12.10.04 Caojinjing

In order to save time, I chose the bus leaving at 6: 00 a.m., so I got up at 4: 50, ate Yamazaki’s cheap and delicious Tiramisu, and dragged the big box downstairs. Before, I asked the wife of shop-owner how to check out early in the morning. She said it doesn’t matter, just put the key in the basket. As a result, I went downstairs and saw that the door was locked. A JR BUS passed slowly in front of the door, in a cold sweat. After twisting the lock for half a day, it finally unscrewed it. I rushed all the way to the terminal. Finally, it was a downhill road and it was not tiring to run. )

When I arrived at the bus stop, I showed the driver standing nearby the printed tickets I had bought in advance and got on the bus. Let’s briefly talk about buying tickets for high-speed buses. I made a reservation on this exclusive website (https://www.kousokubus.net) and can choose whether to register as a member or not. It is very convenient to use credit cards for payment, and there is also a 5% OFF online early purchase special price. Therefore, I only paid 2,380 yen for a 4-hour drive from Caojin to Shinjuku, which is too cost-effective… You know, the local bus from JR Nagano’s original Caojin Station to Caojin the night before yesterday took 670 yen in 25 minutes. In addition, I also found a 2500 yen bus on RAKUTEN, but the time is only 2: 00 p.m. bus, which is not convenient for this website to come every 2 hours, but the advantage is that I can save RAKUTEN points (_)

The bus was not very spacious, but there were very few people. I was the only one who set off with an old woman, so no one was in charge of the large bags and small bags. In addition, the weather was fine. Looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window while drinking milk felt like an autumn outing.

Speaking of which, this should be the first time I have been wandering around the mountains of Japan by bus. It is very leisurely.

If I remember correctly, the scenic spot in Takasaki is a super-large Guanyin.

Although it cannot be compared with the great rivers and mountains of China, it is much more beautiful than the countryside of Thailand.

In addition to Caojin, Qunma’s hot springs are also famous for Ichampo on the stone steps. Those who want to tour the hot springs can use this bus to go back and forth.


I will rest for 20 minutes in the middle of the trip. I can go to the bathroom or go to the same specialty store to buy some hand letters (the WC on the bus is extremely narrow and uncomfortable.)

After an error of 3 minutes and 10: 13, I arrived at Shinjuku. I contacted my baby with WB’s private letter so that I could meet him in Nakano. I bought a JR Tokyo one-day coupon (the normal name is Metropolitan District) of 730 yen and set off directly for Nakano. Let’s talk about the one-day coupons in Tokyo. There are many kinds of coupons. Personally, I think the best one is two coupons. One is JR’s 730 yen, which is the one on the picture, and the other is Tokyo METRO’s 710 yen. JR earned it back after going to more than three places a day, and saved the trouble of buying tickets every time he entered the station (I didn’t say if I used watermelon cards). However, what was disgusting was its scope of use. For example, from the west to Xidi, it would cost extra money to go to the Three Eagles State of Auspicious Temple. South to Gexi Linhai Park, Just one stop away from the world-famous Disney Dance Shore Station, You have to pay extra for a round trip (the journey is very long and you don’t want to walk by yourself), but it is definitely enough for people who go to Tokyo for the first time. Whether you are a house going to Akihabara Ikebukuro Nakano, or a shopaholic who likes to rush to Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, or Ueno Huangju Tokyo Tower, who likes to take the conventional road, you sincerely recommend it. The price is reasonable and the old and the young are not deceitful. All JR ticket sellers can buy it.

The last time I saw the baby was also in Nakano, but it was 4 years ago that the 10,000-year-old college student finally graduated and started working. What was the swelling of the hen’s mood when watching the chicken beat its wings (hello) the hotel didn’t open early in the morning, so I went to LOTTERIA to have coffee and chat first.

The complete works of burnt bread bought on AMAZON before departure are basically 1 yen each, because stupid AMAZON cannot buy them together and has to pay 250 yen postage for each purchase. After so many years of online shopping, I have never seen anything more stupid than AMAZON. Moreover, the international postage + handling fee scared the father to death, so they were all directly filmed and sent to the relatives and friends living in Area 11, and then carried back by their own human flesh.

I was going to go back to the hotel to pack up my luggage and then stroll slowly. Because the baby said that he would accompany me on a journey, he went to the national government first, which should be regarded as a suburb of Tokyo. The road is very spacious and there are many lovely shops. Before coming, he found a very good shop selling black tea on the Internet. If he came by mail order, the postage would be 400 yen. Anyway, the extra money needed to go back and forth with a one-day coupon would be 420 yen, and he could also visit the national government by the way.

According to the baby, there was a heavy rain in Tokyo yesterday. One of his rainy men was worried that there would be a heavy rain when he came out today. As a result, I, a sunny woman, was stronger than XD.

