Okinawa, a beautiful and clean island, is also a very polite city. Everything makes people feel so comfortable, so natural and so enjoyable. The air is very good and the blue sky is very blue and empty. Perhaps it is very difficult to have such an environment in Guangzhou, which makes me fall in love with Okinawa. On average, I commute from Guangzhou to Okinawa every 2 months all the year round, and my family settles in Okinawa. It is highly recommended that you can travel once. Ha ha, you are too young. If you are old, Okinawa can be said to be a holy place for the aged.

On September 26, I will fly from Hong Kong to Okinawa again. I hope I can go with my friends and choose a perfect journey of 3 or 4 days. My personal return schedule is relatively late, but I can arrange authentic tour guides for you, because we have Chinese-style Japanese tour guides. Born in China and raised in Okinawa, he can not only avoid language communication barriers, but also fully guide the journey.

Even if Okinawa can be so beautiful in winter, you must go to Okinawa in cool summer and have a comfortable trip.

If you go, you can contact me and give you a warm business trip. The whole journey of commercial bus transportation and independent tour guide VIP group is no longer a dead journey. It is a completely free and personalized journey. It is up to you to decide where to go next.