~ ~

After the folk performance, tourists swarmed in. The elephant performance began with shooting, dancing, bowling, drawing, massage, etc. I have to say, the IQ of elephants is really high, especially the painting, the painting is really good ~ ~ I took the performance part with DV, so I didn’t take the picture, so I won’t pass it on here ~ ~ Hint: traditional culture and elephant performance are performed four times a day: 10:15, 11:00, 15:00, 15:45, free travelers, don’t miss what you want to see ~ ~ was the dinner that day also eaten in the cafeteria of Dongba Paradise, or those kinds ~ ~

10. Xiaoyao Island-Jinsha Island-Self-funded Entertainment Project

The island tour is the most comfortable and exciting part of the whole trip. Are all the swimsuits and sunscreen shirts I mentioned in the previous preparations ready? Please equip them at this time ~ ~ When you come out of the hotel in the morning, the tour guide will give everyone a bath towel at the door. You should take good care of this bath towel and return it to the tour guide when you return to the hotel. If lost, 2000B will be compensated. The bathing suit had better be changed in the hotel, otherwise when playing with parachutes, there are many people and it is inconvenient to change clothes ~ ~

On the way to Xiaoyao Island, the speedboat will first take tourists to the platform where parachutes are played in the air. Air parachutes are self-funded projects. They are free to choose according to their personal preferences. The cost is 800B/person. When they came back, they saw some people writing 350B/person on Pattaya Beach. It seems that the water content is still very large. No wonder the tour guide said that this is his profitable project ~ ~ Well, don’t pursue it, come out to play, and happiness is the most important ~ ~

When parachuting in the air, The speedboat will slow down on the second turn to make you “skim the water.” When it comes to water, it actually means that the whole person falls into the sea, and then he pulls you up again, but the whole body is wet ~ ~ If you don’t wear a bathing suit or MM who is afraid of water, you should tell the staff in advance not to water, and he will mark your arm with no water ~ look at the figure below, “3-” means to water, “3*” or just write a number means not to water, you must say in advance ~ ~

Friends who don’t play games can sit here and rest ~ ~

But I suggest everyone to play, it’s really exciting ~ ~ mainly cool ~ ~ ha ha ~

After parachuting in the air, I took a speedboat for about 25 minutes to reach the first island, Xiaoyao Island. This island is just like its name. You can have fun and fun. All self-funded projects at sea are safe to play here. Submarine stroll, motorboat, banana boat, surfboard, double boating, etc., of which 1600B/person and 400B/person are self-funded items and can be freely selected. The other items are included in the tour fee, but they need to queue up ~ ~

The beach on Xiaoyao Island is relatively thin, However, due to too many tourists, There was a lot of broken glass on the beach, If you go to this island, Be sure to wear sandals ~ ~ My husband went to take a walk on the sea floor. I am afraid of water and dare not go down ~ ~ I can still take 36 photos under the sea. I give a CD ~ but I need to pay 900B. The tourists with the group can ask for one in groups of several people, which is quite cost-effective ~ ~ But judging from the films they took back, I don’t know at all, and I was cheated again ~ ~ Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if several people are in partnership ~ ~

On the trip, it was said that there were poker, mahjong, darts and other entertainment items on Xiaoyao Island. At first, I was still longing for them, but later, I almost laughed and sprayed them. Darts were only dart plates, poker was nowhere to be seen, and mahjong tiles were less than half left ~ ~ Alas ~ with this facility, how dare I write in the process?

Remind you that when you arrive on the island, there will be beach chairs for you to rest, but you must change the seal on your arm (middle of the figure below) ~ ~ If you don’t affix the seal, then you have to pay 10B to go to the toilet, and you can’t sit in chairs when you return to the rest area. Thais are rigid in doing business. You don’t think he will remember you.

The carnival of the small team is indispensable ~ ~ ~ ~ and the specially invited photographer of this trip, my husband, a fat lao ma ma ~ ~

Xiaoyao Island takes about 90 minutes to play, and then takes a speedboat to Jinsha Island for a seafood dinner ~ ~ Seafood dinner was introduced in the previous “Food” chapter and will not be mentioned here. Personally, I feel that the sand beach on Jinsha Island is really not in vain. The sand is much thinner and cleaner than that on Xiaoyao Island. Therefore, most Europeans and Americans play in the Golden Beach, Wearing all kinds of bikinis, swimming and sunbathing are very relaxing ~ ~ But I found that people swimming in the sea do not have Chinese tourists ~ ~ The tour guide said that the Chinese are afraid of sunbathing ~ I know he is bluffing ~ ~ In fact, he gives a total of 90 minutes on the island. After dinner, he has to stroll around the market street on the island and buy some souvenirs. Where is there time to swim? It was my husband who recognized the beach here and went to the sea alone to play with a group of foreigners for half an hour ~ ~

