Golden Triangle Residual Army

This feeling started when I visited the Golden Triangle Folk Custom Village. Once, the Golden Triangle in my impression seemed like this: in the dusk, countless poppies swayed gently; The Wa people’s wooden drums sounded slowly and deeply. Pieces of bamboo forests and some mysterious rhythm, ups and downs in the night breeze; Crowds of crows roared and flew to the depths of the dusk… making people feel melancholy, confused and sad.

However, I see a more worrying scene here. This is a forgotten and distorted history. This is a sad and unforgettable story. A group of deliberately forgotten Chinese. Their victory in a foreign country is still not allowed by heaven and earth. They were defeated in a foreign country and only died. They died in foreign countries and could only rot with vegetation.

Of course, this Golden Triangle Folk Custom Village is not the real “Golden Triangle”. The real Golden Triangle is far away from the northern border of Thailand and borders Myanmar and Laos. The Golden Triangle Folk Custom Village is only a display area. Even so, looking at the whole display park really makes people feel an unspeakable taste.

Because, until today I didn’t know there was such a story. In 1949, when the last Kuomintang-Communist peace talks broke down and Chiang Kai-shek retreated to Taiwan, those Kuomintang troops that could not follow to Taiwan became remnants of the army, left behind in the mainland, either incorporated and reformed, disbanded on their own or wiped out. The fate of most of the disabled troops is generally the same, with the only exception being the main character of the story, the 93rd Division of the National Army.

As liberation approached, the 93rd Division of the National Army, which was stationed in the last line of defense on the southwest mainland, was like a landslide under the surprise attack of the People’s Liberation Army from Sichuan and Guangxi at the same time. It was torn apart and fled south one after another. He crossed the border and finally landed in the “Golden Triangle” located in Thailand and bordering Myanmar and Laos. A line of short translation: “Your department… will solve the problem by itself. “These remnants of the army has become a home not stateless world refugees.

More than 60 years have passed, and these people have become motherless children, living in foreign countries like weeds under the auspices of others. In order to survive, he fought with the Thai Communist Party and Myanmar successively for the Thai government and reluctantly obtained the right to live in Thailand. In order to survive, even had to plant “beautiful flower of evil”-heroin.

There are also more than 600,000 people in this group of people who have multiplied so far. Until now, only one third have acquired Thai government nationality. And most of them have no nationality. He has no nationality and can only live within the scope designated by the Thai government. He cannot go out to receive education, employment, medical treatment, etc. His life is extremely miserable. At some point, the narrator in the folk customs village had red eyes and tears seemed to flow out.

Following her, through a small door, an elegant cloister appeared in front of us, with white walls and black tiles, with a light Jiangnan flavor, very different from Thai dwellings. Along the cloister, pictures were neatly posted. Therefore, in this cloister, which is less than 100 meters long, we revisited the history and re-examined the past of our previous generation or even the previous generation. In the tour guide’s narration, we seemed to return to the war-torn era and slowly lifted the veil of the Golden Triangle and the 93rd Division.

The Golden Triangle Folk Custom Village we visited is actually a microcosm of “Meisle”. After visiting the cloister and the * * room, bullet depot, cell and death row cell behind it, we saw their shabby residence-it was more shabby than all our imagination of poverty. Facing their poverty, we were all shocked.

In the folk village, the story of the disabled army we heard ended with the following: some of the descendants of this team acquired Thai nationality, while others lived as refugees in Mesla. People in Mesla have no nationality, only refugee certificates, and can never leave the mountain. Only with the “mobile card” and “work card” indicating the route can they go down the mountain to make a living in this golden triangle folk village. They cannot leave this exhibition area yet. Thai police can arrest them as soon as they leave the gate.

At the end of the tour, the guide asked us to sit down and have some tea. The tea aroma is rich, but no one takes a seat. Everyone’s heart is heavy. It is said that in the Golden Triangle region, in Mesla, the north, is the only direction for all tombs. There, there is their great motherland. The disabled army does not know politics and only hopes that the motherland will be unified and prosperous, so that they can have a way out.

“Reunification of the Motherland, Prosperity and Prosperity” is the last slogan I saw in the Golden Triangle Folk Village. On the left is the Chinese flag and on the right is the Kuomintang flag.