Huxi Peak is located at the junction of Jingxian County and Magistrate of a County. It continues from south to north and is a combination of low mountains with an altitude of 100 ~ 400m. During this period, there are many natural hiking roads, which can be selected according to one’s physical hobbies and so on. They are very popular. According to statistics from Huxi City, there are more than 100,000 visitors every year. Among them, 324m Shenshi Mountain is included in “Mountain of Jingxian County” and “Mountain of Magistrate of a County” respectively. This year we have climbed a lot of mountains, and our mountaineering shoes are worn and consumed a lot. We have just changed new ones. We have come here to try our best. In fact, it is enough to have a pair of sports shoes in Lianfeng, west of the lake. I was stunned to see the heroine who took her children to climb Huangshan Mountain in high heels. She even climbed Lotus Peak. This is the view of Songshan Prospect Station. At present, it is Binming Lake and Mount Fuji can be seen in the distance. Here, I met an 80-year-old man who came to climb the mountain every day and heard him tell many stories about Mount Fuji. I also met two compatriots, young people who have just come to a private enterprise in Huxi City for short-term study, not much older than our daughter. I took them to climb the mountain when I got to know each other.

On May 17, 1996, when my daughter’s kindergarten organized large classes of children to climb the west peak of the lake, it was also Shenshi Mountain. According to young people, most parents in China are reluctant to let their children suffer like this.

I came to Pumen Temple on this side of Aichi Prefecture together. Compared with the photos taken in 1996, I still recognized some changes. This is from the temple to the mountain gate, three people are resting and communicating. One of them has a lot of research on the temple, saying that there are bamboo forests around the temple, which is used to ward off evil spirits. This is a new knowledge for me, hey hey, after seeing the temple, there will be another pleasure in finding bamboo forests. It says the gate of the temple in the boat-shaped mountain. Comparing the expressions of the children left on the photos, we can see that this is a memorial to the triumphant return. Walking back along the field path, it took 4 hours in a circle, passing through 16 years of time and space, and there was also harmonious cross-border communication.