Thailand’s eight-day trip, too many accidents.

The noise and sightseeing in Chiang Mai surprised me, but the ancient capital called Dacheng near Bangkok smelled of a small city.

After careful taste, Chiang Mai also has too many memorable places. On the last day, I was staring blankly at Paxin Temple and meditated. I actually remembered Jiang Xun’s “Love Book” (12 love letters to……). While waiting for Phuket’s plane, Fenbi also wrote 12 love letters to Chiang Mai, but this love letter was lost on the bus from Phuket to Bankok together with my ID card, domestic phone card and notes. Fortunately, the passport still does not affect me to go home. Fortunately, the memory is still clear and does not affect me to go back and rewrite it.

In the past, I always wanted to finish writing a city or scenic spot at a time, so I often had a show and there was no following. What did I do when I read the words that annoyed me? This time, I will break the writing.

Friends who travel with them will also take notes, probably where they went, what they ate and how much they spent……

The places that touched my heart and the delicious food that my stomach remembered did not need notes, but I could remember them. As for how much money it cost, I did not care at all afterwards.

I only care for the new experiences and new ideas brought to me by the trip. I want to record these things, because it is easy to drown in the trivial things of returning to Beijing day after day.

At the market in Chiang Mai, I had a 10-bath (equivalent to 2rmb) local breakfast like the local people. The next day, I went to U Chiang Mai recommended by Gan Gan and had a 300bath breakfast that others said was burnt. Anyway, as long as I like, what is not allowed.

As if walking in the luxurious Chiang Mai Oriental Mandarin was still in front of me, I immediately enjoyed the rural cabin of the big city alone, while the smile and gaze of the classical Buddha were less than 50 meters away from me. From the big city to Bangkok, I gave up the comfortable and fast minibus and took the train for 80 kilometers, 1.5 hours, 4RMB, natural air conditioning and all kinds of people. From the railway station to the mountain road, 6 kilometers, 1 hour, the fare is more than 20 rmb, taxi air conditioning.

To me, travel is relaxation, challenge, experience and gain a little insights.

In the next two days, slow down the trip (because the return is followed by another full five days of work), do only two things, pray devoutly in front of the four Buddhas, and then shop! However, the shopping list seems to have been lost along with the ID card, so lose it casually!