On my third trip abroad, I came to Japan, which I have been longing for for for for a long time, and to Beijing, the world-famous ancient capital.

In the drizzle, when I first arrived in Kyoto, it was indeed an internationally renowned tourist attraction. Foreigners from all walks of life, including me, came here. The kimono woman passed by leisurely in front of her eyes. Is it amazing? In contrast, women in other costumes are overshadowed. At this time of year, this tourist city has not made an appointment to find a hotel in 400 yuan. It is really too difficult! However, this is for others!

On February 6, 2017, people were in Kyoto, Japan. After walking all day, watching the beautiful scenery all day, watching the kimono beauty all day, and speaking Japanese all day, the old Japanese, the old Japanese, the old Japanese, the female, the middle-aged and the middle-aged talked about it. There has never been such a great harvest and so many wonders on the journey of life! Thank God!

Today is February 7, my third day in Kyoto. I did three things today:

I visited the cragginess of Lanshan Mountain in the western suburbs and saw the bamboo path that claims to be the first in the world! Zhou Enlai also visited here in the rain. I also visited Daigakuji, where the lake is called “Dachize” and is very beautiful.

Visited the bustling Kyoto brocade market! A grocery market is so beautiful and classy that it is completely different from the mess in the domestic market. The Japanese really can play.

Visited a group of schools near the hotel, a mixed school of primary and secondary schools. The headmaster, Mr. Suzuki, heard that I came from China and personally accompanied me to visit. We talked in English.