Friendly Reminder: All the sea events you want to play are on Xiaoyao Island. Except shopping and swimming, all events on Jinsha Island are not allowed to be played, because the people on the island will extort money from tourists. Because you don’t understand the language, you will feel very cheap, but when you come back from playing, he will change the price he said from Thai baht to RMB, then you will suffer a great loss ~ ~ the tour guide can’t help you ~ ~

Souvenirs and sha long (that is, the piece of cloth used as skirts) on sands island are cheaper, much cheaper than what we bought in Bangkok ~ ~ and there are also bargaining here ~ ~ but there are some floating merchants who buy leather goods in the market, you should never believe ~ ~ the crocodile skin and pearl fish skin he sells are only 200-500B, do you think pie may fall from the sky? ? If you want to buy real goods, I will talk about it later ~ ~

After playing on the island, we took a speedboat back to PATTAYA ~ ~ Pattaya’s city sign as if you could see it anywhere ~ ~

11. Tropical Fruit Garden

The Tropical Fruit Garden in PATTAYA, There are all kinds of tropical fruits planted in it. There are mangoes, durian, mangosteen, grapefruit, guava, jackfruit, pitaya, longan, etc. But maybe it’s a little late for us to go, A lot of fruits have already been put on the market ~ ~ so we basically didn’t see what fruits on the trees ~ ~ then we went to taste the fruits together ~ ~ the itinerary said that we would eat until we were full. But there is really no valuable and delicious fruit variety in what, In fact, it is a form of dealing with travel agencies ~ ~ Let’s think about it. If we eat enough, durian alone can eat him down ~ ~ When we went, the price of gold pillows on the market was 100B/kg, which was not much different from the domestic price ~ ~ The fruits that can be eaten are the common ones such as watermelons, pineapples, grapefruit, etc. ~ ~

The collection office was impressively written with the eight characters “I can’t finish eating and can’t walk around”. After looking at the photos, how did it feel like the government was giving beggars free lunch ~ ~ depressed ~ ~

12. 93rd Division Museum

The Tropical Fruit Garden is the 93rd Division Museum. Perhaps many people do not know the significance of visiting this scenic spot is what ~ ~ Then I would like to briefly tell you ~ ~ This is a place where the then “Thaksin” government opened up a place for Chinese people in the Golden Triangle to live together, and it is also one of the economic sources for people in the Golden Triangle to live. Now the people here are the second generation and the third generation. According to the people here, their previous generation was mainly a Chinese Kuomintang expeditionary force that had entered Myanmar during World War II, and a Kuomintang unit that had been scattered during the War of Liberation and had been working as a mercenary in the Golden Triangle. The Thai government has strict regulations for those who can work here. Must be married, must have children. Every family can only live here for half a year. Make some money. Then rotate other families. People living here are not allowed to walk out of a village about 2 square kilometers in size. Because they have no nationality. Taiwan does not want them, nor does the mainland recognize them. They are truly stranded Chinese children. The place where they really live is called “Mesla” and the living conditions are very difficult. Fei Yuqing has been there and created a touching song called “Mei Si Le”.

This lovely baby slept so peacefully in the hammock. How could he know that he was an unrecognized Chinese? ?

Without nationality, one cannot enjoy medical treatment if one is ill, without nationality, one cannot go to school if one has no nationality, one cannot have the minimum right to be a human being… after the visit, many people did not speak. I think this may be the only scenic spot in Thailand that makes the Chinese heartache ~ ~

13. Golden Buddha Temple

The first thing to enter the Golden Buddha Temple is to pay homage to the four-sided Buddha. For flower 20B, please invite 12 incense sticks and a wreath. Then, from the front (the side with feet), you will pay homage in turn. After paying homage, you will insert three incense sticks. The four sides respectively represent peace and health, successful career, happy marriage and to be No.1. If you have a greater demand for any aspect at present, put the wreath on the corresponding side. Then find a tour guide to take two pieces of gold foil and give Buddha gold after entering the hall. In the same sentence, Thailand’s Buddha is really very spiritual ~ because no photos are allowed in the temple, let’s send out some scenery in the courtyard ~ ~

