Alarmed to hear another big earthquake on Japan Island-Praise God!

Author: Our head of state was published at 21:09 on April 7, 2011 in Shell Village, the busiest Chinese social network.

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According to an ancient Chinese legend, the land we live on is carried on the back of a big whale! ! These oriental beasts kill the descendants of the big whale day by day and devour the descendants of the big whale all the time! ! (Oriental beasts are the only barbaric country in the world that does not abide by the agreement to ban whaling. Every April is a cruel moment when they slaughter whale partners who have lived with human beings for millions of years in Antarctic waters.) That big whale is really unbearable! ! ! I have to endure it again! ! ! Just then: the great Zeus felt the whale’s misery, so he once again tilted the balance of justice and power in the direction of Japan on the high Olympia mountain! ! Praise you! ! My eternal God! ! ! ! ! ! Praise your righteous God! ! ! ! At the same time, in the whale’s constant prayer, the great Lord turned his glorious face away from Japan Island because these oriental beasts did not abide by his agreement of mercy on all living beings on Mount Sinai! ! As a result, mankind has seen a great miracle: the murdered whale has turned over a few times gently, and the island will eventually capsize in the Pacific Ocean-those oriental beasts will be buried by the descendants of the whale who died of injustice! The whale swore, “Every time oriental beasts eat one or two of my descendants’ meat, they will let one of their beasts die!” ! Count how many whale descendants they have savagely encroached on in history, and how many oriental animals they will die today! ! They died-because I was shaking! ! -Because of God’s manifestation! Do you pray for beasts? ? Under the commandment of God, go to hell with the oriental beasts! ! Go together, go together-this time it is really go together! ! It is against God-you will never come back!

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