The highest-ranked Indian curry shop on TABELOG almost couldn’t find it after following the baby’s GPS, but it was later found by human flesh. It can be seen that it can’t rely entirely on high technology, otherwise there will be cups and utensils driving all the way to the sea. I ordered 650 yen of chicken curry, which swept away my bad impression of Indian curry. It was delicious.

After that, I went to the black tea shop to find the tableware. Before I left, I specially checked that their house was closed on Tuesday. As a result, when I looked at the door, I actually changed from October to Wednesday and Thursday (V:, V:) 90% of my purpose in coming to the country was black tea, okay? Indian curry is delicious, but there are delicious curries everywhere in Tokyo, okay? If it’s normal, even if you can still stroll around today’s big bags and small bags with a otaku, you can’t let him accompany me to Xiaoxin, ok?

There is no way but to go back to the national station to buy a return ticket. Let’s briefly talk about how to buy tickets when you go to places outside the free area in the metropolitan area. If you get on the bus in the free area, brush it directly in. When you get out, don’t go through the automatic ticket checking channel. Prepare the extra money and show it to JR staff together with this metropolitan area. If the person who got on the bus is outside the free area, buy a ticket to enter the station first (calculate how much fare it takes to get from your area to the station at the edge of the free area, and each JR has a fare table outside for reference). When getting off the bus, just show the ticket to JR staff together with the metropolitan area. I happened to talk to my baby about the poor mental calculation of Africans. For example, if you buy 23 dollars, you must not give them 33 dollars. Otherwise, they will not be able to calculate whether they should find 10 dollars or not. They will go crazy. As I said that I had put 5,000 yen in the frontier. When the change was vomited out, I told another cold joke I had seen before. I said that a Chinese was shopping in the United States and his eyes were looking into the sky while his mind was calculating. The people of the United States were shocked and said that this was the legendary cloud computing. After that, I found out, ah, ah, ah, ah? Why didn’t I have my ticket; ) It seems that it has retracted again because it has been too long to get it from patronizing and telling cold jokes! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Do swelling do swelling do? Do I have to lose 210 yen for my stupidity after Hakodate’s departure? Add up to 6 puddings. At this moment, a face suddenly squeezed out from the small window above the ticket vending machine (the window was very small, so the face was really squeezed out) and asked me what was wrong. Although I was scared to death, I immediately realized that this should be JR’s four doctors and noticed that the ticket was retracted. In order to avoid being scolded, I said lightly that the money was stuffed but I didn’t get the ticket (this is not a lie because I really didn’t get the ticket (_)). He asked me how much money I had stuffed, When I said 5000 yen, he asked me how much change I had received. In fact, I didn’t look at it at all when I took the change, but immediately I calculated and told him it was 4790 yen. He checked back and supplied me with another ticket. When getting on the bus, the baby said, Fortunately, you are Chinese, Mental calculation is fast (“good boy, please don’t imitate” and went back to Nakano to stroll down Broadway. He entered two fan records, But because the things are too heavy, I am not in the mood to stroll around. So say goodbye to the baby and take a bus back to Nanqian to put things away (MM at the front desk should be a foreign student and kindly helped me carry luggage case to the third floor. Later, I found that except for a Japanese grandfather, all the others here were foreign students and changed one every day) and set off easily to see the rebuilt Tokyo Station.

This is the one in the country train where the advertisement shop covers even the horses, so I also joined in to look at it. God, although it is very beautiful, it is not good to see so many evil buildings behind.

The interior is like this. I remember watching the Japanese Railway Travel Series of Kuan Zhihong before. It seems that the upstairs is a hotel that can accommodate people. It should be very attractive to railway fans.

Next is today’s big head play, walking on the Rainbow Bridge! I have been to the stage three times before, Either the thief’s expensive coastal line or the more expensive, However, I really want to go to the stage to see the resurrected Gangdaki (I went to see it on the last day of the legendary exhibition 3 years ago in the face of the storm, but this year he came back and became a permanent exhibition (“-“)) and then I looked online for a stage dating strategy network I found. It is mentioned that Rainbow Bridge can actually be hiked. I searched REPO on foot again with key words. Residents of Area 11 who love to write BLOG did indeed record in detail the whole record of walking all the way from JR Tanding Station. Since there is no official website for reference, I would like to say a few more words for subsequent hikers. Summer April 1-October 31 09: 00-21: 00 Winter November 1-March 31 10: 00-18: 00 The final admission time is 30 minutes before the closing time. However, since this time may change and some activities (such as the fireworks conference) will be closed on the stage, it is suggested to check online before departure. Get off at Tamachi and get off the bridge on the right side of Dongkou. Go straight, pass a bank, and then you can see the Rainbow Bridge. However, the entrance itself is extremely inconspicuous. It can only be said that the entrance is at the pier. Just walk towards the pier. You can see the elevator. After sitting on it, you can choose whether to take the south passage or the north passage. The scenery on both sides is different.

