Today is Sunday, and there is a weekend market in the old city at night. As I was tired of shopping during the day, I didn’t go out at night, waiting for my friends to go to the weekend market by themselves. When she came back to find many places to eat, many of them were closed. She accidentally found a hotpot restaurant, which is a little north of the west gate of the old city. It has a small facade and can eat at the gate. It is self-service, 99 +29 (drinks) = 128. It tastes good and some are spicy. I asked them for soy sauce and made it into non-spicy juice. There are beef, pork, chicken, pickled, cuttlefish, fish balls, pork balls, beef balls, ham sausage, raw sausage, blood clots, vermicelli, mustard, Chinese cabbage, spinach noodles. The beverage is a big bottle of cola, a big bottle of mineral water and a bucket of ice. Interestingly, hot pot can be roasted above and rinsed below. This is the best of both worlds and a big meal. This is really cool. I took a picture of this store, but unfortunately I can’t put it here. Strongly recommended!