14. Pacific Viewing Platform

15. Riding Elephants and Hanging Crocodiles

Speaking of riding an elephant, in fact, I am not so willing. I really feel a little pitiful that a 3-ton monster is so ridden. But follow the group, everyone ride, ride it ~ ~

The name of the elephant we are riding is Ham to Ya (Thai pronunciation), and it is already 30 years old, while the elephant slave of this head is 13 years old, and he is still a minor child ~ ~ He prefers communication, and he also comes down to take photos of us with a camera in the middle ~ ~ A very enthusiastic child ~ ~

Speaking of hanging crocodiles, it is simply cheating ~ ~ a small river ditch less than 20 meters, a cage boat, after boarding the boat, everyone will send a pole hanging chicken to let you hang crocodiles ~ ~ but the crocodiles lying on the bank will not move, just like dead, I don’t know whether they are full or other what reasons. The boatman walked back and forth with the boat, but he didn’t feed any chicken. It was really sad ~ ~ I thought I had to see the real crocodile in Bangkok ~ ~

16. Adult Show

When I arrive in Thailand and PATTAYA, I don’t watch a human show, which is tantamount to a trip for nothing. As I said earlier, as soon as the tour guide P Lin gets on the bus, let’s let go of our thoughts, otherwise we will not have fun. Our group includes two adult shows. Other teams are all self-funded projects and are all competing to see them. Why don’t we go for free? After discussion, several girls cannot be left behind ~ ~ PATTAYA’s adult shows are everywhere, but the larger ones are three-in-one. Tickets are 2400B, or about 500 RMB. The venues are large and spacious, and the contents are very open. The so-called three-in-one refers to men, women and transvestites. Here, all your doubts about the privacy of transvestites can be solved. No photos are allowed inside. The guards are very strict. Before entering the site, the cameras, mobile phones and DV are all handed over to the tour guide for safekeeping.

Friendly reminder: If the girl is conservative and timid, and just wants to watch the excitement, then you’d better find a place where there are many boys to sit, and never have several girls sitting together, because there will be naked men coming down and standing in front of you in the middle of the performance. The more you are afraid of him, the more excited you are, ha ha ~ ~

The other venue is to watch the performance of European and American golden cats. The environment of this venue is much worse. There are many foreigners in the audience. If you sit in the front row and a man and a woman in the middle have sex, you will put the woman on the legs of the audience in the front row to exercise. Oh, it’s really bad to say ~ go and see it yourself ~ ~ Photography is also not allowed here ~ ~

After watching the adult show, the chapter of “music” can finally end ~ ~ very tired ~ ~ but can’t rest, continue ~ ~ GO ~ ~ ~

6. Purchase

In this chapter on shopping, the focus is to introduce and analyze the shopping points arranged by travel agencies, and to analyze the quality, price and domestic market of commodities, hoping to be helpful for you to prepare to go to Thailand ~ ~

1. Royal Jewelry Exhibition Center

Royal Gems International Company Limited is a two-storey resplendent building located in Latkhawan County, Bangkok, Thailand. It is the world’s largest jewelry store. Inside is a 6.3-foot-high and 35-ton white jade Buddha imitation of Peng Shiluo Prefecture. This is a popular shopping and sightseeing spot for sightseeing groups from China, Japan and the Republic of Korea. The second floor is a gem area, selling gem products from Beibi Prefecture in the central part of Thailand and Jidalat Prefecture in the eastern part. Thailand is rich in red and sapphire, and the quality of gem products here is quite good. The price is also much cheaper than that in China ~ ~ a ruby bracelet is 1000 ~ 1500 yuan cheaper than that in China, Therefore, those who like precious stones can sell them as much as possible ~ ~ and the jewelry bought here has a unique identification certificate. After 10 years, you can still come back with the certificate to change the style ~ ~ There are leather products, five-color porcelain, tin, bath sesame oil and other products on the first floor. The price is moderate, the quality is up to standard, and you can also buy them at ease.