When I arrived, it was just dusk. I turned back and gave Tian Machi a long-term vision.

After walking forward for 10 minutes, I saw the sunset in less than looking back.

The lights are on.

It is the first time to look at the PC building from this perspective.

Gangda Mu moved, which used to be in Chaofeng Park, but now he has moved to the back of the newly opened DIVER CITY TOKYO. I haven’t seen you for three years, but your elegant demeanour is still the same (o; ) o “

Before I die, I believe that Zone 11 will definitely be able to build a moving Gangda wood. Watch out for you

Although it takes only 30 minutes to walk the Rainbow Bridge, it takes another 30 minutes to walk from Tamachi to DIVER CITY, so one and a half hours one way is still very tiring. After watching the bridge for more than ten minutes, I walked straight back. On the other side, you can take a panoramic view of Rainbow Bridge, but the camera is too bad to take the effect.

Tokyo Tower is also here. The night scene seen by naked eyes is really beautiful. Please don’t give up just because my photos are too ugly.

On the return trip, I saw a GN wearing super-high high heels in front of me, and it was obviously out of place. I turned around when I walked, and I was going to be tired. I took her as my target, thinking that I could not lose to the disabled, right? As a result, in the middle of the trip, she suddenly started running. It was difficult. Did I follow too closely and be regarded as a stalker? ! I looked around my eyes with a guilty conscience and found out why Uncle also started to run wild. Er, er, er? Is there going to be an earthquake? ) I had no time to think about it and ran wildly. I ran faster than high heels and leather shoes on NIKE. Just one minute after I rushed into Tamachi Station, it rained heavily. The inside cow was full of faces. In order not to bear the heavy load, I left the sunshade I usually took with me in the hotel. During the 3 hours from Tanding to the platform, there was basically no shelter on the road, especially the windward wind on the bridge. Once it rained, I could definitely wash all my eye makeup. People like me who do things as they please at ordinary times and never accumulate morality or RP, Why is RP so good every time you go out to travel? Travel God, you were my father in your last life, m (_) m Although it was pouring rain when I arrived at Nanqian Station, However, my heart was filled with gratitude for being saved by my father. I plunged into the heavy rain and rushed to LAWSON to buy a super strong transparent umbrella. Many sundries of neon can be found in TC with cheaper and better quality. However, the quality of transparent umbrellas is definitely one in the sky and one in the ground, so I will carry one back every time I come to neon. The tragic fate of this umbrella will be left until the last day. On that night, I rushed to 711 in a very good mood to carry a bottle of super-large green tea, washed it in vain and slept happily. ~ zzZ12.10. 05 Beijing sickle river Hengbang Beijing

Soybean flour rice cakes bought in small supermarkets are not delicious (-)

Today’s destination is Jiangzhidao, because everyone knows that there are problems such as fast stops, so the designed route is very annoying. After arriving at Shinagawa, change to Beijing Express to Yokohama and then change to Kamakura. In fact, it was only a loss of more than ten minutes. I think the most convenient way to go is for Nanqian to live in Ueno and change to the northeast line of Jingbin to sit on a big ship, then change to Yokosuga line and go directly to Kamakura. The time control was extremely perfect, just at the time of the meal, and rushed straight to Akihito, a famous store. Kamakura’s famous product is Kamakura (the general name of all kinds of small fish). After watching TABELOG, he said that his lunch set meal is especially delicious. Although it is a little more expensive than 1995 yen, delicious food is an important part of travel. I’m sorry for my hands and feet, and I must not be sorry for my mouth. I ordered o (= =) o…

Appetizing dessert before dinner, cheese tofu. It’s delicious. As a dessert lover, I can recommend it to you responsibly. It tastes rich and cannot be missed.

The main meal was as scary as the evaluation. Because this is Huaishi cuisine, the grandmothers in the store are very enthusiastic. Just like in the hotel, they have to explain the name of the dish before serving, especially what raw materials tempura uses. Although half of them don’t understand, they just need to smile and nod gracefully at this time (@ @)

As for the taste of the food, I can only say that the food highly praised by the people of Area 11 is totally not to my taste. Even my favorite half-cooked egg-covered rice cannot save it, but tempura is the best! Tempura is the best. First of all, tempura in most Japanese stores in Shanghai is slag, because the layer of powder used to wrap the outside is completely different. The taste of Japanese tempura is basically authentic, but there are also differences between delicious and bad. This is the best tempura I have ever eaten. Pumpkin and sweet potato are absolutely delicious. Those who like tempura can go to this store for a single order, but they can’t eat cheese tofu in this way. It’s really hard to give up. (3)

Kamakura I didn’t stroll (beat) because I was too anxious to see the sea in Kanagawa, so I rushed to Jiangzhidian and bought 580 yen a day.

