Duoduo was invited to take part in JR Kyushu Media Tour and feel free to travel by train. Let Duoduo take you to Kyushu!

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, take Air China CA915 to prepare for departure to Fukuoka Airport in Kyushu, Japan. Before departure, take a picture!

After an hour and a half of flight, Dodo came to Fukuoka Airport in Kyushu, Japan.

Take a picture at the exit of Fukuoka Airport

Alighting from the plane is on the international line, and you need to take the airport free bus to the domestic line.

The exit of the domestic line is the subway station. Buy subway tickets to Bodo Station.

Duoduo in the subway

At Bodo Station, you can see “JR Kyushu Travel Bodo Store” at the exit.

In “JR Kyushu Travel Bodo Store”, in exchange for a railway pass.

We can buy JR Kyushu Travel Railway Pass in China. What we get is the “JAPAN RAIL PASS” in the lower left corner. We can buy a three-day or five-day pass. In exchange for the “JR Kyushu Travel Bodo Store” is the railway pass in the upper right corner, which has written the detailed starting and ending time. JR Kyushu Railway, most cars need to be designated seats. If you specify your itinerary, you can exchange the pass tickets here and replace the specific train tickets that you need to take later, so that you can calmly travel according to your itinerary in the next few days. This time we bought a three-day railway pass to Kyushu in the north at 7,000 yen.