It has been a long time since I paid attention to 51 families. I first paid attention to the follow-up, make-up and follow-up of 51 wedding follow-up shops. Later, I found that his family also had wedding photos. It has developed in an all-round way. Mighty! ! Dragging up her husband’s original intention to set up a wedding photo set around Chengdu in one day, she was killed directly by a big poster of Phuket’s seaside sunset. Then she asked about the price of Phuket’s photo, which was too awesome. It was lower than that of Chengdu’s local photo. She was free of the staff’s air ticket and accommodation sharing fee, and the original film was sent to the driver for free. She also chartered a car and oil bag. It’s too attractive. Although their family doesn’t send photo albums Lamy, their husband said that those books are floating clouds. Photos are the most important. Because of the limited number of places, they decided decisively to change the location and go to PHUKET to play with his family. Because it was the first set to go abroad or to travel freely, my husband and I were still very uneasy at first. Which one called us both English blind? Thanks to Coke, we have prepared a super-tough Phuket travel strategy. People have already been to Phuket in 2010 to step on the spot in depth. I went there to take pictures of several groups of guests. I have covered food, clothing, housing, transportation and play, and I am qualified to publish a book. I have basically thought of all kinds of problems that may be encountered and how to solve them from the beginning. Thank you very much for your coke children’s shoes. I took the trouble. to be escorted by the “kit” given by coke. We are very relieved. The modeling is done by water and water. My request is simple and natural, to avoid studios and not to be too fancy. Water always knows my thoughts completely, Praise one! ! Photography is led by his uncle 51 and has a strong lineup. Uncle 51 belongs to a wise star. Basically, in Phuket, there is nothing he does not know. It was not until Uncle 51 that you knew what a “deep tour” was called Husband said that he could pretend to be a local in Phuket. Mo’s problem was…. I think their family’s high cost performance is definitely related to their good cost control. Fat G belongs to man show type, Wahaha haha haha, the whole shooting was hard for everyone, Neither of us can POSE. Uncle 51 gave full play to his strong points in snapshot. He took it while playing. It was easy and felt very natural. Also, wedding dresses were specially purchased for Phuket shooting, styles were dim-eyed. and their underwater professional equipment, pull boom oh, but my husband and I were landlubbers and did not dare to try. Later, I saw other people’s underwater fantasy and regretted it a little,