Jiang Zhidian has various models. I believe many people are impressed by the green skin and yellow stripes.

The destination is clear, Kamakura High School.

The cartoon SD that changed my life, because of you, my first impression of Japan was not Tokyo, not Kyoto, but the sea of Kanagawa. In those days, TC once had an ACG miscellaneous SD special called “Shinkansen” which was published in a fake. This miscellaneous book has long been lost, but I still remember what it said at the beginning: Sakuragi used to rehabilitate here, Xiandao used to fish here, Liuchuan used to jog here, and Sakuragi Legion used to work here.

Go straight ahead through the unchecked exit.

Climbing up the high slope and seeing this intersection, tears streamed down my face and I stood at the intersection crying for 15 minutes. Born and raised in Shanghai, I saw this sea for the first time, but it seemed as if I had spent my whole youth here, so familiar and kind.

All the unpleasant things that happened during the trip seemed insignificant. Hokkaido changed from staple food to appetizer, and all the foreshadowing was to welcome Kanagawa’s grand appearance.

Five years ago, I only took a look at northern Hunan from a distance. This time I must take a good look at Lingnan University.

I didn’t resist the sound of playing basketball in the basketball hall. As a result, a coach uncle found out and told me gently that it was not allowed to enter here without permission. After watching it, I had to go out quickly. Yes, I’m sorry, Uncle Tanoka. I forgot that the school is not allowed to enter without permission. M (_ _) m

It should be Gu Temple.

It is more like a place where Liuchuan sleeps and rides his bike (~ “~) ~ zZ

Jiang Zhidian is such a small station all the way.

Looking for meow notices, I hope cats can go home as soon as possible.

The avenue to the river island.

The sea of the river island.

The ubiquitous dream of hiding people’s cats.

Butterfly Lovers.

Jiangdao Shrine.

I barely have a hobby of collecting amulets. Seeing this salt guard, I couldn’t help entering one, 500 yen. Salt, as everyone knows, has the function of exorcising evil spirits. As a result, when I hung on my mobile phone for 3 months, the JP around me became more and more arrogant, and after 3 months, the chain of my mobile phone was broken. O (-) o is this JP too BH, instead, I lost my amulet to gram? ? ? It seems that an old mage will be found to deal with her in the future.

The following is a pure sea view. In the middle, I went back to Kamakura High School by electricity from the river. I went to see the T-junction where the falling sun was falling. It was indeed the place where Sakuragi pinched Xiandao’s hand into pig’s trotters (` _ ‘)

On the return trip, Kamakura was already completely dark, and it was only when the dark lights went back to Yokohama that the metropolis was able to catch up. Five years ago, I spent two nights in Sakuragi on my first trip to Japan. But at that time, I didn’t have much experience and fear of life. I didn’t even see the night scene, so this time I specially came to make up for it. It was indeed that I couldn’t find the way back to the hotel and was shivering with cold. I caught an old woman rubbing against the Ferris wheel that she looked up and left when she went back like a lifeline.

Finally fulfilled a wish. 12.10.06 Beijing

I have always forgotten to take it. This is a postcard printed from the photos I took back from my previous four trips to Japan. Personally, I think it is much more beautiful than selling outside, so this time I took a lot to send it back to my friends and myself. Everyone who likes to travel basically has a hobby of collecting. Compared with those who burn money, it is really environmentally friendly for me to collect only tickets, tickets and postcards.

I have always wanted to eat soy sauce dumplings (super bad) and red bean dumplings (very good) as breakfast.

Today’s goal is to claim to be the most famous noodle-making and noodle-making in Tokyo. I rushed over excitedly when I could go to Xinxiaoyan with JR’s one-day coupon. Nima closed the door again, bastard! Neon Gold is really becoming more and more unreliable. It was clearly said that it would take a good week to close down temporarily (Pan #) and had to find a Lamian Noodles store in front of the station. There was a very coquettish name called Hua Yuelan.

The 820 yen barbecued pork Lamian Noodles is much more delicious than the Hakodate house, except that there is too much lard and dregs to drink soup.

Take a bus to get off at Jinyu Town, and accidentally find that it is the sky tree if you go further. It is ugly to death (then you still shoot it

Today’s focus is on disaster prevention museums. Japan is really quite good in this respect. Fire museums all over the country basically provide free COURSE. Groups need to make an appointment. If individuals go there, they can sign up directly on the same day. It is very suitable to use Mr. Long Nose as the mascot.

Every time I see school, I can receive a card, a collection of 5 cards and a mysterious gift. It’s very sweet

The arrival time was rather embarrassing. The front one started and the back one had to wait for one hour, so I went to the part of free learning first and looked at it. It was basically all kinds of escape skills and 311 photos.