Friendly reminder: The jewelry center is extremely cold, so remember to take your coat when girls get off the bus ~ ~

Thailand’s Fifth Emperor, Like Sun Yat-sen ~ ~

Plant Landscape in Jewelry Center Hospital ~ ~

2. Leather Exhibition Center

Thailand Leather Exhibition Center mainly sells leather belts, wallets and other ornaments with local customs made of crocodile skin, pearl fish skin, elephant skin, snake skin, shark skin, lizard skin, etc. It is exquisite and meticulous and is very popular with tourists from all over the world. Especially crocodile skin and pearl fish skin, Exquisite style, The workmanship is very exquisite, The most important thing is that the price is much cheaper than that in China. Crocodile skin bags and handbags are about 5,000 ~ 10,000 yuan, The new style of the pearl fish skin handbag is very beautiful. The price is around 2500 yuan ~ ~ Don’t hesitate to like it, I bought a pearl fish skin handbag and an elephant skin wallet ~ ~ Personally, I feel that although the crocodile skin handbag is very good, it is suitable for people who are slightly older. Young people are not suitable for it. The pearl fish skin is beautiful and durable, and is very suitable for young people to use ~ ~ Of course, this is purely personal opinion, for reference only ~ ~

The self-service hot pot eaten at noon in the leather display center tasted good, but there were too many people and some chaos ~ ~

3. Royal Viper Research Center

The Thai Poisonous Snake Research Center is a non-profit organization. As it was previously monopolized by the royal family, it is now also known as the “Thai Royal Poisonous Snake Research Center”. Now the research center has been openly regarded as one of the most important tourism projects in Thailand.

Thailand is called the treasure house of poisonous snakes and produces a lot of snakes. The research institute keeps living poisonous snakes. All kinds of poisonous snakes are classified and kept in well-equipped glass rooms. Maintain humidity and temperature suitable for snake survival in the room. Cobra, Agkistrodon halys, Bungarus multicinctus and other poisonous snakes rest on the ground in a disk-shaped ring, or climb on trees, commanding and carefree. Tourists can see the demonstration performance of specialized personnel extracting snake venom here, and can also watch the wonderful performance of snake experts demonstrating catching snakes empty-handed.

Extract snake venom ~ ~ ~

There will be a professional doctor who will tell you about the efficacy of snake venom and 10 kinds of snake medicine products such as Jiedu Dan, which are mainly recommended. ~ ~ The efficacy is still relatively significant ~ ~ The price ranges from 800 to 1200 yuan. However, the price of snake medicine products here is much higher than that in China (I mean exactly the same products, not the same type of products), so if you like it, don’t buy it there, it will cost a lot more ~ ~

But the lotus flowers in the courtyard of the research center are very beautiful ~ ~ I like them very much ~ ~

4. Original Stone Museum

The original stone museum has collected rare stones, strange stones and precious stones from all over the world. Only two places in the world have not taken stones. The most colorful ones in the museum are the original stone puzzles hanging on the wall. Although the composition and color of the painting are extremely common, they are very precious because they are made up of stones from various countries. Therefore, the pictures are all collections and not for sale. The museum mainly popularizes the knowledge of “stone”, so it mainly displays various specimens and samples. The merchandise displayed by the attached sales department is very ordinary and cannot arouse tourists’ desire to buy.

The Thai royal family has always been proud of the group photos of all the royal families in the world ~ ~

All kinds of original stone works ~ ~

Purchase Tips: The original stone works have no purchasing value, and the good works are expensive. Instead, there are essential oil soap, aromatherapy and latex pillows on the first floor that can be purchased. In particular, it is pointed out that the essential oil soap is of good quality, 150B pieces, with various fragrances and very good effects. Some small shops outside buy three pieces for 100B, but the fragrance is obviously much lighter. Thailand’s latex is especially the best in Phuket Island. Latex pillows and mattresses are really good, I bought three pillows, 3500B one, swipe card worth more than 700 RMB, much cheaper than in China, and the latex content reached 97%, the store’s packaging is very considerate, directly packed in cartons, and the pillow is vacuum compressed, very thin, put on the bus directly to the airport for check-in, very convenient, our group bought a lot, so that finally the airport luggage cart a whole box ~ ~

5. Bird’s Nest Shop and Local Specialty Shop

Bird’s Nest Store mainly understands the formation and collection of bird’s nest and the authenticity identification of blood swallows. Bird’s nest products are expensive. The price of a box of swallow lamps is about 35,000 yuan, and the price of a box of swallow shreds is several thousand yuan. I don’t know much about bird’s nest and don’t have so much money, so I won’t consider it. The store has processed bird’s nest soup to taste, 200B a bowl, the quantity is very small, it is estimated that it is only one or two soups ~ ~

Local products shops have a lot of sugar, crisp and flour, which can be tasted free of charge at a moderate price and purchased according to personal needs.

