I. Sand Bath

People bury their bodies below their necks in sand to enjoy a sand bath in Biefu, Kyushu Island, Japan. Burying your body in sand and using naturally heated sand for SPA can promote perspiration.

2. Oil Bath

A man is immersed in oil for bathing in an oil bath nursing home in Naftalan, Azerbaijan. It is reported that this oil is rich in sulfur and is effective in treating arthritis and skin diseases.

Three, red wine bath

A large antique barrel, a beauty as white as snow, a layer of rose petals emitting spring scenery, and a bottle of red wine overflowing with bouquet-like a picture of beauty bathing.

This is not the petal bath that has long been popular, it is one of the food baths that have recently been accepted by people-red wine bath.

4. Curry Bath

At a hot spring shop in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, waiters add curry seasonings to the bath. According to the store owner, this bathing method of adding curry seasoning to water has the effects of improving blood circulation and skin care.

Five, beer bath

Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is only one day away from Tokyo, is a mountainous hot spring resort. A hot spring park here has set up a beer cup-shaped bathtub, which is full of hot beer with the faint scent of hops and barley.

According to reports, taking a beer bath can clean and moisten skin.

Hakone Town Hot Spring Resort also provides tourists with coffee bath, tea bath and Japanese rice wine bath.

Six, black mud bath

In the “Dead Sea” scenic spot in Daying County, Sichuan Province, tourists smear black mud on their bodies to enjoy relaxing time.

Seven, milk bath

In Beijing, milk bath is not only rare, but also extremely expensive! And often only in * * to do, has become a very luxurious thing. However, it is different in Jilin. In the bathhouse, there are not only baths for people, but also milk baths! And only need to increase 5 yuan’s money than the regular bath is enough! Is it too cost-effective, ha ha ~ ~ small places also have the advantages of small places oh ~ ~

Eight, tomato bath

Tomato bath is very popular in Florida recently. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, phosphorus, cellulose and other nutrients, so local residents think tomatoes have the effect of tender and ruddy skin. They often soak tomato baths regularly by adding a small amount of alcohol and boric acid to tomato juice, stirring evenly, and pouring them into a bath with appropriate water temperature. The recommended soaking time for tomato bath is 25 minutes.

Nine, chocolate bath

Chocolate is a favorite dessert. However, nowadays Japanese women are popular in enjoying chocolate bath. After a hard day’s work, I ran to the beauty salon, covered myself with chocolate, and then slept in the sweet fragrance.