12.09.29 Hole Sapporo

After waking up in a cordial morning call, Zhong Jusang served a full breakfast five minutes later. Apart from the delicious egg roll, the most impressive thing is the sauce in the small green bowl, which is mixed with white rice and served specially.

Check out passed yesterday’s specialty store, said goodbye to the grandmother, and then took the grandfather’s driver’s special bus back to JR Dongye Station. The bus that came took the viewing road. The scenery was very beautiful all the way. The return trip was to pursue speed and took the tunnel. On board Beidou 3, he arrived in Sapporo on time in an hour and a half. After wandering around several small towns for a few days, I suddenly saw that so many people were really physiologically uncomfortable (@ @; ) Sapporo’s main means of transportation is the subway, the north-south line, the east-west line and a Dongfeng line basically cover the common scenic spots. The starting price of the subway is more expensive than that of Tokyo, 200 yen at a time, but on weekends there are very favorable one-day coupons (very interesting name, = Turkish Day = Saturday and Sunday, = subway). As long as 500 yen is available on the ticket vending machine, the only pity is that it was beautifully designed before, and this year there are no designs to save money. This time the hotel in Sapporo is because of the small white face and probably the reason of China’s National Day? It’s much more expensive than when I ordered it last year, A room with a separate bathroom could have been booked for 2300 yen near Sapporo Station, This time I tried my best to find Xiang SAPPORO, 3700 yen a night. Near Nakajima Park, there was a foreign-style buffet breakfast. The room was relatively narrow and far less spacious than Fukuoka. Of course, it was much more spacious than Osaka and so on. With a one-day subway ticket, it was actually very convenient to travel. It was just to sit at Gate 1 of Nakajima Park Station and walk straight towards LAWSON, and it took half a minute to arrive. Ah, yes, this family does not accept free luggage deposit before check in. Whether it is a resident or not, it will cost 100 yen to deposit luggage, but the price is actually very HD. I also used it on the last day, which is much cheaper than 700 yen at Sapporo Station. Speaking of Sapporo’s delicious food, many people’s first reaction is Lamian Noodles! Genghis Khan roasted mutton! However, as far as Lamian Noodles, which I have eaten in Japan, is concerned, it is delicious, and the so-called delicious cost performance is also extremely bad. So Lamian Noodles PASS directly. I am quite interested in Genghis Khan’s roasted mutton, but the one I took a fancy to did not open until 5 pm, so I had to choose another representative of Sapporo cuisine: soup curry. Soup curry may be relatively small and transparent in China (DP searched a circle, and it seems that only one Japanese food store in Shanghai has introduced this dish), but in Area 11, it has always been Sapporo representative with the same reputation as Lamian Noodles. Because of WWer’s publicity, many people who even know the soup curry will flock to it. Of course, this place has a good geographical location, just near Sapporo Station. But in fact, the most famous one on TABELOG is GARAKU. How famous is it? When I came to the door at 1 o’clock, It was found that people had already lined up on the road (the store was on the second floor, so even the stairs were full). It was said that the only time I had queued up for dinner was last year in Hiroshima for Star Eel Rice, but it was also my turn to report my name to the old woman at the door and then sit on the chair and look at the library book. It was really the first time for me to have such a big appearance. After 2 minutes of fighting between heaven and man, I decided to throw caution to the wind when I found a large number of people coming in this direction, platoon! This row is a whole hour or so, I won’t say anything about it. The longer and boring the wait, the more understatement I show in my travel notes. The most deadly thing is that there are 4 J + meals in front of me. Although it is also very normal to open CON tomorrow and meet several people, I never thought I would meet them when I was in line. The seat for dinner at the back was also beside them. I was forced to listen to them stepping on a parasitic waste that sold underwear when sales declined for one hour. There was no wood. But also said so loudly, also on the full name, the whole store people have been popularized, ok

Finally, I ate my 15 items of land, 980 yen, accompanied by a large bowl of white rice. After using TABELOG’s COUPON, three quail eggs were sent. After taking this photo WB, a friend commented, Did you deliberately put quail eggs like this? It looks like Mickey Mouse’s glove W (≥ O ≤) W

Soup curry can choose its own spicy degree. If it exceeds a certain spicy degree, it needs to add money and is said to turn into the legendary dark dish. It is covered with a layer of black spicy oil O (-) O, which is as stingy as I am. Of course, I chose the one that is the hottest and does not need to add money. It is OK, and it is spicy and hot enough to drink. After eating, I sweated profusely and decided to give the soup curry a 4-star evaluation. The only mistake was my choice. I should not have 15 kinds of wild vegetables. Obviously, it would be more delicious to add meat. It is said that pumpkin and potato are really the king of wild vegetables. Whether it is tempura or soup curry, it is delicious like a stand out from the crowd. One more word, I think this will be delicious with a long French stick, or I will go down with a bowl of vermicelli. Ah, I started drooling when I thought about it. I went out full of food and drink and found it was cloudy again. The three-hour weather forecast for Area 11 was really terrible. Sit directly to Datong Station to change trains, and sit all the way down to Feng to find the white lover factory.

The old shop was established in 44 years of Meiji.

Apart from the cost of the chocolate museum inside, other small gardens and other places are free to enter, which are much more exquisite than expected, and the doll performance on the clock tower can be seen every hour.

Enter PASSPORT, 600 yen, and send a pack of biscuits for white lovers.

A pool that can be seen from the door.

A display of various enamel cups.

There are many of them that are not worth taking photos, but they are beautifully introduced to how to make chocolate and all kinds of history of white lovers.

