At the beginning of the new day, we will march towards today’s largest destination, Chiang Mai Flower Fair ROYAL FLORA.

Although it is a flower fair, the information that can be found on the Internet is pitifully small, and the official website is still too bad to open at all. The only strategy is to see bus No 11 at Chiang Mai Gate, and just sit directly to the terminal at 15B. So I set off towards the Chiang Mai Gate. When I arrived, I was dumbfounded. The Chiang Mai Gate in the morning was an morning market, full of roadside stalls, and I could not see the bus station at all. There was a bus No.11 in the middle, but I was thinking that I was going to take No.15, so I didn’t wave it to stop, and I didn’t see it stop at all. The only gain was to take this picture. Thais knew it was a flower fair when they looked at it, otherwise no one would understand ROYAL FLORA.

Later, when I found out the strategy and looked at it again, I found out that I had missed the No.11 bus. According to the strategy, I had to wait another 30 minutes before the next bus was available, so I found a toast seller to sit down and eat while asking for the news. The Chiang Mai people sitting around me are very friendly. Knowing that I was looking for the No.11 bus, I kept discussing (in Thai, so I couldn’t understand it at all) and finally came to the conclusion that I didn’t know there was this bus (faint, I clearly saw it passing by just now). After that, two old foreign men came to sit opposite me and drink coffee. I talked to them for a while. One of them lived in Thailand for a period of time and told me clearly that he had never seen any bus stop in Chiang Mai. Even if he had, he would not come every half hour as I said to persuade me to die. The other one, like me, has just come to travel. He said that he had just been to ROYAL FLORA yesterday and took a free bus from the railway station. He also took out the map and helped me find it for half a day. Because I saw bus No 11, I wanted to wait for another bus before giving up, so after thanking them, I waited for nearly half an hour. Some of them asked me to take his motorcycle, but I refused. I didn’t see any of the two cars. TUTU asked for 300. Die.

Finally, when my heart became angry, I decided not to go to the what Flower Fair and went directly to Tapeimen. The first harvest of walking on the main road was to find that there was a post office here, which was not marked on the N maps I got before, and the sign was not obvious, but it was definitely the easiest one to find recently. It took 5B to buy a postcard and 15B to send it back to Shanghai. It was only received a month ago.

Then I went to a small Thai restaurant recommended by many strategies nearby, which was full of foreigners… see, all foreigners represented expensive and disgusting, although I ate it three times in a row because I couldn’t find anything else to eat in the morning. 40B a bowl of KOH SOI (that is, yellow curry chicken noodles) has only one mouthful of noodles and a few chicken shreds, alas……

There is a LILA THAI MASSAGE nearby. Anyway, I didn’t figure out how to arrange it today and went in to make a 1H FOOT MASSAGE, 200B. The PACKAGE price of this house is actually similar to LET ‘S RELAX, but the environment inside is much worse, so I didn’t take a photo. It was very common. Although people were very NICE and laughed all the time, it was later discovered that she could speak Chinese (non-overseas Chinese, self-taught) and English was very bad. So I asked her about ROYAL FLORA. She finally wrote me a small note, all in Thai, saying that it was enough to find the TUTU car. So I took this note and went on my way. The driver of the TUTU car offered 50B, I think it’s cheap, He went to the ground happily, As a result, after driving for more than ten minutes, the driver drove to a small parking lot. Only then did I know that I was pulled to the transfer station, where there was a two-car parked and 150B drove directly to ROYAL FLORA. Otherwise, I would have to wait for six people and each 25B. I waited for about 20 minutes and no one came at all. So I tried to bargain with my little brother, who looked like a dispatcher, and said that I could not walk alone in 100B. As a result, his English was extremely poor and he could only say “150B, go now, 25B, wait”. Let me think about it, 150B is 30 RMB. Don’t care so much, just go straight. However, to be honest, my heart is still very angry, and I always feel that I have been badly hurt (of course, this has nothing to do with the massage aunt who wrote me the note. She kindly thought that she could find someone to carpool here, or thank her)

ROYAL FLORA is next to the airport, so it is quite fast to pass from the transfer station. All the way is this spacious avenue.

Outside the garden, in fact, the scenery here is still very good. I originally wanted to take more photos, but Uncle Security was too enthusiastic. Seeing me, a foreigner probably thought I couldn’t find a ticket to buy, so he rushed me all the way to the ticket gate T-T

Tickets are 200B, but there is no difference between foreigners and nationals.

After that, I entered the garden. In fact, the garden was not small and there were not few people. However, as a person who stayed from 9: 00 a.m. to 9: 00 p.m. at the Shanghai World Expo, the garden was not enough to visit and was completed in 3 hours. Basically, it is flowers and plants and buildings in various countries. In the middle, I once ate a pig’s foot meal plus a half-cooked egg and a string of grilled fish plates. This should be the most delicious roadside stall I have eaten so far. Until now, I still want to drool when I think of the taste of the egg. The fish plate has its own flavor stained with the sour, sweet, spicy sauce. Moreover, even if people open in the flower fair, they do not sit on the floor to raise the price, totaling 45B……

Many buses can be seen at the exit. I asked the drivers to return to the railway station free of charge. Although it was a detour because the railway station and ROYAL FLORA were on the east and west sides of Chiang Mai City, in order to save money, I got on it. I drove to the railway station for about 40 minutes and got on the two buses 30B to return to Chiang Mai Gate at 5: 30 p.m. The Chiang Mai Gate at night is still worth visiting. There are many vendors all the way, much more than in the morning.

It is also a super delicious beef ball noodle that exceeds the standard of roadside stalls. As soon as the beef ball is eaten, it is known that it is made of beef instead of flour. The soup head is very fresh but it is not dry after eating. 35B is the inner cow.

Do you have any impression of this? In the past, I bought a box for 20B on Kaoshan Road in Bangkok. It was delicious. It was only 10B here. As a result, when I ate it, ORZ Bangkok, which tasted completely different, contained coconut meat. I don’t know what it was, and I also put onions in it. Mistakes. Mistakes.

So I went to make up a legendary 25B banana ROTTI, which is actually an Indian flying cake. I ate it in Shanghai about 8 years ago. The difference is that Thais put condensed milk as if they didn’t want money. Therefore, my advice is not to add any ingredients, just ask for a 15B ROTTI to eat very well, because the roasted banana tastes really strange…….

Finally, I went to the fruit stall and bought two slices of cut watermelon 20B. Facts have proved that none of the fruits I bought in Thailand alone can be eaten. I can still order fruit salad in the restaurant obediently in the future. When I returned to the inn, I met an enthusiastic boss. Although I was chatting with others, I still said hello to me and asked me if I remembered how to open the door. I quickly told him that there was no problem. I could handle it. Later, I thought for half a day before opening it. Therefore, the only shortcoming of the inn should be this door.