6. King power duty-free shop

Duty-free shops are located at Bangkok’s Suwannabe International Airport. There are many world famous brands such as cosmetics, electrical appliances, watches and clothing. L ‘Or é al cosmetics and LEE clothing are much cheaper than domestic prices. The products on the second floor cannot be picked up on site. They cannot be picked up until they pass the customs at the airport. Goods on the first floor can be picked up on the spot, but you can apply for tax refund if you shop for 2000B or more, but you must have 5000B or more to get cash. However, the Thai baht is also returned. If the quantity is not large, it can be consumed directly at the duty-free shop at the airport.

Key Tip: All goods picked up by duty-free shops can be refunded, but note that you must rely on your purchase invoice and yellow list to go through the tax refund formalities (a yellow A4 paper) at the tax refund counter at the exit and wait until the airport to refund the money. However, tax refund procedures can only be handled on the same day. We flew at Langman Airport, and many members of our group did not go through the tax refund formalities on the same day, so they did not refund the tax in the end. Therefore, if you go back, you must pay attention to this time and handle it on the same day.

7. Convenience stores (non-itinerary shopping points)

Convenience stores in Thailand have one every 100 meters. 7-Levren and family mart are everywhere. You may not quite understand why it is called 7-11. In fact, it was originally a supermarket chain in the United States. It opened at 7 o’clock in the morning and closed at 11 o’clock in the evening. After being introduced into Thailand by Mr. Wang Jinliang, it became open 24 hours a day. Convenience stores have a complete range of things, and the price is also cheap, which is very convenient. Especially Yangledo, the price is very cheap, I have to drink every night.

Beer and cigarettes in Thailand are very expensive, and there are very scary photos on cigarettes, encouraging citizens to quit smoking ~ ~

At the gate of convenience stores, there are often many stray dogs sleeping there at night, but everyone need not be afraid. Thailand is a Buddhist country, no one will hurt dogs, and dogs will not take the initiative to attack people ~ ~ People and animals live in harmony ~ ~

Well, that’s all for the chapter on shopping. The only regret of following the group is that there is too little time for free shopping ~ ~ After all, everything has its gains and losses ~ ~

Seven. Small teams are full of joy.

Here I would like to introduce some experience to you, that is, a small team of 6-8 people in a large team according to their temper, character, hobbies and age. Some people will say that when they go to Thailand, they are usually small couples or young couples with company. Why do they have to form a team? Then you are wrong ~ ~ I’ll give you an analysis of the advantages of the next small team ~ ~

1. Safer. Six to eight people gather together to take care of each other. After all, outbound travel is no better than at home. Sometimes when you both play with the project, you can let the team members look at the items, which is safer. Moreover, when going out, when there are more people, the strength will be great. Even if you go out to play at night, so many people will not have big problems with what. Just imagine, if only you couple, do you dare to go out at night?

2. More lively. When there are too many people and people, it is the same everywhere. Friends with congenial temper and character will gather together and have many common topics. Everyone will talk about each other and be very lively. Moreover, when there are more people, there will be more ideas. Any action will hit it off and you will not be cheated when shopping independently.

3, more convenient. You don’t just want to take a single photo when you go out to play, then ask your team friends for help ~ ~ Don’t be embarrassed, friends are mutual.

4. Through these days of coexistence abroad, strangers who don’t know each other have become familiar with each other. Everyone understands each other and becomes good friends after returning home. Moreover, friends made through outbound travel are often found in all provinces and regions, and there will be opportunities to meet for travel in the future. Don’t you think it is a matter of killing two birds with one stone?

Let’s solemnly introduce our small team. I have seen several films in front of me. I won’t write my full name out of privacy. Let’s introduce it in Thailand’s way of address:

Lao ma ma: P Han, P Yang (big), P Qu, P Yang (small)

Shui jing jing: P Wang, P Mi, P (Zheng), P He

Bangkok Bar Passion Drink ~ ~

BATTAYA Seafood Barbecue Stall ~ ~

Jinan, the spring city, keeps high ~ ~

You may wonder why you do the thumb-down movement, because the map of Thailand is like the shape of our left hand sticking out the thumb-down finger, which does not mean weak ~ ~

Goodbye, Bangkok ~ ~ BATTAYA ~ ~ We’ll see you soon ~ ~

All right, I’ve finally finished writing ~ ~ Please criticize and correct the improper points in the article ~ ~