I chose FULL COURSE for 2 hours. I watched a 311 video in the advanced exhibition hall and used a lot of official and folk selfies, which was even more shocking than what I saw on TV before. Therefore, the four doctors before the broadcast specially said, Please don’t watch it reluctantly. If you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, you can exit halfway or close your eyes. After that, there were four experience courses. The first was storm experience. I changed into waterproof clothes and rain boots and stood in a small room to feel the artificial typhoon… When sea anemone came to Shanghai in August this year, I went out to work tenaciously in the spirit of saving annual leave. Then the company NC issued a holiday order when the typhoon eye of Category 11 landed. The ignorant and fearless colleagues and I rushed out of the back door with umbrellas and were blown back in 5 seconds. ! This is the legendary seconds kill, artificial sincerity cannot be compared. The smoke experience in the second course was much more interesting. We were taken to a stairs and listened to the four doctors explain the characteristics of smoke. Everyone knows that people are most likely to be choked to death by smoke when there is a fire, so why do you need to start the gate to stop the smoke when there is a fire? Because the speed of smoke movement is very slow when it moves horizontally, but the speed of vertical movement is very fast, so in order to prevent the smoke from spreading rapidly throughout the building, smoke detectors are basically installed in buildings in Japan. As soon as smoke is detected, the gate will be automatically closed to lock the smoke on one floor. At this time, we must look for the emergency escape sign, and follow the sign to find the extraordinary entrance (the exit that we usually go through is likely to be impassable). Then we were taken to the gate of a small maze full of smoke and divided into two groups for the test. It is said that real smoke was used in the past and the lights were very dim. As a result, some people fell and injured in the process of moving, and they are still engaged in lawsuits. So now we all turn on the indoor lights, And it was replaced by sweet cigarettes with food additives (but the people in the front group said that the cigarettes were smelly after coming out, so I went in with paper towels and didn’t smell them). At first we stood on the outside monitor to watch the first group move. Everyone is shown as a small dot to squat down and move forward (you can’t climb on the ground, otherwise you will be stepped on by others in the chaos, and of course you can’t stand up and run, otherwise you will inhale a lot of smoke). As long as someone exceeds 1.2 M, you will be automatically X by the system. Before I went in to experience, I was still a little nervous, because I was still a road fool because I lacked exercise. As a result, it was very simple to find out when I went in, because someone took the lead in looking for the sign of extraordinary mouth. I just had to follow closely when I was in the third place. The third course is the focus, the earthquake experience of magnitude 7. I watched the 311 special series of Japanese TV stations before, Several of them came to the disaster prevention museum to experience the magnitude 7 earthquake, As a person who has only experienced the Shanghai earthquake with a magnitude of 1 (at that time, the bed obviously shook and I stared at the cat’s big face, thinking that she was too fat and jumped on the bed, but she should be innocent to see the expression of the cat’s big face staring at me (3)) this experience is absolutely necessary. After all, the earth is not peaceful these days, and there are earthquakes and tsunamis everywhere. People who love traveling have to learn some basic knowledge of refuge. The experiment was also carried out in several groups. The set was a small room with a table and a bookshelf. As soon as someone shouted to get down, everyone had to use the cushion on the table to drill under the table. After watching the horror of the previous groups, I was scared. Because I am the only one in the school who has not experienced an earthquake (even if the Japanese have not experienced a magnitude 7, it should be common for them to have a magnitude 5 or so), I was really nervous when I went up with a couple. That is to say, the kind-hearted wife across the street has been comforting me that it doesn’t matter. It’s just an experiment. Don’t be so afraid (I’m sorry for losing face to TC + +). The vibration is really severe. Although I have been holding the table leg with one cushion and the other with the other very fast, I am still shocked to seven meat and eight vegetables. There is only one feeling coming down. Born in Japan is really a super HARD model. ) The last experience was the fire extinguisher. Before receiving this training, I really didn’t know how to use this thing. The school had never taught it. Hello! Every time the company makes a fire drill, it drives us downstairs like ducks. ! ! This experience is probably the most practical one in this COURSE, although I hope it will not be used for the rest of my life.

It was very late to end the whole COURSE, so I rushed to the Prince to see the banknote stamp museum.

I have visited the Post Office Museum in Shanghai before. Seeing the examination papers for recruiting postmen 100 years ago, It is extremely interesting (besides mathematics, English, geography and history, there are also papers to be written.) The comparison between this one in Tokyo and that in Shanghai, In terms of scale, it is much smaller, and it is not mainly an exhibition but a hands-on experiment. For example, you use a punching machine to type a stamp for yourself. Different countries have different methods of checking banknotes. You have also built a reduced model of a banknote printing factory. You can see the specific steps by pressing the corresponding button next to it. It is called a delicate one. The Japanese are indeed mechanically controlled. Before entering the museum, I have to fill in a form, so the grandfather in the museum was very enthusiastic to me when he knew that I came from Shanghai. He always asked me if I could understand all kinds of instructions in the museum (all Chinese characters are easy to understand, and if they are katakana, it would be a headache). Do you want to take photos for me, and where can I type the chapter o (≥ v ≤) o ~ ~ with the date of the day?

