On the first day, we booked the itinerary for the second day at Uncle Billy’s travel agency, “Jungle Three”, including riding elephants, jungle rafting and crossing jungle villages. We arrived at the hotel at 8: 40 a.m. To pick us up and returned to the hotel at 5: 40 p.m. Including a lunch, 600B per person. Is the price OK? The original price is 900B.

After driving for more than an hour, we arrived at our destination. After getting off the bus, we saw a group of tourists just getting off the elephant. It seems that this time was arranged in advance. Although I have been to many zoos before, I have never seen elephants so closely. As soon as I got off the bus, I gave one to the two elephants coming towards me.

The owner of the elephant, riding on the elephant’s head like this, did not worry about falling off at all. I felt a little suspended.

The tour guide took us across the river from the wooden bridge to the balcony on the second floor of a wooden house and climbed to the elephant’s back in pairs. According to the tour guide, the chair on the elephant was not carried when riding the elephant. It would be very uncomfortable to ride on it. Now it is much more comfortable to be equipped with a chair than before.

The elephant here is so docile that tourists will cooperate quite well when touching it.

The baby elephant does not have to carry guests, but it has been following the elephant.

The head of the elephant we rode was photographed on the back of the elephant.

The woods nearby are very dense, the air is very fresh, and it is especially pleasant to ride an elephant for the first time.

The taste of sitting on the elephant’s back is far less comfortable than imagined. In addition, the mountain road is rugged, sometimes climbing and sometimes wading. Looking down from the high elephant’s back, I am afraid that I will fall down. Especially when I go down the steep slope, the elephant is almost upright. My two hands are tightly holding the handle, and the other hand is holding the camera. I wish I could get out with one more hand.

The Italian young man was very brave and sat in front of him from his ride, but he was still very nervous as he went up and down the hill.

The elephant we were riding was taken by our elephant trainer boy for us. He used my camera to click and click to take many pictures. I came back and saw few pictures clearly. Ha ha, it seems that he is good at driving elephants, and taking pictures is really not very good. However, I can also choose some good photos from many photos, and I am still very grateful to him.

My lover and I rode on an elephant, seemingly relaxed, but in fact we were still very nervous.

This little elephant was also taken by the elephant trainer for us.

I also got a close-up of the baby elephant, ha ha.

Our team marched through the jungle with great force. The elephant we were riding followed at the back of the team all the time and reached the first place as we approached the finish line.

Elephants stop from time to time to eat grass on the roadside.

Our elephant ran to the front. I had to turn my head and shoot back. It was very uncomfortable. I also had to be on guard against falling down. I took many patches of hair paste on the elephant’s back.

The elephant trainer was cutting the skin of the tree to feed the elephant. He told us that the elephant liked the skin of the tree very much.

The people sitting outside a cabin in the woods where we rode elephants looked frightening and did not know how to make what with their faces covered in broad daylight.

Looking ahead, the road we are going to take is full of mud. If it weren’t for riding on the elephant’s back, it would certainly be extremely difficult to walk.

Our elephant is about to cross the river. The elephant is walking down and my body is sitting back hard. The pieces taken under such difficult circumstances are really not very good. Ha ha.

The honeycomb in the tree wanted to take a close-up, but failed to take a clear picture. The elephant walked past.

When riding an elephant across the river, the elephant is still playing with water in the river. From time to time, it pumps water out with its nose and sprays it out. Some tourists are sprayed with water all over their bodies by the elephant. Ha ha.

After crossing the river, we returned to the starting point. This circle of elephants was both tense and exciting. After getting off the elephant’s back, I gave a close-up of the elephant we were riding as a souvenir.

No wonder Thais like elephants so much.

The cameraman in the scenic spot is asking the baby elephant to distribute photos to us. The baby elephant can accurately distribute each photo to each of us. The baby elephant is too smart and does not know how to distinguish it clearly. The people in the photo are so small, hehe.

The scenic spot specially prepared sugar cane for tourists here, so that tourists could buy sugar cane to feed elephants and elephants, and 50B was given to a few.

Almost every group of tourists bought sugar cane to feed the elephants.

Everyone was very happy to see the baby elephant eating sugar cane, and the baby elephant also showed kindness to every tourist.

Everyone is taking photos with the elephant.

Everyone wants to touch it, but they are all afraid, said the trainer. Don’t be afraid that it is very gentle.

This foreign tourist is taking a photo with the baby elephant, but he still seems a little scared. Ha ha.

What a clever little elephant, I like it very much.

The hair on its body is very prickly, hehe.

My little son rode on a docile elephant.

The meek baby elephant told him to get down and he got down.

The foreigner is tipping the elephant trainer.

If you want to experience the pleasure of riding elephants through jungles and streams, it must be Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand.

We rested here for a while and then got on the bus to the next scenic spot, “Jungle Drifting”.