Overlooking the factory from the second floor. It is said that their work is really boring, such as the quality of CHECK biscuits, the arrangement of biscuits is neat, so boring that a little P-child next to me said there, “adults work every day” (do you have to repeat such boring work every day when you grow up?) Then the whole floor was as silent as the autumn wind swept through. At that time, I thought, ah, how appropriate it would be if a crow flew over our heads and gung twice. )! !

After the visit, I entered the restaurant, saying that there used to be 1,500 yen of cakes here, which was cancelled when I lost money. Great, thank you for helping me lose weight.

A little too luxurious hall, just a factory. As for? But think about some luxurious “sensitive words” in TC’s hinterland… you know.

At 5: 00 p.m., I sat in the garden where the autumn wind was blowing and watched the doll performance.

The soap bubbles all over the sky were poked and exploded by me.

Another factory (or museum?) The appearance of.

Standing on the overpass, I took a long-term view.

The sky was covered with sunset clouds.

On the way back to the subway station, I saw another BOOK OFF. I decided to go in after a one-second struggle between man and nature. After all, such things as Medieval Store depend on tireless Taobao. As a result, I didn’t find the medieval treasure in the end, but entered 3 OP coloring books.

The night scene of Datong Station, I’m sorry, the night scene shot by the fool machine is of this virtue.

A civet cat on the raccoon dog road, with a fan tied to his hand, was maliciously selling cute one by one. The Chinese sign beside it was not only the above sentence “Don’t touch me, I’m very busy”, but also the following sentence “It’s all your fault, the fan is broken”. Don’t touch somebody else when your soul is weak = (` blood ‘) = 3

The Civet Cat Shrine.

When I returned to Nakajima Park from Boye, I fell down. Although I also fell down in Xi’an in spring, no one saw me in the dead of night except a passing eldest brother who came to help me up. This time I was in the downtown street. I also gave a loud ouch. It was really shameful. When I got up, I saw that the road was really uneven. Although I knew that you were in recession, I was not so poor that I could not even repair the road. This is the same prime location as Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

Finally, give a close-up of the hotel room. This sad night, I fell asleep in the pain of licking the wound alone (you have enough

12.09. 30 Sapporo got up early to eat the buffet. Even the toast had to be baked (burnt) and the eggs had to be fried (burnt). However, in the spirit of not wasting if you can eat it for nothing, I still ate two slices of toast, one poached egg, two sausages, a lump of salad and a glass of milk, burping. Continue to buy a one-day coupon and then set out to go to the small white face CON venue. This is another extremely painful process. Looking at the sister carrying shopping bags of past dynasties waiting happily for admission, she just went to arrange a ZB and went back to the government or something. She has never been so miserable in her life. If I hadn’t promised to help many people take it free of charge before leaving, I wouldn’t have been in the neighborhood. I would have to walk a long way and carry heavy bags back, which made me extremely unhappy all day.

In fact, the surroundings I left behind were just the above ones. I was only going to buy one of the magazines. As soon as I arrived at the venue, I couldn’t help entering other ones. People who were nearly 30 years old wore this kind of white school uniform with black edges to be maliciously cute and tied a bow. It was shameless (> <)

The bitter human flesh porter threw the surrounding area back to the hotel and went to Sapporo Station for a stroll. Just in time for Sapporo Food Festival, I went out from Datong Station to look * * I calmly ran to eat fast food restaurants. Nima really can’t visit the metropolis on weekends.

The thing that made me feel better happened in BIC CAMERA. It only cost 5900 yen to enter a pair of boots, and 10% of the UnionPay card was returned to me, super LUCKY!

After that, I went to Sapporo Beer Museum. In fact, I have no love for beer at all, but many museums in Japan are still very interesting. I just want to visit the watch money by the way.

However, beer is indeed a good thing to visit the factory. You can see the whole manufacturing process. There are only some historical introductions here, although the small artificial winery behind is still very cute.

Since we’re here, we’re gonna have to have a drink, right? It took 200 yen to order a draft beer with a stout (those who like beer can choose 500 yen COURSE and can drink 3 different flavors). The feeling is: Nima is still so hard to drink, I can’t understand why beer tastes good at all. However, this is probably the same as my colleague who loves beer who can’t understand the delicious taste of black tea at all. I broke my mouth with her. Each kind of black tea has its own different flavor. Some are pure, some are added with grapefruit, and some are added with milk. As a result, he still came up with a sentence, and it tastes like a taste… it can only be said that everyone has different tastes.

There is an Ito Yanghua Hall next to the Beer Museum. It’s really cheap to go in and have a look at the sashimi. The inside cow is full of face. 420 yen has wood! The sweet entrance of sail ribbon melts into wood! Salmon is fat, tender and woody! This is definitely the freshest and most delicious sashimi I have ever eaten in my life. The only disadvantage is that there is no attached soy sauce bag. I went to ask the four doctors specially. As a result, he didn’t know it either. He also asked the chef to make sure he didn’t send it. So I finally bought a small bottle of soy sauce and went back. The four doctors bowed their heads and apologized to me. Oh, the watch is so polite, even with 200 yen of soy sauce, the price is still as low as death.

Finally, sweet four-leaf clover milk and two bottles of Hokkaido specialty milk sauce were added, which were delicious when dipped in bread. Today’s content is very little, is it very little, because I don’t want to go out and meet the cherry blossom sister who has watched Qianqiu Music, so I went back to the hotel very early to wash and sleep. It is true that every time I go to Area 11, as long as I go to the top of Area 3, there are always a lot of broken things (/> <)/