The front shows are not allowed to be photographed, so it is OK to start from here.

Use your height and weight to correspond to money. This is too revealing personal privacy. No one dares to try it.

Focus! The main character in LIAR GAME, 100 million yen! If they need to move around, they can try how heavy it is with their own hands (one Xiong Haizi asked directly if it was real money, and the answer was real money/(o)/~ ~ It was really heavy.

Finally, knock on the seal as a souvenir o (> Xiao < o)) ah, I forgot to say it, There is a little knowledge about paper money, which is really the first time I know it. As to why face is printed on paper money, it is because people are especially sensitive to subtle changes in face. If a flower or landscape painting is printed on it, even if changes are made on fake CHAO, it is easy to find flaws with face (although I think * * CHAO should not die in this step)

On an extremely full day, I went to the dusk happily.

How romantic it is to watch the sunset in the dusk, but unfortunately the sunset on this day is not very obvious.

A long line of meat pie shops bought a piece of potato pie, and the one just fried was the best.

The next target, the MUJI flagship store in Yurakucho, is next to LOFT.

LOFT, a Japanese grocery store, has always been my favorite, but its cost performance is low, so it basically only looks at it but does not buy it.

MUJI, although it is said to be a flagship store, still feels that it is not big enough (don’t compare it with IKEA) and the things are not very complete. For example, the essential oil has not been found and finally we have to buy lavender. Nail repair oil was only seen in MUJI in Akihabara.

One day’s record, this time I knew that the luggage overweight check in Spring and Autumn was very strict, so I didn’t buy much. I didn’t think it was still over-standard (# ` ‘) convex.

The final target, Karel Capek, a black tea shop in Shiko Yamada of ITOCIA B1 in Yurakucho, wanted to go in 2009. As a result, I lost my way in Auspicious Temple and did not go to Tokyo in last year’s earthquake. After 3 years, I finally found you.

The characteristic is that it is cute (≥ ≤). The iron jar can’t be controlled and every jar wants to enter. The price is very high (50g of tea, 120 soft coins, For the same price, you can buy 500g of the Earl of Chuanning.) I only entered English garden tea myself (Ceylon with roses, “that dead who drink the sweet smell, But one plus milk is a cup of rose milk tea with pure taste, Chestnut-flavored Assam (it is said that Assam is suitable for making milk tea, but because Rose Ceylon is too delicious, Assam’s limelight has been completely overwhelmed, so I drink it directly and it is extremely delicious with freshly baked butter cake) Blueberry tea (with first-class taste of honey grapefruit) and others are brought by people.

Satisfactory to carry two bags of trophies back to Nanqian to live, bought a pile of desserts to treat themselves (caramel pudding will never betray my taste buds)

As soon as I entered the hotel, it began to rain, I am indeed the one favored by the God of Travel. Beijing plans to use the one-day coupon of Tokyo METRO tomorrow. Therefore, I went to ask the four doctors who lived in METRO Station in Xianan Qianzhu, how can I buy a special business card with Tokyo pattern instead of the ugly one printed out in the machine. I was told that I need to go to several major stations to handle it. The nearest one is Beiqian Residence. Just as JR’s one-day coupon can also go to Beiqian Residence free of charge, I went to breakfast incidentally.

Originally, I wanted to eat Yoshino’s breakfast set meal, but when I arrived, it was just after 10 o’clock, so I could only eat curry beef (-_-)

Because of the continuous rain and freezing to death, I even lost interest in finding METRO and rushed directly to Ikebukuro to rob my colleagues. Ikebukuro was really gorgeous. I got lost for the fifth time and accidentally bumped into ANIMATE’s branch. Later, I felt the right way with vague memory. However, both K-BOOKS and MANDARAKE were much more expensive than the book Nakano saw. Therefore, DIFFS didn’t take any of the books and only bought a KOYASHIGE from unknown CIRCLE. The result was that KS was not SK (# A)

Well, the anti-war Nakano went, and the result was indeed that MANDARAKE in Nakano was the most affordable. Although there was a thunder CP in the notebook, it was also found that all the re-recorded books that had been entered before had been collected, but the result was still very big. Satisfactorily, I went through Nakano Broadway from the first floor to the fourth floor. I took a fancy to a fast-running puppet (too heavy to sink), a super Mary turtle (too big to sink), a set of Sonny models (too heavy to sink) and everything. Forget it, I still have a notebook.

