The little Arashima is a little-known mountain with an elevation of 1186m. The income of “My 100 Famous Mountains” is due to its mountaineering road on the Mount Arashima (1523m), one of the “100 Famous Mountains in Japan”. Also because it was sunny after the rain and the humidity and temperature were high on that day, the mountain climbing road in the forest was like a natural sauna, and the water it carried was not enough to maintain the whole journey of climbing the desert island, so it returned to the original road of Mount Arashima. On the return trip, there was another shower. Although I carried rain gear, my whole body was wet with sweat from the inside to the outside. It was better to let the rain wash again from the outside. From the point of view of mountaineering, this is a retreat.

The 360-degree outlook of the little Arashima and the thick summer white clouds floating on the same horizontal plane seem to bring us to fairyland. And I think of one of the topics in the Star Friends Forum at that time, which was initiated by Xiao Yu Er. It was called “light wind, light clouds and light walking”. Yes, don’t be difficult for yourself, stop climbing the mountain, walk, and take photos of submitting articles. I am happy to lose the battle. This is a famous mountain and a beautiful memory brought to me by starry sky friends.

And, the moderator of Star Friends published an anniversary review today, which is a congratulatory commemoration of my own.