Lunch was settled casually in Nakano’s Shop Street. By the way, because I have been hesitating whether to eat what or not, So I forgot to get 10,000 yen after I stuffed it into the vending machine for a long time. As a result, the machine thought I was going to change money and vomited 5000 yen, 1 1000 yen, 4 coins and various coins to me. Is it too smart? After choosing the dumpling set meal, it was found that there was a long line behind me. The cherry blossom sister who was playing with her mobile phone behind me must have severely scolded me on the push.

By the way, the dumpling set meal is very bad.

Walking out of the store street, I found it was fine, so I wanted to go to Shinjuku Shibuya for a stroll. After coming to Tokyo so many times, I haven’t had a good visit to these two places. As a result, I took a bus to Shinjuku, was scared away by * *, then to Shibuya, and continued to be scared away by * *. In the evening, I heard two little boys in high school uniforms saying there, “Today’s Shibuya scared my father to death.” I nodded wildly beside me. )

Give me a third-generation photo stick.

In the future, you must not go to the city center of a place like Osaka on the Golden Wednesday.

Scared by * *, I had to go to the seat of Gao Jiong Temple, which is a fee-paying reading room selling tea and coffee. I am not allowed to talk for a long time in a low voice. It is a good place to read books, much like the bookstore next to Xiamen University.

The books in the store can be read freely, but the chairs are really broken and the springs jump out.

A pot of 550 yen for the count is a good price, but is this really the count? It is too light to be fraternal with plain boiled water. So all the people who come here are paying for a quiet one.

When it was dark, I went to Sunseeker to watch the night scene. Hayao Miyazaki made a special clock in front of NTV. The last time I watched it, I was groggy and had to watch CON at night. I took two photos casually and went back. Today I can finally enjoy it well. The dead of night or something is my favorite.

There are many places in Tokyo to watch the night scene free of charge. Those who spend money on the Tokyo Tower or the sky tree are all silly and crowded. Those who do not spend money on the Tokyo Metropolitan Hall are slightly more crowded. However, the best scenic spot is Caretta, which is located in Xiliu. They can directly take the elevator to the 46th floor. No one can see the wonderful night scene without spending money. However, I made a serious mistake and went there during the three-day break. You should know that except Hakodate, which is too famous for its night scene, the night scene in a big city like Tokyo mainly depends on the overtime work in the office building. Many companies during the three-day break have holidays, so you can see that it is scattered. The picture comes from Japan’s night scene strategy website and is not something my fool machine can take.

Today’s day is really too useless. Apart from entering a few notebooks, I have basically achieved nothing. I didn’t even eat delicious food. Finally, I fell into the tragic fate of going to the supermarket to buy dessert. Pumpkin pudding is OK, almond tofu is delicious.

12.10.08 Beijing Shipping Beijing

On the last day in Tokyo, the clouds were light and the wind was light. I was not in the same bad mood as when I went out yesterday.

As a result, I bought a one-day ticket from METRO’s ticket vending machine, which was 20 yen cheaper than JR’s. Moreover, METRO’s underground speed was faster than JR’s, which was too troublesome to transfer. Moreover, I seldom took METRO and had to study for half a day every time. Jingqiao Station.

The destination is this free police museum. What is more interesting is the game hall on the 4th floor. In a game in which thieves break into empty doors, they can substitute themselves into the police (after asking the witness to get the testimony, they can catch the thief) into the eyewitness (they need to remember the characteristics of the prisoner quickly to restore them, but I can’t do it at all, so I only got 45 points) into the victim (they also need to remember the what quickly before they can call the police)

The outer garden of the sacred palace happened to pass the first CON site of N4 resurrection CON, which reminded me of my sadness.

Originally, I wanted to see ginkgo trees, but it was obviously too early (was it a full 2 months early)

Castle Peak, one of today’s destinations.

A TO Z CAFE, which has a high score, only costs 1,000 yen at noon and is very considerate to serve from 11: 00 to 16: 00. It looks very simple, but this should be the most delicious food to eat now, especially the mountain food. If I can choose, I would rather return the fish and eat all the mountain food.

For an extra 200 yen, you can eat a delicious pudding. Nara Yoshitomo behind is the designer of this CAFE, although I can’t understand her works at all.

Satisfied patting his stomach to go shopping, dark clouds have already overwhelmed him. League of Nations University.

Not far from Shibuya, it is beautiful and quiet.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ! ! ! ! However, it seems that it is not the door through which KOYASHIGE passed, because I did not see the bronze statue of JOHN WESLEY (why did I remember the name of this crooked nut? How many times did I REPEAT in the first episode of Walking Soul ( ̄ ( ̄)  ̄) = 3

Omotesando, standing in the middle of the overpass when the weather is fine can take very beautiful photos (several Omotesando madmen were found on YAHOO and went there to take photos every day when they were fine). Forget it today.

As soon as the weather is cloudy, I am not in the mood to stroll around. Before going to the bridge, I will look out the police department that I have been thinking about for a long time. The long-known Xiaguan.

Police! ! ! There have been countless police stations in animation (Conan has the most) Japanese dramas (too many and countless, the most famous of which are Gu Tian and Xiang Bang). I am very touched ( ̄  ̄)

Depart for Chiba’s Shipbridge, This is one of the reasons why I used METRO’s one-day coupon today. If I used JR’s one-day coupon, I would have to pay a lot more money, and METRO would be much kinder. It would be free to drive all the way to Xichuan Bridge. After that, I just need to change to JR (this station is also unreasonable, don’t want to walk there). If I use SUICA, I remember to insert the one-day coupon first and then brush SUICA.

Before, when I stayed in Narita Hotel, I had to pass the bridge every day to go to Tokyo, but at that time I didn’t know there was a DAISO flagship store in the bridge and missed it. It is heaven. Last year, I visited the so-called DAISO, the largest in western Japan, in Fukuoka Bodo. It was just an oversized floor, which was not comparable to Chiba’s. It was seven floors. I visited me for three hours and bought a bunch of unnecessary things.

The most cost-effective thing is the hand account here, which is also 105 yen. It is light and good-looking. The calendar has complete functions, but there is no address book (who still uses paper to keep the address book these days?) And Osaka’s road map (once a year, no need) is much more affordable than the 1,000 yen outside, and don’t think that the omnipotent Taobao can be bought. I searched a circle and it was expensive for thieves and thieves.

It was almost 5 o’clock when I went out, and it cleared up again.

It’s a pity that the bridge didn’t have anything to eat, so I ordered a beef brisket rice and a pudding of 870 yen at my home. It was delicious, but it seemed a little expensive for fast food restaurants.

Originally, I wanted to go to Ginza, but I took the wrong METRO and went to Akihabara. Before looking for BOOKOFF, I saw MUJI go up and make up for the goods. When I was satisfied, I gave up the idea of going to BOOKOFF. Fortunately, I didn’t go. At that time, I didn’t know that my luggage had exceeded the standard.

Returning to the hotel at night is a routine packing. By the way, I’d like to take a big photo of the one-day coupons this time, totaling 5,280 yen. Going to Japan is indeed the most expensive transportation fee (^ = _ =)

12.10.09 Beijing Ibaraki Shanghai asked for the deposit of 1,000 yen for the key the night before, so he got up early and checked out directly. He was going to change JR to JR to Tokyo Station. As a result, when he walked to the footbridge, he saw that the bus to Tokyo Station was parked there and got on the bus directly. It is recommended that if someone wants to live in Nanqian in the future, they can make good use of this bus. Many JR stations do not have elevators. It is killing them to carry large bags and small bags up and down. It is estimated that they cannot squeeze in at all during rush hours.

Moreover, the bus’s alighting point is the same as that of the bus to Ibaraki Airport, but I went too early and spent two hours with Uncle Mai. How can Japan’s Uncle Mai be so delicious? This is unscientific

Two weeks later, I met the annoying Shanghai aunt again. Because many people had booked tickets from Ibaraki Airport to Tokyo Station by mistake, she shouted at many people there, which made me think I had returned home for an instant.

After more than an hour, I arrived at Ibaraki Airport smoothly. The sky was blue and the clouds were white. At this time, I was still in a good mood until I went in line to check my luggage.

First of all, there are a lot of people, very many, and the weight limit for luggage in spring and autumn is “check + hand” with a total of 15KG. Many estimates that have not been in the Spring and Autumn Period are the same as mine. They think it is 15KG to check in. If you are tired, you can carry it on your back. Is it a big mistake? Moreover, the most disgusting thing about Spring and Autumn is that unlike AirAsia, which can pay a small amount of money to buy luggage tickets in advance, it is weighed on the spot. The overweight part is 1KG 1500 yen, which is simply a robber. I’m over 6KG, We were supposed to pay 9000 yen, And at that time, my mind was very hot and I said yes, I will pay, Or did the counter lady remind me NICE, It is more cost-effective to go to the open space nearby and throw away the things you don’t want. So I toss, toss, toss, I threw away my cartoon novel fan zhi and two umbrellas, and then took the mobile phone, camera, wallet and what’s in my hand. Finally, I finally reduced it to 2.9 KG and paid 3,000 yen, or 240 soft coins (they are still a little human, 2.9 KG is 2KG but not 3KG). The trip was almost over and another play made me very angry. It’s crazy to rob money. It’s like, Is it true that the fat man will have to charge for overweight next time and there is no place to eat after entering, In the end, I had to spend 1,000 yen to buy four Kobe puddings, only to find that I had no spoon and had a heart to kill (> blood <). Of course, I calmed down and carefully recalled this trip to Japan. Although many things happened, it was also full of all kinds of touches and surprises. This is the trip.

A _ _ A (A) A _/,) (A _ _ (A) A ”A” A ”A” A ”A” A ”A” A ”A” A ”A” A ”A